On the lookout for creative and easy-to-execute bedside table decor ideas? Think of your bedside table as the underdog of your home. It has immense scope for demonstrating your creativity and personality. You can elevate any kind of nook and corner with a quirky side table.

bedside table decor

In this blog, we will look at 8 modern side table decor ideas you can make your own.

8 Modern Side Table Decor Ideas for Instant Inspiration

1. When It Comes to Side Table Decor, Pick a Theme + Think of a Shape

If your bedside table decor needs an upgrade, there’s plenty of ground to experiment with. We suggest you start by selecting an unusual shape.

For example, in the image above, this smart and sleek side table fits perfectly with the overall interior of the room. The pure white colour lends it a minimal look. The single drawer is expertly designed.

Plus, in terms of size, this table is neither too big nor too small, making it a perfect fit.

smart and sleek side table

2. When It Comes to Bedroom Side Table Ideas, Think Outside the Box

One of our favourite bedroom side table decor ideas, this side table is a clear winner. Despite being low in height, it is functionally relevant. You’ve got enough space to store your everyday essentials. The use of cane rattan is a stroke of genius and a refreshing change.

To add a sense of freshness, a potted green plant works swimmingly well. What’s more, you can adapt this style to a coffee table design and transform your living room into a bohemian-themed heaven.

bedroom side table decor ideas

3. When It Comes to Bedroom Side Table Decor, Think of The Decor Items

One key element that most people forget about is the side table decor items they wish to use on the side table. Take a look at the image above. In addition to the gorgeous button-style handles, the decor items add to the overall chic vibe.

The use of dry flowers, books, and artwork makes this side table the stuff of legends. Sticking to a colour theme (white and beige in this case) gives the corner a balanced look in terms of aesthetics and design.

white and beige side table

4. When It Comes to Side Table Decor, Think Fresh

If you want tips on small side table decorating ideas, here’s an idea worth considering: Add fresh, seasonal flowers and greens. As you can imagine, small side table decor does not allow you to experiment due to space constraints. In other words, it can double up as a decor element.

So, think of ways to brighten up your living room or bedside corner. You can also hang modern pendant lamps like the one shown above to complete the look.

small side table decorating ideas

5. When It Comes to Side Table Decor Ideas, Don’t Be Afraid to Go Quirky

Here’s a living room side table decor idea that is bound to be a conversational starter. The design and style of the side table are as personalised and unique as possible. The umbrella stand doubles up as the side table leg. The natural stone finish base adds a luxe look to the side table on the whole. The side table top is kept simple and minimal so that the design does not look too ‘busy.’

living room side table decor idea

6. When It Comes to Side Table Decor, Go Double!

If you’ve found yourself constantly Googling: “Side table end table decor ideas,”stop right there. One way to spruce up the space is by adding another side table of a smaller form. Take a look at the image above for inspiration. These two side tables don’t make the corner look chaotic or messy; on the contrary, it completes the look of the space. In addition, you can use one table for purely ornamental purposes, and the other one can serve a utilitarian purpose.

side table end table decor ideas

7. When It Comes to Side Table Decor Ideas, Play It Up With the Decor Elements

On our list of best side table design ideas, this one’s a top performer. Take a look at the image above. This quirky lamp shade adds layers of character to the space. If your area has night markets or flea markets on a routine basis, make sure to visit them from time to time. You are bound to find these kinds of treasures, which will add a custom look to your home. Don’t miss out on the golden mirror and the vintage-looking clock.

side table design ideas

8. When It Comes to Side Table Decor Ideas, Go Old-School

You don’t always have to go the modern route to give your space a makeover. Take a look at this open-concept, double-decker wood and glass side table, which has been used extensively for years. By using a cane lamp, you can create an au-natural theme and enhance the look and feel of the space.

wood and glass side table

It doesn’t take a lot to give your living room an edge with trending and smart side table decor ideas, as we saw above. The end-goal is to set up a side table that speaks to your home’s decor and adds to it in terms of aesthetics and functionality. For more quirky and decorative side table decor ideas, head over to HomeLane.

smart side table decor ideas


1. What Do You Put on a Side Table?

There’s literally no end to what you can put on your side table. You can:

  • Add your favourite books for a night-time read
  • Buy a gorgeous vase and put up fresh flowers with greens
  • Create a comforting and relaxing ambience with accent lighting
  • Put aromatherapy candles and other trinkets to create a personalised nook
  • Add items from your various travels such as coasters, a hand-woven tray perhaps, or a piece of coral
  • Decorate it with your favourite artwork and personalised photographs

Go all creative and think of ways to make the space a reflection of your unique tastes and style.

2. What Should I Put On My Side Table Lounge?

Truth be told, your side table lounge should be decorated such that it resembles an artwork. Considering you’ll entertain guests and would want people to sit in and around the table, here are some expert-approved ways in which you can give your side table corner a complete makeover:

  • Place vibrant and quirky stools next to the side table
  • Colour coordinate the seating area and use a mix of seating formats (think: an ottoman, a long bench, an upholstered sofa, etc.)
  • Create an interesting focal point by adding a decorative sculpture on top of the side table
  • Add fresh vertical greens in floral pots
  • Add antique furniture items (an end-table for instance) to give the space a traditional vibe
  • Play with the height of different elements such as the chairs, table, etc. to create a visual appeal
  • Create different points of interest within the living room, depending on the space you have

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