Dr Asit, consultant spine surgeon, and Dr. Paurnima, paediatrician and neonatologist, lead incredibly busy and demanding professional lives. After being on their feet over twelve hours in the day, their most important requisite in their home was that it should be a tranquil and soothing sanctuary. 

“Extended spine and deformity surgeries can stretch up to 8 to 12 hours, and certain days are completely exhausting!” Dr Asit ruefully tells us. Dr Paurnima adds to this, saying, “After a tough day’s work, all we want to do is to cherish quality time with our family and our child. So when we come home, we need a space that is relaxing and calm!”    

The HomeLane design team’s thoughtful design choices, comfortable furniture and soothing colour palettes helped craft a space that allows them to unwind and recharge, both physically and mentally. Join us on a walk through the home of the Bhoyars, and experience the effortless blend of warmth, comfort and opulence that the HomeLane team were able to achieve!  

The living room sets the stage for a décor theme that’s centred around soft, understated luxury. A faux marble accent wall is designed to be the artistic focus of the room and features the TV and entertainment unit. Large French windows leading to the balcony allow expansive views of the cityscape.

Adding vibrancy to the backdrop of muted beige, the bold blue velvet sofa grabs eyeballs and elevates the aesthetics of the room. Every element in the space is carefully curated to combine style with functionality, redefining urban living in an opulent palette.

To the far end of the open-plan living space, the compact dining table is topped by marble and drawn up against the wall. Quilted bucket chairs in cobalt blue fall in step with the arresting blue-and-white palette. A large mirror is inset in the wall and reflects the windows, adding brightness and visual depth.

The Bhoyars were immensely happy with their choice of HomeLane for their interiors. In their opinion, what was the biggest plus point of working with HomeLane?  “We had done a lot of research before choosing HomeLane, and I’d say the deciding factor was that they provided a one-stop solution for everything. Because we are working, we don’t have much time to coordinate different vendors, and that was the biggest plus point!“ smiles Dr. Asit.

Thoughtfully designed lighting adds to the abundance of natural light, creating a bright and airy ambience. A sparkling chandelier takes centrestage, while strip lights and recessed spotlights in the ceiling and elegant wall sconces enhance the ambience.

For the Bhoyars, the budget was an important consideration, and they were very pleased with the transparent costing afforded by HomeLane. “It was our first home, and we had a fixed budget, so we wanted to make things happen within that amount. We visited HL and found that within that budget, we could have very good options,” Dr. Asit tells us. 

The compact L-shaped kitchen showcases high-gloss cabinets in beige and white, creating a harmonious two-tone palette that exudes effortless elegance. Minimal and simple, but with details that add a world of functionality, the kitchen layout is clutter-free and highly practical.

As the kitchen would primarily be used by her house help, Dr. Paurnima wanted the fixtures and hardware to adhere to just a basic, functional standard. Grey granite countertops are easy to keep clean and blend well with the grey backsplash, each of the individual elements coming together to create a cohesive whole. 

If there’s something the busy doctor couple lacks in their lives, it’s free time. It was impossible for them to find the time to keep an eye on the site and monitor the work, and HomeLane’s style of working was just what they wanted! 

Unlike the case with other home interior providers, here they could just relax and trust the team to take care of all the little details. “The main difference is that we don’t have to monitor everything; they take measurements at the site and do all the work in the factory,” Dr. Asit explains.

Dr. Paurnima added, “We hardly spent 6 days for finalisation of the design, and after that they took care of everything!” For the time-strapped couple, this arrangement indeed proved to be a blessing.

Each space tells the same design story, adapting the detailing to suit the function and scale of the room. The cosy master bedroom follows the material palette used through the home, with toned-down earthy colours and simple, minimalistic storage. Behind the bed, graphic wallpaper in beige and brown ties the look together and adds a touch of visual interest.

The wardrobe features large sliding shutters and a loft to maximise storage space. Extending out from the wardrobe is the built-in dresser with a large, frameless mirror and deep drawers below. Panoramic outdoor views are maximised in every room, and the windows are fitted with floor-to-ceiling drapes to frame the vistas and control the natural light. Right across from the bed, the modern TV unit is sleek and functional. 

Dr. Asit was full of praise for the execution of the woodwork at the site. Not only was the project completed on time, but the installation team was professional and efficient, ensuring that everything was set up perfectly! 

In his words: “We don’t have to bring in things every now and then for them. I think they do a detailed study of everything; take measurements, and ensure quality checks, so that makes a big difference. They don’t make a lot of mess; everything is pre-cut, and just assembled on-site. After the assembly, they even deep clean the whole area for you!”

How would they sum up their HomeLane experience? Dr. Asit smiles, “I will give 4 points out of 5 for the overall experience. The finish and quality of the materials were really impressive!” 

And Dr. Paurnima nods in agreement, “We definitely had a good experience! HomeLane totally delivered on their promise of ‘Interiors made easy’!” 

Would you like HomeLane to be part of your home interior journey as well? It takes just a second to set up a free virtual consult with our talented team. Do get in touch today, and let’s get started with your dream home interior!

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