People have different personalities. It should come as no surprise that their homes have different characters, too. Some are minimal, some are luxurious, some are practical, and many are somewhere in between.

Your interior décor should match your likes and dislikes. It should be a reflection of your tastes, your background and your aspirations. The question is: how do you go about creating the home of your dreams?

There are two broad ways of looking at this: curated versus decorated. Let’s explore what these concepts mean, the differences between them, and how you can use them.


All about a Curated Look

The word “curated” came into vogue with the work of experts in museums and galleries. In this context, “to curate” means selecting and organising artwork on the basis of aesthetic skill and knowledge.

Thus, an exhibition on an artist’s work curated by an art critic would have a choice of paintings organised to reflect the artist’s influences and development. Another curator could make quite a different selection. It depends on individual viewpoints and what is to be conveyed.

When it comes to interiors, a curated look refers to objects and other décor elements that are carefully selected and matched to reflect an overall theme. A curated interior will have items from all over that evolve over time to create a specific effect.

For example, if you adore the British colonial aesthetic, your interiors could have objects you have chosen to reflect this. It could be a chair, a dresser, a painting or anything else to match. Or if you love music, a curated room can have posters, vintage record players, and even instruments.

The whole point of a curated look is not to be bland and similar to the rest. Instead, you create an interior that is unique and based on your specific tastes.

Curated interiors look

Deconstructing a Decorated Look

In contrast, a decorated look is one that is artfully designed and furnished to create a specific mood or style. Often, professional interior decorators are called in for professional advice on how to achieve this.

A decorated look can range from modern to luxurious. For example, a room can be decorated in a minimal Scandinavian style. This means cool and neutral shades, sleek and functional furniture, and open spaces.

Minimal Scandinavian Style Room

Alternatively, an entire house can be decorated in a way that combines Indian tradition with modern comfort. This would mean earthy tones, luxurious fabrics and furniture that includes jhoolas and carved chests.

The Differences between Curated and Decorated Decors

Now that you have a broad idea of the curated and decorated styles of home décor, let’s take a look at the main differences between the two.

Curated home decor

  • A curated look evolves over the years. You can keep adding pieces and redecorating as your appreciation grows and changes. With decorating, it’s generally a look that stays the time over time.
  • Curation can be eclectic. Many different pieces come together in an ensemble. The idea is not to be disorganised, but to allow each piece to play a part in the whole. A decorated interior is more about harmony and a single aesthetic.
  • The best curated-interiors are individual and unique. They reflect the personality of the inhabitants. Decorated interiors can also be made personal with small touches. However, they are about an overall theme that stays similar between interiors.
  • With curation, the homeowner plays a large part in picking pieces and organising the décor. With decoration, a professional is generally called in for advice on how to achieve a certain effect.

Tips for Curation and Decoration

If you’re curating your home, it makes sense to start by thinking about the personality and style you want to capture. Do you already have antique pieces and others of sentimental value? Can you create an interior based on these?

As we have mentioned, a curated home can be minimal, maximal, contemporary or traditional. Plan the décor according to your preferences. Or you could simply choose a more bohemian vibe, with unique items carefully placed in a broad-ranging style. Feel free to combine styles and mix the old and the new.

bohemian vibe

On the other hand, if you want your interiors to reflect an overall theme, colour or time period, a decorated look is best. There are innumerable styles: contemporary, mid-century, natural, and many more.

You can start with a mood board created from different interior images that catch your eye. Discuss this with a professional interior decorator and come up with a style that suits your character and space.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose a curated or decorated style. Both are capable of creating wonderful interiors. If you’re attracted by the thought of continuously adding to and renovating interiors based on your changing preferences, curating will be a good option. If you’d like a theme-based interior with every detail sorted and organised, a decorated décor will work best.

decorated decor

At HomeLane, our team of expert, experienced designers are standing by to help you with your curation or decoration plans. Whether it’s bringing out your individual personality or crafting a picture-perfect interior. Call for a free design session right now.

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