Bidding goodbye to that old cupboard that’s been in your room since childhood? About time, we’d say! But hang on. Before you step out to buy yourself a brand new wardrobe, here are a few pointers that will come in handy — from wardrobe materials and colour to shelves and drawers.

Wardrobe Design Pointers You Must Know

What is your current need?

When your old wardrobe is no longer sufficient to hold your clothes and accessories, find out what exactly it is you’re missing and need space for.

Which wardrobe colour are you looking for?

When you pick a new wardrobe now, you can actually match or opt for colour in contrast to your room wall colour. Check out an exclusive range of Armadio wardrobes that come in trendy wardrobe

What is your requirement for wardrobe drawer and shelf?

Make a rough layout of how would you like to divide your wardrobe — more shelves, fewer drawers or more hanger space. Shelves that are too high to reach and drawers that are too tight to pull are a big no-no.

Which type of door you are looking for?

Figure out if you want sliding or hinge doors, with a dresser or not. Be wary of low-quality channels that are used for wardrobe door designs in India. Ensure you check and re-check before finalising a wardrobe design.

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How much space do you need for your wardrobe?

Most importantly, are you buying a new wardrobe to save on space or is it an extension of the current one? Measure the height, breadth and length before you set your heart on a particular wardrobe design.

wardrobe design pointers

Wardrobe Design Pointers You Must Ignore

Wooden Wardrobe

Walk with an open mind. Wooden wardrobes are nice but don’t overlook other trendy wardrobe designs that have entered the market these days. Trust us, they are sturdy too!

wooden Wardrobe

Multipurpose Wardrobe

You need not have a dresser, shoe rack and a closet- all together in one wardrobe just because your friend has one. Figure out your criteria first and then make an informed choice.

all in one wardrobe

Gloss Finish Cupboards are High-Maintenance

Simply wipe and clean is the basic trick to maintaining any glossy wardrobe design. In fact, laminates are a lot easier to maintain than wood.

glossy wardrobe

Walk-In Closets are a Thing of West

Says who? If space allows, many people these days opt for walk-in closets as it allows them to look at their entire collection in one easy go. Good, sturdy walk-in closet designs are now available in India.

Wardrobe Renovation

No matter how much you jazz it up, the idea of renovating your old cupboard into a new one might not fully do justice to your needs. You might end up spending more in this case.

wardrobe renovation

Now that you are armed with the basic pointers before investing in a new wardrobe, go get the envy-worthy and functional wardrobe you’ve been dreaming of! Do contact HomeLane for the latest and trendy wardrobe.

We hope you enjoyed this fresh design blog, and that you found it helpful. We are thrilled to hear about how you have used our tips to make your first home. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with friends and family members who may be looking for tips on design. We look forward to hearing from you!

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