You might want to introduce elements from nature into your home because you like how they look and feel, or maybe because you like being in nature but your busy lifestyle or the weather doesn’t allow you to and you’d love to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature from the comforts of your home. Whatever your reasons, nature-inspired home interiors are beautiful, elegant, refreshing and relaxing.

Nature inspired home interiors

In this article, we showcase ten nature-inspired home interior ideas that you could incorporate into your home to bring nature indoors.

1. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is quite a great alternative to conventional wooden furniture. It looks good, is lightweight, and adds an element of nature to the room. You can opt for wicker furniture made out of organic material rather than synthetic fibres to get a completely natural feel.

Everything from sofas and chairs to beds and tables can be made of wicker. You, however, don’t want to go overboard so use wicker furniture in moderation. Wicker furniture is naturally light brown so add objects of complementary colours to balance out the room.

Wicker Furniture

2. Wooden Floors

Wooden flooring adds royalty to the room. Using natural wood for the flooring might be more expensive than using alternatives like tiles, but the result is just a beautiful and elegant floor that oozes warmth and calmness.

Wooden flooring gives the entire room a serene and calm feel that you can accentuate with warm lights. Ideally, you’d want to limit the number of objects that cover the flooring so the wood can stand out and be exposed, but this is more of an advice than a rule.

Wooden Floors

3. Wall with Wooden Panels

You can up the ante a notch and use wooden panels for the walls in your house. Just like with flooring, wooden walls look regal and elegant and introduce a vibe of warmth and calmness into the room.

Wooden walls generally look good with wooden floors but this might be a tad bit too much brown for some people, so make sure you are someone who would like this option of wooden walls and floors. If you love spending time in nature and among trees, you’ll absolutely love this style and the extravagance of wood.

Wall with wooden panels

4. Wooden Decor

This is another great way of using wood to give your home the vibe of nature – adding a lot of wooden elements. If you’re not too keen on using wood for the walls or flooring, you can add wooden elements like wooden railings, doors, cabinets, and so on, to give the room a royal and elegant look without having to overcommit to wood.

Wooden decor

5. Indoor Plants

Veering away from wood and towards the greens, adding a lot of potted plants in your house will make the room look alive and refreshing, a feeling you usually get when you’re in nature.

A good way to use plants as decor is to allow the natural green colour of the plants to be the primary colour in the room while the walls and decor are of complementary colours like white. This will allow the plants to be the protagonist. You can get creative with plants and place them in corners, on tables, hanging from the ceiling, and so on.

Indoor Plant Decor

6. The Colours of Nature

You can use nature as an inspiration for your home interiors without actually using natural elements like plants and wood by just borrowing the two prominent colours in nature – green and brown. Just make sure to select complementary shades of green and brown so that they don’t compete with each other for space.

A great way to use green and brown is to use greens on higher surfaces, like the walls, sofa tops, ceiling light covers, and so on, and browns for the lower surfaces, like the stools, furniture base, and so on, like the room in this picture. This will create the illusion of a tree with a brown trunk and green foliage.

Nature Colour Decor

7. Woolen Bedding, Carpets and Rugs

Wood and plants are not the only elements that represent nature. You can throw in pillow case covers, blankets, and rugs/carpets made of wool that are also derivative of nature. Woolen products are also soft and pleasant to touch, so you get the added benefit of comfort and softness.

Woolen Bedding

8. Exposed Brick Walls

Naked brick has an interesting and natural look and texture, and the brownish-red colour will stand out when paired with a more neutral colour like white. A wall with exposed brick introduces the muddiness that you might find in nature and gives the room a very raw and earthly quality. When done right, a wall with exposed bricks looks stylish and elegant.

Exposed Brick Walls

9. Rock Walls

You could use uneven rocks as finishing over a wall to get the similar raw and earthly quality as exposed bricks. With rocks you get to choose different colours and shapes, so you have more room for creativity.

Rock Walls

10. Glass Walls That Open up to Nature

If you’re not able to incorporate a lot of nature-inspired elements into your home interiors, why not just open the house up to nature itself? If you have a green front or back yard, you can implement large glass doors so you can see nature from inside the room and the natural light and shades of green enter the room unhindered.

Glass walls

11. Going Green

Introducing nature-inspired home decor is a great way of staying connected with nature while being indoors. Some of these ideas, like placing plants inside your home, are quite simple and can be done in a day.

Nature Inspired Home decor

Some others however might be too complicated for a DIY project and reaching out to a home interior specialist is the smarter option. If you do need help with home interiors, nature-inspired or otherwise, reach out to HomeLane and talk to one of our design specialists today.

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