Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to show your mom how much she’s loved. Remember how many fantastic birthday parties she threw you when you were a kid! You could throw a party, decorate your home in special, personalized ways, or come up with cool DIYs to show your mom how much she means to you and your family. Here are some awesome Mother’s Day home décor ideas and party ideas to make the day extra special.

Mother’s day Home Décor ideas

The key to decorating your home on Mother’s Day is to create special nooks and surprises in many corners. You could buy new gifts for this occasion. But, you can also celebrate Mother’s Day on a budget. Repurpose old décor accents pieces, artwork, craft paper, and photos to transform your home for the day. Some ideas you could use are:

  • Decorate her side table or the living room coffee table with small plants in teacups or jugs. Put up short paper messages in them using toothpicks or straws.
  • If there was some piece of furniture that needed to be updated, now’s the time to do it. Invest in that two-seater sofa, a beautiful rocking chair, a chest of drawers, or a wooden trunk for her room.
  • Update the furnishings in your mom’s room in time for this special day. Put up new curtains or drapes, spread a new bedspread, and refresh all her cushion covers.
  • Replace any dim lighting with brighter and more soothing ones. Get a new table lamp or fix a few wall scones in her room.
  • If she loves reading, create a neat little reading nook in any part of your home. If she has any other hobbies, inaugurate a cosy hobby zone with custom furniture and accessories on this day. For a yoga or meditation lover mom, you could carve out a zen corner for her daily health and spiritual routines.

Mother's day Home Decor ideas

Mother’s Day Party Ideas

Turn the day’s breakfast, lunch or dinner into a special one by cooking her favourite dishes and some new ones – go for a cake, some goodies etc. You could make a party out of the day and invite her friends, the neighbours and family members over. Or you can make it a cosy, private affair with just your immediate family.

Make your party table look festive with a colourful display of cutlery, leaves and flowers, candles, mason jars, and charming cupcake stands. Bake a cake and place a personalized note on it before she gets ready to cut it. Make a stunning centerpiece – try grouping a few glass jars, arrange flowers and leaves in them, and tie the jars around with a rope.

Hang striking oversized balloons with a cool message or her name on the wall. Make a party garland with a personalized message and hang it at the entry of your dining area.

Mother's day Party ideas

Mother’s Day Party Themes

Pick a theme that she holds close to her heart. If you’re inviting her gang over, pick a super-mom costume party, or a hobby-based party. For example, if she loves dancing, throw a wild dance party with her favourite numbers in the loop.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Pick up anything that would bring a smile to your mom’s face and be useful for her. Here are some ideas:

  • Framed family photos
  • Interesting ceramics
  • Artwork for her room
  • A magazine subscription
  • A reserved spot in a wellness retreat
  • A magazine rack
  • A bedside table
  • A plush armchair
  • An accessory like a scented candle, handmade soap, cushion covers, trays, cutlery, or a tea party set.

If your mom doesn’t live with you, you can order any of these online and have them delivered to her address in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Take your mom on a flashback to your school days where you used to draw cards for her or make cool collages from photos and magazine cut-outs. Go back the same route with old-world paper, scissors and colour pencils and create a beautiful card or note for her. If you have kids, make them do the same with their little fingers to add to your mom’s delight.

You could decoupage a tray with her favourite pattern or photo, make a doily to wrap her bouquet in, dyed candles, or cake toppers with paper and toothpicks. Also, place paper signs with lovely messages in many corners of your home – let her see them as she opens her wardrobe, or the fridge, or even her car!

Arrange these as decorations on the dining table to give her a mealtime surprise. Or place them in her room and watch her squeal with delight when she sees these handmade goodies.

DIY Gift Ideas for Mother's day

As on every other day, it’s time to show your love and gratitude to your mother. But, only make it extra special this Mother’s Day. Try out these ideas and spruce up her room and décor in time for the d-day. If you need to plan any home design or furniture changes, talk to the designers at HomeLane for ideas and quick execution.

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