Interior designing in India is gradually incorporating various trends from around the globe. As concepts like ‘budget homes’, ‘compact homes’, ‘European style homes’ are getting popular, interior design trends from European origin like ‘vintage style’, ‘modern European style’, ‘Mediterranean Elements’, etc. are matching these new-age concepts.

Incorporating the styles in your home interior is what we at Homelane specialize in. From colours to furniture to the flooring, everything has to be in sync to make your home look pretty. This is precisely why following a particular theme is essential. Themes condition particular style rules which ensure that your home interiors have the perfect colour combination and every element of the interior complements each other.

What is the Mediterranean Interior Style

One very easy-to-implement, budget-friendly, fashionable, and classy interior design trend that emerges from Southern Europe is the Mediterranean interior style. If you want to feel like you’re living in a holiday home at a beachy destination for your summer getaway, this is the design for you. The design features light warm colours, a stroke of sunny romance, cosy feels and spa-like vibes.Mediterranean Interior Design Editorial credit: Stjepan Tafra /

Follow our guide on all the aesthetics of ‘Mediterranean Elements’ and tips on how to design the perfect Mediterranean style home.

A Summer Holiday Imagery

When setting up a Mediterranean style home, think of holiday villas in Greece or Italy. Make a mood board of all the colours and features you can imagine when you think of such a destination. Standard features would include the crystal-clear sea, light sand, cottage style wooden houses, handloom art, and lots of greenery. 

Mediterranean Interior Design

 White Being the Highlighted Colour

When deciding the colours, furniture, the flooring, you might stumble upon a mix of various elements, but for a Mediterranean design, it’s simple: pick marble white as the first thing on your list. Mediterranean interior designs comprise of pure white walls as their signature colour. You can also paint your furniture and flooring in white colour with a slight touch of blues and greens to follow.Mediterranean Interior Design

Bricks and Woods as the Building Stone

To keep the rustic beachy vibe alive, the building stones of the house should be a combination of bricks and woods. Bricks and wood are often considered as a very low-cost element however, they become the highlight of a Mediterranean themed house as it outshines the prominent white colour of the room.Mediterranean Interior Design

 Spacious Living with Fewer Decorations

The best part of Mediterranean elements is compact yet roomy. This means that all the extras in a house, for example, showpieces, huge dining areas are eliminated to make the house more spacious. This makes it easy to move around, relax as well as save costs on the extras.Mediterranean Interior Design

 An Element of Nature

The most prominent element is the ‘nature’, and that’s exactly what the style conveys. Use plenty of plants to decorate your house and snatch the colour of the sky, use shades of blue to design your cosy cushions. If you have a balcony area put in some comfy beach beds to lie in on a lazy Sunday. Surround your house with activities you would do to de-stress (books, DVDs, music systems, etc.) at a beach. After all, nature therapy is the best therapy. Mediterranean Interior Design

 A Well Lit Up Room

Lighting plays a major role in Mediterranean interior designs. Instead of the basic bulbs, spotlights bring about the beauty of the home interior. Spotlights should be walled above various focus points in the house like the sitting area, the sofa, the dining table, etc. The right focus point is the key to lighting a Mediterranean style home. Make sure that all the important elements of your home have enough lighting to highlight them. Mediterranean Interior Design

Long Curtains and Doors

Since Mediterranean homes generate a holiday vibe, ‘view’ is a crucial part of it. To get the best view of your locality and give it a villa-like feel, long curtains, doors, and windows are the best way to do so. Ensure the lining of the doors, as well as the colour of the curtains, is the same white colour of the walls for it to blend well and give a more spacious feel. Long transparent doors and windows enable a larger view of the surroundings.Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean interior designs are relaxing and classy. They make you feel like you are on holiday, resting in the lap of nature. They were initially implemented in outhouses at a hill station area but are now making their way into city home interiors as well. The elements of being spacious, minimalistic, and easy are making Mediterranean interior designs a new trend. They are customizable and can fit into any budget, whether low or high-end. 

Shall you need any assistance in setting up Mediterranean home interiors, HomeLane is just a call away!


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