Are you tired of the window design for the living room with small black wooden windows that stop the light from streaming in?

Let in the sunlight and enhance your living room interior with spectacular window designs from this post. It will promote your overall well-being and preserve your bones from decay too.

If you are a follower of trends, you would know that big window designs to illuminate and bring in the gentle breeze to cool the living room interiors are trendy too.

window design

Read this blog to guide you in choosing the suitable living room hall window design.

How to Choose Living Room (Hall) Window Design?

So what’s the plan? Are you building a new home from scratch, or are you renovating your existing home to make it a modern cosy home?

Almost any window can be altered to suit your evolving preferences and needs. However, you may need to break a few walls to accommodate a big living room window design.

Therefore, before you decide on anything else, first choose a window design for the living room. That will also help you to build the rest of the living room interior to match the window design.  

In the picture above, check the size of the windows and the difference it makes to a small room with a lot of furniture. The white dominates and the addition of black is a beautiful contrast to the otherwise entirely white room.

Let’s explore the various window designs that you can use as inspiration for your house.

various window designs

1. Bring in the Light

You can illuminate the room with natural light if you choose the window design for the living room with expansive windows.

In the picture below, the designer deliberately left an open space in place of a wall, which works as a window with french doors and an entrance to the balcony.

But will the room be unbearably warm with the sunlight filtering in?

As the expansive windows bring in the light, They also let in the breeze, which a closer look at the curtains reveals.

The result, therefore, is the temperatures are maintained, and you have a bright, airy room. The swaying of the curtain in the wind and the sunlight filtering in provides a stunning effect.

illuminate room with window

2. Traditional or Indian Living Room Window Design

The ambience and appeal depend on the living room’s interior design. You can choose between trendy or traditional styles or a blend of both.

But to make the best of the living room design, selecting the right size and positioning them correctly in your living room is essential.  

The best style for your living room is one that best suits its features. For instance, clear-story windows enhance the look of living space with a high ceiling and voluminous rooms.

However, for smaller rooms, low sill height windows afford a better view and allow more sunlight into the room. Also, living spaces that reflect the heritage of its location look exceptionally good, so a living room window design that is Indian would be a great choice.

indian living room window

3. Cost Effective Living Room (Hall) Window Design 

If you want the most inexpensive living room window, you are sure to find them; but the catch here is they may not last long, and replacing them can be expensive. Thus it is better to spend on those in the middle or high-cost range. 

Look at the cost-effective window design for the living room in the picture above. The frame is simple, made of fibre, and crank device hinges to hold the window in place from its vertical structure.

Living rooms don’t need privacy as your private chambers do, so use transparent glass for the shutters. The beauty of the outdoors brings out the best in your living room design.

cost effective window

4. Sliding Window Design for the Living Room

Another window design for the living room is one with sliding doors. These are the best window designs for a studio apartment or small living room space.

The window with transparent glass gives a spacious appearance to a small living area and affords a view of the outdoors.

The studio apartment has a plush sofa, and a white curtain hides the bed from outside view.

Such window designs work for those who love the outdoors, and they can chill indoors when the sun is too hot and bright and spend the nights under the moonlight, for which the table and chairs are already set outdoors.

sliding window design

5. Living Room Big Window Design

Suppose you have a spectacular view outside your living room; a small window is out of the question. A living room french window design, the picture or casement window design also are excellent if the sea or greenery surrounds you.

The picture above is of a big open room that serves as a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The designer has built a wall to keep the dining area private. But the living room and kitchen area have floor-to-ceiling windows.

The living room’s big window design is apt as the house is on a higher surface right in front of the sea. The entire space is done in grey, and the designer has worked on a brilliant display of white by using the colour for the kitchen cabinets and overhead lights in the dining area.

big window design

6. Casement Windows

Casement windows offer multiple benefits like cool fresh breeze and light. The windows are also energy efficient and secure, thanks to the crank contraption.

These windows allow the breeze to flow through the side angle rather than a direct angle preserving an all-time freshness and eliminating the stuffiness.

You will pay much lesser on your electricity bills with the natural light that the casement window lets into living spaces. 

casement windows

7. Living Room French Window Design

The double sash window that open either ways (outward & inward) are French windows. You cannot slide or fold these windows because they are attached to the wooden or metal frame by hinges.

The french windows also comprise two panels that have an interlocking system.  

Although the window looks tiny compared to the room’s size, the reflection on the glossy floor tiles makes it evident that it brings in the needed natural light. The window also provides ventilation and a spectacular view of the greenery outside.

french window design

8. Picture Windows

If you want to bring in maximum natural light and elegance from the picturesque view outside your home, non -operational picture windows will work well for you.

It is an excellent and suitable design for living rooms but might be a more sensible addition in areas like the bathroom or bedroom, where privacy is a must.

You will also need air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

picture windows

9. Bay and Bow Windows

Increasing a bay or bow window may be the best option if you want to increase the living space in your home.

A bay window comprises three windows arranged to resemble one-half of a hexagon. 

A series of windows projecting outwards creates a “bay,” These projections allow your home’s interior and exterior to have a curved, box-like, or angular flair.

You design a seat near a bay window and hang your favourite pictures or cover the space in fairy lights to maximise the effect of these beautiful windows.

Alternately, create a private retreat where you can relax by adding a hammock, a swing, or comfortable cushions.

bay and bow windows

10. Glass Living Room Window

Stunning windows don’t just happen; each part of the living room window design is painstakingly woven together. Selecting a glass can make your home soundproof and offer increased energy efficiency and security. 

Glass-to-glass windows are also great for living rooms; They are windows with more glass and minimum metal, like in the picture. 

The two sheets of glass meet at right angles to give an unrestricted view of the outside. These elegant windows offer a panoramic view, bringing in maximum sunlight and creating space and openness in the room.

glass living room window

How to Select a Frame for Living Room (Hall) Window Design

Apart from glass, you can use aluminium, vinyl, or wood to make frames for your living room (hall) window. But while selecting the material for the window frame, decide after considering certain factors like durability, performance, and visual aesthetics.

Modern window frames are available in different hues and colours to match the interior design of the living room

Also, be cautious about the prevailing weather conditions in your locality. For instance, if you use inferior quality wood in an area with heavy rains, the wood may soak in the water and bloat, making it hard to open or close.

frame for living room


Living rooms look best with massive windows that bring in light and fresh breeze. Choose the living room hall window design you like, and select the frame material and the correct type of glass with the tips in this post for a living room interior that will make you proud.

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best living room windows


1. What Is in Style for Living Room Windows?

2022 is the year of practicality, and window accessories that complement your living room interior design are in trend. Curtains like Japanese, Scandinavian, and Roman are the most preferred type of curtains.

2. How Wide Should a Living Room Window Be?

It is better to focus on the living room’s big window designs when you check a window design for the living room; to let in maximum sunlight. So select a standard size 3 feet (36 inches / 91.5 cm) in width or slightly more significant with a width of 46 inches (1.2 m).

3. Which Is the Best Window Size?

Select a standard size that is 3 feet (36 inches / 91.5 cm) in width and 2 feet (24 inches / 61 cm) in height or slightly more significant with a width of 46 inches (1.2 m), but the height should not exceed 92 inches (2.3 m) high. That is the best size for your living room windows.

4. What Is the Best Window for My Living Room Window Design in India?

A bay or bow window is one of the best window choices for a living room. Although they are two distinct window types, they are frequently paired together. The curvature of a bow window contrasts wonderfully with the linear form of a bay window to provide a vast vista of your outdoors.

5. I Want a Tacky Look For My Living Room Window Design; What Should I Do?

If you want a tacky look for your living room window design, you must avoid bright light and choose less illumination, minimal or dim light ambience. 

6. What Is the Living Room French Window Design?

The French commonly say portes-fenêtres while referring to French windows, which translates to “windowed doors” or “door-sized windows.” As the translation implies, some French windows can be tall enough to pass through like a door.

7. What Is the Ideal Size for the Living Room French Window Design?

Depending on its design, a French window typically starts at 4 feet and can reach 10 feet in height. Regardless of their breadth, they usually have a height of about 82 inches or 210 cm.

8. How Does the Living Room French Window Design Open —Inwards or Outwards?

The French windows in the living room can open inwards or outwards as you may want them to. Base your decision on whether you want them to optimise the patio and garden space (inwards) or maximise your flooring space with outward-opening french windows.

9. Bow or Bay Windows—Which Is Preferable?

When you want additional light to enlarge the room visually, choose a bay window, and bow windows are preferable over bay windows if you wish to have different-sized window panes.

10. Is a Roof Necessary for a Bow Window?

A bow window is an aperture with four or more windows and various operational options. Unlike a bay window, which typically has three windows—two of which are operable—and a picture window in the middle. Most bays and bows need to have a little roof added to them after installation.

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