Your living room is probably the most frequented space in your home; where you greet guests, spend time with family and friends, and perhaps even have your work-from-home office. Your choice of flooring material must, therefore, be made with great care.

Don’t forget; your pet is going to be frolicking on this floor and your little ones are going to be tracking in mud on a rainy day! Not only should you give your guests that all-important first impression, but you should pick a flooring tile that’s resistant to wear and tear and can hold its own against spills and stains, or dirt and grime.

living room tiles

Considering all these factors, your living room floor must rank high on aesthetics, durability, ease of maintenance, stain resistance and scratch resistance. It should also be easy to install, and shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. What are the options available to you, and what are the pros and cons of each? We compare and contrast the five most popular categories of flooring that you can choose from. Here goes!

1. Marble

There’s nothing to match the beauty of natural stone. Marble is one of the most elegant flooring options, and has a timeless appeal that will never go out of style. Whether your décor is classic or contemporary, having marble underfoot will add to the sheer beauty of your living room. Marble is available in a variety of colours, the most popular being fine white Italian marble. It is available both as tiles and as slabs.

Here are the pros and cons of marble.

On the plus side:
• Marble is drop dead gorgeous, with its intrinsic lustre and beautiful grains.
• It will increase the resale value of your home, so is well worth the price you pay.

• Marble is porous and needs to be resealed and polished every few years, without which it can stain or erode.
• It is expensive. Marble laying requires considerable expertise, besides which it takes time and needs many coats of polish.

marble flooring for living room

2. Granite

If you love natural stones, then granite is a beautiful and durable option. It is one of the hardest natural stones available and has a lovely opaque glitter and shine when polished. Granite can be sourced in many colours including black, green, brown, red, grey and white, and is available in many price points. Like marble, granite is also available as tiles and slabs.

Here are the considerations you should keep in mind.

• It has a lovely, natural aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched by factory made tiles.
• Granite is highly durable and does not require resealing like marble.
• Available in various price points; you have to pay more for rare colours and patterns.

• Granite is very slippery when wet. It also does not show up any spills easily which makes it doubly dangerous.
• It requires expertise in laying.

granite flooring for living room

3. Terracotta Tiles

For those who love being close to nature, there’s nothing to match the sheer warmth and rustic appeal of terracotta tiles. Made out of natural clay, terracotta tiles have an old-world charm and age beautifully, looking even more lovely as the years pass.

If you’re choosing terracotta, you should know these facts.

Here are the advantages:
• Terracotta tiles are gorgeously warm and rustic.
• Good quality terracotta is durable, and lasts long if treated with care.
• Terracotta is non-slippery, even when wet, and is stainproof when sealed.

But be mindful of these disadvantages!
• It is very porous and should be sealed periodically to keep it from staining.
• It can crack or get scratched if it is subjected to a sharp point load.
• It is not as durable as stone or other manufactured tiles. Having said that, terracotta ages gracefully and looks lovely even with wear and tear.

terracotta tiles for living room

4. Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are manufactured out of a mixture of clay, silica, quartz and feldspar that fuse at extremely high temperatures to form a hard vitreous surface. They are available in a range of surface finishes, colours and patterns; even designs that mimic wood grains and the surface of stone.

Here are the pros and cons of vitrified tiles.

• Vitrified tiles are hard, uniform in cross section, and are impervious to scratches and stains.
• They do not require any special maintenance and will last pretty much forever!
• They can be laid quickly and used after just 48 hours.
• Vitrified tiles are available in larger sizes, up to 4 feet x 8 feet, and this minimizes joints, giving a neat appearance. Also, the tiles can be laid with paper joints so that there is no visible grout.

• Vitrified tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles.
• Glossy tiles can be slippery when wet.
• The manufacture of vitrified tiles is not eco-friendly, as it gives out a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

vitrified tiles for living room

5. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable, easy to maintain and come in a lovely range of patterns and finishes. They are manufactured by baking earthen clay with pigments and glazing the surface to a fine finish. Not as durable as vitrified tiles, they are brittle but also come at a lower price point. Ceramic tiles are available with prints and patterned designs, and are available in a wide range of solid colours.

Keep these considerations in mind:

On the positive side:
• The hard protective glaze renders these tiles waterproof, making them well suited for use even in bathrooms and kitchens.
• Ceramic flooring are very easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned.
• Ceramic tiles are very cost effective, and are lower priced than most other kinds of tiles.

However, watch out for these negatives:
• Ceramic tiles are laid with visible grout lines, which can accumulate dirt over time.
• Colours may fade in direct sunlight.
• These tiles are brittle and can chip with sharp loads.
• Ceramic tiles are not available in large sizes. The maximum size is usually 1 foot x 1 foot.

living room ceramic tiles

Now that you know the pros and cons of the most popular tiles for your living room, we hope you’ll find it easier to make the right choice for your home! Still need help in putting your interior look together? Make a visit to any of the HomeLane experience centres. Our talented designers will give you all the home décor support you need!

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