Picture yourself visiting a friend’s home for the first time. You’re walking into the front door and into the foyer of their home. Is it warm and welcoming, or dark and dreary? You might not have realized it, but first impressions do matter, and it’s the entryway that sets the tone for the rest of the home! A dazzling entryway can take your breath away and make a lasting impression. And to create an entryway that stands apart, the right lighting is the first place to start.

Here’s how to make sure your guests fall in love with your home at first sight! 

Let’s get started!

First, start by considering the size and location of your foyer. Does it have any natural lighting? What does the line of sight from the entryway lead to? What furniture do you plan to use in the foyer? If you will be putting up a mirror or hanging some artwork, it will need the right lighting to be displayed to advantage. The lighting in the foyer can be bold and striking or subdued and understated, and it’s what your guests are going to remember. 

entryway lights

1. Warm or Cool Foyer Lights?

It’s always nice to have warm lights in the foyer, as it’s a sign of welcome. Warm LEDs or incandescent lights on a dimmer works best. Especially if it’s dark outside, the foyer should not be too bright as it can cause eyestrain on entry. While you can have a picture light above a painting on the wall or a spotlight above the mirror, the foyer should have ambient light that’s generally lower than the lighting seen within your home. This will also give the visual cues that lead the way to the rest of the home.

The entrance to this home is defined by double doors with a lovely glass panel that’s highlighted by the warm glow of yellow ambient light from within.

foyer lights

2. Consider the Scale

This is a personal preference. Are you looking for a grand entrance that overwhelms the viewer with its scale or a space that is low-key; warm and humanized? Chandeliers and ceiling lamps draw the eye upwards and create a sense of awe, while floor lamps and table lamps at eye level are lighting elements that have human proportions, and cast a glow of light that envelopes you in its warmth. As a thumb rule, if your ceiling is high and the foyer is large, you can consider using ceiling lights, pendants or chandeliers. But if you have a tiny hallway then wall lights or table lamps work best.

3. Lighting Choices

From ceiling fixtures and wall sconces to floor-standing uplights and ceiling cove lighting, there’s no dearth of light fixtures that could work well in your entryway! Here are some pointers to help you make your decision.

  • If you’re looking for upscale elegance, there’s nothing quite as glamorous as a chandelier. Choose a piece that is proportional to the size of your hallway. Too large, and it will look cramped, but too small, and it will get eclipsed. The bottom of the chandelier should hang at least 7 and a half feet above the floor so that you don’t bump your head on it when walking in.
  • Pendant lights at equal distances work nicely in a long hallway. A single, uniquely styled pendant light will add a bold touch in a squarish foyer.
  • Spotlights or cove lights in a false ceiling offer soft ambient lighting that can be accentuated by floor lamps or picture lights above artwork on the wall.
  • Wall sconces cast a lovely glow of light on the wall and can have light directed upwards or downwards depending on what you wish to highlight.
  • A table lamp is warm and welcoming and adds visual interest to pictures, mirrors and small artefacts that are placed on a console.

Entryway Lighting Idea Book

1. Long, Narrow Entryway

A long, narrow entryway with a high ceiling poses a lighting challenge that can be easily solved by punctuating the ceiling with hanging pendant lights. The low hanging lights will draw the eye away from the tall ceiling which could otherwise look rather odd in a smaller space.

narrow entryway lights

2. Geometrical Pendant Lights

This lone pendant light is a statement piece, throwing interesting geometrical patterns of light and shade on the walls and ceiling. Perfect for a modern, minimalistic interior! 

geometric lights for foyer

3. Plenty of Natural Light

This contemporary foyer takes full advantage of the natural light through the large glass doors to one side. When there is so much light streaming in, artificial light can be kept to a minimum with just soft ambient light and a floor lamp for the evenings.  

natural lights for foyer

4. A Warm Glow

Set a warm tone right at the door with table lamps that spell welcome. They can be classically styled pieces or ethnic rice paper lamps, in keeping with the rest of your décor. For a touch of drama, choose a stained glass Tiffany table lamp that can throw enchanting colours on the walls and floor.

lighting ideas for foyer

5. A Touch of Class

A double-height entrance calls for a lavish showstopper piece, and what can be more timeless than crystal? A stylish teardrop-shaped crystal chandelier instantly elevates this lovely foyer, perfectly matching the sweeping staircase in grandiose elegance.

classy lights for entryway

6. Staircase Highlights

We love the way this designer has used recessed staircase lights to define and throw light on the treads, making an enchanting statement in this open foyer. The spotlights in the ceiling cast soft and diffused ambient lighting. An atmosphere that’s warm and cosy, indeed!

staircase lights

7. A Touch of Opulence

The silvery sheen of the tall table lights accentuates the metallic mirror frame and the soft, sensuous silvery grey colour of the walls in this opulent foyer. The lampshade throws ellipses of light both above and below for added drama. Opulence at its best! 

modern lighting for entryway

Did you like these entryway ideas? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For an entryway design that makes the right first impression, the Homelane team is at your service!  

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