You have a brand new kitchen and to keep it looking as good as new for many years to come, here are some kitchen maintenance tips!

Get the Right Cleaning Tools

If you have cabinets that are finished with laminate, acrylic or PU, they need just a quick wipe down with a soft cloth and a mild all-purpose cleaner. You can also use a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water. The important thing is that you should do this regularly, to avoid oil and grime build-up. Pay special attention to the cabinets that are close to the cooking area, as that’s where most cooking fumes will accumulate.

Kitchen interior maintenance tips

Be Careful with Stains

If your cabinets are of wood and finished with melamine, they can be cleaned in pretty much the same way. Wipe spills at once so that the surface does not stain. Even water can leave a stain, so be careful!

Careful with the Hot Vessels

Avoid keeping anything that’s very hot on wooden or laminate surfaces. They can burn or crack. Keep a cloth or cork material.

 Avoid any Leakage

Any drips or leaks from the kitchen sink or washbasin should be fixed immediately. Moisture will ruin your cabinets and shutters and can cause them to warp. For the same reason, avoid hanging damp dishcloths or wet towels over the shutters. Continuously damp circumstances can lead to mould or fungus.

Clean Dust Like a Pro

Regular dusting of all your kitchen surfaces will keep dirt and grime from accumulating. Use a soft microfiber cloth and gently rub.

Avoid Spillage

If your kitchen counter is made of a porous material like marble, make sure that you do not let any citrus juices like lime or orange fall on it. Marble will react with the acid in the lime and cause discolouration and pits which are permanent. Similarly, turmeric can also cause stains so if there are any spills ensure that they are wiped immediately.

Cleanliness is the Key

Have separate cleaning cloths to wipe dishes, the counter and the cabinets. Never mix them up as you could get grease or detergent on your cabinets.

Kitchen interior maintenace tips

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Clean appliances like the oven, microwave and cooking hob very well after each use. Wipe with a soap solution that has some lemon in it so that oil and grease are cleaned effectively. After cleaning thoroughly, wipe with a dry cloth or tissue so that the surfaces do not have water stains.

Dealing with Pest and Cockroaches

Cockroaches could start to find their way into your kitchen if you do not keep it clean, especially at night. Never leave food uncovered and keep wet waste covered with a tight-fitting lid at all times. Once a week you should use some herbal pesticide to keep your kitchen pest-free.

Segregate Waste

Get wet and dry bins that are the right size for your needs. If your garbage gets taken out only once in two days, you will need bigger bins so that they do not overflow.

segregate waste

Kitchen Maintenance tips for Cleaning Glass Cabinets

All glass cabinets should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or damp newspaper. Avoid spraying glass cleaner as it could damage the wood frames. If you must use a cleaning solution, pour it on the cleaning cloth instead of spraying. Do not use harsh metal cleaners on the hardware. Use a clean dry soft cloth. If you need to use any chemical solutions wipe and do not spray, as the spray can damage the surrounding wood or laminate.

Repair Damaged Kitchen Hardware

If there is any damage to the hinges or channels, get an expert carpenter to make the repairs and do not try to do them yourself. Most professional kitchen manufacturers will offer a warranty on the hardware for a certain period of time. Even if the warranty has expired, they are the best people to call when in need as they will be able to offer expert maintenance. Ask them to check and tighten loose screws while they are at it!

These kitchen maintenance tips can help you take good care of your new kitchen, and with some timely and thoughtful care, you can ensure that it stays new for many years to come!

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