After much deliberation and many trips to the bank, that dream house is finally yours. The next step: Making it a home. Here is our list of the top things to keep in mind before you start laying out your interiors.

Personalise your Home interior

Your home is a reflection of your personality, lifestyle and choices ­ an extension of yourself. And like your own experiences and memories, designing your abode takes time. From the wall colours to the doorknobs, expensive curios picked up during overseas trips to local crafts from the nearby bazaar, let each bit of decor have a story to tell. Whether your taste is minimalistic, traditional, quirky or eclectic, surrounding yourself with things that you love and that inspires you can be rejuvenating. Furthermore, customising your dwelling to cater to your needs and lifestyle makes it comfortable and efficient.

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Add some colour

While choosing a wall colour, have a single palette for the entire house. A colour palette comprises 3­-5 colours used in varying shades and textures. This not only makes decorating easier but also allows you to shift furniture and art across the house without difficulty. If you don’t intend to spend on multiple colours today, have a colour scheme planned for your home that can guide your decorating decisions over time. There aren’t any rules for choosing colours, but as a safe starting point: Pick a white, a neutral colour, a matching shade and two varying accents of that shade.

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Create space you love 

Soft wall colours and low furniture are easy solutions to create the perception of space for smaller rooms. Additionally, using floor-length curtains, even on small windows, gives the impression of height. The best trick in the book, however, is the use of decorative mirrors and vintage furniture. This will not only make your home look more expensive, but also improve lighting when placed opposite a window.

Make a statement

​For a professionally designed and classy aura, incorporate a statement piece. A ​statement piece can not only make a big impact on your home but also delight your guests. This could be a patterned wall, a piece of furniture, a work of art, a collection, a decorative rug or anything that you can think of. The more out­ of­ the ­box the idea, the better.

The function is key

​It is crucial to keep in mind that function and comfort go hand in hand. Unless you’re designing a guest house or a model house, it is important to account for dirty laundry, kid’s toys, overflowing shoe racks and everyday cooking. Form with function is the answer to keeping a home organised and aesthetic. Cane laundry baskets, beds and divans with additional storage spaces, beautiful bookcases and creative hanging racks are some examples of finding the blend between utility and personality.

Have fun

 ​If you’ve decided to do your interiors design yourself, embrace the process. Be it deciding on the colour palette, choosing the right curtains or figuring out the placement of your furniture, this is a good opportunity for the family to come together to create something that you all share and love. To design your beautiful Home visit HomeLane to get the end to end interiors in 45 days.


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