Hobbies play an important role in one’s life. After a long day at work, nothing can be more refreshing than dedicating time to your hobby. In addition, numerous scientific studies have shown evidence that having a hobby helps reduce stress.

There are different sorts of hobbies that we all are fond of. However, dedicating time to your hobby gets to a whole new level if you have a dedicated space. Imagine having a cosy and functional space within your own home that keeps you surrounded with positive vibes all the time. 

Although converting a small space within your home into a dedicated hobby space can be tricky, it can be done easily with the right guidance. Find some basic yet helpful tips and tricks about how to create a perfect space for your hobby.


hobby space

Craft Room Ideas

Your craft room undoubtedly has to project maximum positivity. To create the perfect craft space, find these craft room ideas that are easy to execute.

Make sure you convert a small yet private part of your house into your hobby space. Mostly adjacent to the living room. If you have a room with a window that lets in plenty of natural light, it should work fine.

From wall paints to curtains, having a vibrant interior helps to stimulate your creativity. Always make sure bright and positive shades are chosen. Hues of yellow, blue, violet and green are considered ideal. This is also applicable while choosing floor mats and furniture.

An artist is bound to have plenty of art supplies. Therefore, it is necessary to have organised storage space. It could be time-saving and also gives your space a neat look.

craft room ideas

Reading Nook

Two words can describe your perfect reading nook within the house – bright and quiet. Arranging your very own reading nook should be relatively easy. 

Make sure you choose the farthest and smallest corner of your house. This helps in letting you have enough silence, isolation, and a cosy feeling that’s required. 

Avid readers do not have a specific time dedicated to their hobby. However, most of them prefer hours of darkness. Therefore, having a table and a lamp is a must. A table with storage space is a plus as it would eliminate the need to have a bookshelf. 

reading nook


Dance Zone

If dancing is your hobby, then it’d take more than just a corner of your house. Find some useful tips to create a dance zone below.

To create a perfect hobby space for the dancer in you, it would require to be private and moderately spacious. Having it set up adjacent to the bedroom would be ideal.

A mirror is an unavoidable element in a dancer’s hobby space. Not to forget about the LED bulbs that go right on top of it. Ensure the room gets painted with dark shades like red or navy blue. That way, it helps you concentrate more on your reflection in the mirror than the bright surroundings.

dance zone



It is said you are never too old for gaming. Hence, having a hobby space dedicated to the gamer inside you would make the experience even better.

Any small corner of your house would just be ideal to set up your gaming station. Gamers mostly prefer dark or dim-lit space.

Fixing colourful neon lights on walls would create the perfect atmosphere. Not to forget a couple of bean bags lazily thrown around that would save a lot of space as compared to a sofa. Bean bags are also comfortable, especially when it involves long gaming sessions during the weekend.

Make sure your game space reflects your gaming personality too. Setting up posters of your favourite games/characters could do the trick.


 Joeri Mostmans

Movie Zone 

If you are a movie fanatic, arranging your hobby space could be done anywhere within the house. All you got to have is a dark room. Tainted windows and blackout curtains could be handy. Not to forget, the TV should be large enough to replicate the feel of the theatre.

movie zone at home


Gardening is one of the most common hobbies. Having your own indoor garden sounds challenging, but it’s one of the easiest tasks to achieve. You can convert your balcony or even the windowpane to your indoor garden. Make sure the plants and pots are smaller in size. Bonsai is highly recommended. 

To add to the aesthetics, you can even hang a few lanterns.

home gardening

Home Gym 

Being fit is everyone’s goal but visiting a gym isn’t. Make sure you have these in order to build your own gym at home: 

– Weight plates/dumbells with racks

– Padded Floor Mat

– Bench

– Skip Rope

– Pull-ups bar

home gym


Setting up a museum within your home could be a bit challenging. Here’s how you can do it in the best way possible.

First, make sure you have a display case. Create a chart that has information about your collections. Adding vintage lamps will make the space seem attractive.

home museum


Meditation Room

A meditation room must always be minimalistic. Hence, a yoga mat is all that you need. Adding a few house plants and incense sticks could be pleasing.

meditation room

Creating a perfect space for your hobby could be challenging. Sometimes, you might even need an expert opinion. This is where HomeLane comes in. They are the leading name in interior design and are known for their expertise in the field. So whether you are looking for help in creating the perfect hobby space or for choosing the decor for your dream home, HomeLane is the go-to solution. Visit the website and enjoy a contactless experience for all your interior design needs.

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