The Brief

Vikram, an IT professional and Aditi, a financial analyst, found HomeLane while looking for the perfect interior design company to do the interiors of their new home in Bengaluru. The couple, who both love to cook, was clear on their needs for their home. They wanted a large, comfortable space to entertain friends and family. They were also particular about how they wanted to use their second bedroom. What would have typically been used as a guest room, was turned into an entertainment room. This lets the couple use the space every day instead of just once in a blue moon when guests would stay over. Let’s see how HomeLane brought together all their ideas into the perfect home.

The Beginning

Not knowing what to expect from HomeLane, the couple decided to check out one of the experience centers. This gave them a real feel of the style and quality that HomeLane offers. Vikram felt that experiencing the space, rather than just seeing a bunch of pictures, really helped him make a decision. Once they met with their design partner, Shilpa, they had a chance to discuss all their ideas and specifications. She made them feel confident that they were putting their money in the right place.

Let’s Take A Walk

Entertainment Room

Instead of a guest room that would be seldom used, Vikram and Aditi decided to make maximum use of their second bedroom and turn it into an entertainment room. They wanted plush, comfortable seating, black-out curtains a great media centre for a theatre feel. They are extremely happy with how this room turned out and feel it’s the next best thing to actually going to the movies. This couple just took movie nights to the next level.

Reading Nook

We turned an unused corner in the home into this sunny reading nook, with a fun, yellow wallpaper and matching armchair to relax in. The custom-made bookshelf has both open and closed shelf to store their books and other knick-knacks.

Breakfast Counter and Living Area

This couple loves cooking and entertaining, so it only made sense that we give them a living space that fits their lifestyle. The open kitchen is perfect because they can cook and still mingle with guests in the living area. Breakfast counter by day and a cool hangout spot by night – now that’s a clever use of space.

For the couple, buying their own home was an exciting milestone, especially because it was their first one. They had hundreds of ideas for theirs. Big ideas that could be executed because it was finally their own place. The problem was figuring out how to bring them all together. Turns out that HomeLane was the expert assistance they needed because their home turned out better than they ever imagined.

We hope you enjoyed this fresh design blog, and that you found it helpful. We are thrilled to hear about how you have used our tips to make your first home. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with friends and family members who may be looking for interior design tips and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

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