Bedrooms are arguably the most important place for any homeowner. It is the space you’re likely to spend the most time in and as a result, can have the most impact on you. One of the biggest considerations when doing up one’s bedroom is figuring out what to do with the walls. From colour and texture to other décor and interior design elements, when it comes to walls, you definitely want to make the right decisions to alleviate your home’s most intimate space.

That being said, some homes come with an unexpected and often misunderstood type of wall. The slanted or angled wall. While these walls seem difficult to incorporate into your space, they’re actually quite fun to work with once you understand them and how they factor into your bedroom. Yes, they pose a few more challenges than the ordinary, straight-facing wall, but they can also add more personality and character to your room. Whoever said no to extra quirk, right?

How to Decorate a Slanted Wall in the Bedroom?


Grab your paint buckets, brushes, wall stickers and decals and get to DIY-ing that wall. Slanted walls actually provide a great and unique canvas, as opposed to straight-facing walls. As far as options go, the kinds of landscapes, pictures or objects you could decorate a slanted wall with are a lot more. You can go for quirky designs, with one half on the straight wall and the other on the slanted wall.

The thing about these kinds of walls is that they add a lot more perception and act as an added dimension in one’s room. So, using the wall to create a piece of art is a great way to utilise the space and incorporate it seamlessly into your bedroom.

Based on the design you choose this kind of interior design could take anywhere between one week and ten days.

Make a Colour Statement

As mentioned above, slanted walls provide a great opportunity to add extra dimension. And, a great way to bring that quality out is by using bold, solid colours. While the rest of your bedroom walls could be painted in the same colour, your slanted wall could act as an interior design accent in itself if painted in a different colour.

With this method, however, it’s important to be wary of doing too much. If the slanted wall is also your ceiling, make sure to use colours like white, cream, light blues or yellows instead of darker colours like black, royal blue or purple, which could cause your room to look closed in and a lot smaller than it is.

Depending on where the slanted wall is, use a solid colour that complements the rest of the colour scheme in the room, and make a statement. This way, the slanted wall has its own identity and stands out, yet blends in with the rest of the room, giving it a unique lift. What’s more? This one is pretty economical on time and materials required. All you need to do is put some valuable thought into the colour you’re going with and take it from there.

Play with Accents

As far as time goes, this method of decorating your bedroom’s slanted wall is probably the most effective. If the wall you’re dealing with is your ceiling, paste stickers, posters or strips of LED light if you’re feeling really funky, and voila – your room will immediately look brighter than it did a few minutes ago.

If your slanted wall is placed elsewhere, you can even use tie-dye cloth work, colourful patchwork quilts and fairy lights/ other accented light fixtures to instantly lift up the wall and as a result, your room.

While it can be tricky to find the right poster/ visual elements for a slanted wall, it isn’t impossible. Always remember, you’re trying to incorporate the wall into your room, not make it an entirely separate space by itself. So, don’t stray too far from the elements you would otherwise use.

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Wallpaper it Up

Wallpaper is a full-proof, always effective and efficient way to incorporate a slanted wall into your bedroom. It’s easy on your wallet and on your watch. Much like with the solid colour method, when it comes to wallpaper, you just have to put some thought into your selection. Once you’ve got that down, it’s pretty straightforward.

Applying wallpaper to your slanted wall is a great way to transform the wall into an accent in and of itself. Depending on the kind or style of wallpaper you choose, your slanted wall can either contrast the rest of your room’s colour scheme or can blend in perfectly.

Slanted walls as just like any other wall, with a tad bit more flavour. And, it’s for that reason, if done right, they can really lift up your entire space. If you’re looking to pay some much-needed attention to your slanted walls or want to jazz things up, get in touch with the interior design experts at HomeLane, and they’ll give you the perfect ideas.

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