Cleaning a dirty oven is almost like a doctor’s visit – no one likes it, but it needs to be done. No matter how messy or complicated this task is, cleaning the oven is essential. Not only does a dirty oven look horrendous in the kitchen, but it also creates numerous hygiene issues. All the old food stuck in the oven can play havoc with the oven’s functionality and make it inefficient. The constant reheating of old food bits could impart a mouldy taste to any fresh fare being cooked. And, most dangerous of all, it can result in a fire hazard! So, it’s time to stop procrastinating and get all hands on deck to clean out your oven once and for all.

Are you groaning at the thought of cleaning the dirty oven in your kitchen now? There is no need to be overwhelmed. Just a few basic tips and tricks, some handy tools, and clever DIY hacks to clean dirty ovens makes this an easy chore. Whether it’s spilt cake batter or the accumulated grease of many roast dinners, a few simple tricks can make your oven as good as new. Read on to find out some of the simplest ways for cleaning a dirty oven without burning a hole in your pocket.

Easy Steps for Cleaning Dirty Ovens

Get Rid of all the Dry Dirt and Food Residue

Before commencing on your oven-cleaning spree, remove the oven racks, roasting trays and grilling spokes from inside. Then take an old piece of cloth or a few paper towels and wipe the base of the oven. This action will remove the tiny bits of burnt and dry food residue left behind during cooking or baking. Remember – the more you take away now, the less you’ll have to scrub while cleaning the dirty oven.

Bring Out the Magic Cleaner

Did someone say magic? Well, it’s one of those DIY hacks to clean a dirty oven, but its effectiveness is magical for sure – the baking soda! Although various chemical-based oven cleaners are available in the market, this homely ingredient is one of the best-known ways to wipe away grease and grime from inside the oven. What’s more? Baking soda is readily available, and you won’t need to spend a bomb to get it.

Wear a pair of rubber gloves, mix half a cup of baking soda in water to form a paste and spread it along the insides of the oven with your fingers. However, make sure not to apply the paste on the heating elements to avoid any damage.

Ample Rest Time will Work its Magic

Cleaning dirty ovens do require a little bit of patience. Once you have applied the baking soda mixture to the interiors of the oven, let it rest overnight. This time will allow the cleaning mixture to work its magic by soaking the stubborn grease and making it loose enough to be wiped away.

Pay Attention to the Oven Glass

The grimy oven door and glass need some cleaning as well. You can use the same baking soda mixture used for cleaning the dirty oven interior and apply it to the oven window from the inside. Let it rest for an hour before wiping it away with a cloth to make the oven window spick-and-span.

It’s Time for the Oven Racks

The oven racks are usually the most challenging parts to clean. However, one of the DIY hacks to clean dirty ovens focuses on making the oven racks grease-free and clean. So, while you wait for the baking soda mixture to work its magic on the rest of your oven, prepare the stage for cleaning the dirty oven racks. Fill up a large bathtub or bucket with steaming hot water and add some washing powder to it. Submerge the oven racks into this solution overnight.

The Day of the Reveal

As the following day rolls over, walk over to your oven and wipe away the dried-out baking soda paste with a damp rag. A rubber spatula can help scrub away the extra-stubborn grease. Also, take out the oven racks from the washing powder solution and scrub them up.

An Extra Tip for a Complete Clean-Up

If some of the dried baking soda paste does not get scrubbed, use a vinegar spray. Add some vinegar to a spraying bottle and squirt it in the areas that still have the paste. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the excess residue.

Have you followed all these steps diligently? Then, all you need to do is place the oven racks back inside and admire your clean and tidy oven that is ready for use once again!

Some More DIY Hacks to Clean Dirty Ovens

Apart from the ingredients and steps mentioned above, there are a few more household tips and tricks for cleaning dirty ovens. Some of these fantastic DIY hacks to clean dirty ovens are:

The Trick with Lemons

Take an oven-safe bowl, fill it with water and place two halved lemons in it. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees before placing this bowl inside and let it rest for an hour. Open the oven door, let the interiors cool down to a comfortable level and scrub it with a damp cloth to wipe away the grease.

Dishwasher Tablets Come to the Rescue

This trick works in cleaning dirty oven windows. Dip a wrapped dishwashing tablet in warm water and rub it against the glass. Continue the process a few more times before wiping the glass with a cloth.

how to clean dirty oven

These simple steps can make cleaning dirty ovens as easy as ever! So, the next time your oven needs some good old wash and care, make use of these tips from HomeLane and transform your oven into a fresh, clean and new-looking device.

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