As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in our lives, it is high time we do some introspection. Shrinking forests, expanding concrete-clad cities, and exploding pollution have started taking a toll on our health. Are we reading it for the first time? Actually, no, but we have felt the hit for the first time.

A pandemic like the COVID-19 is an eye-opener for all those who took the greens for granted. We somehow overlooked the repercussions of playing with nature. Nevertheless, it’s not too late to correct things now. We can still do our bit to preserve nature and reverse the loss. 

So why not start with giving a fresh dash of greenery to our homes in 2021? It might sound overwhelming in the first shot. But trust us, it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your coming generations.

Creating a personalized nature’s lap right in your home can prove to be a life-changing experience for you. So without further adieu, let us dive into some simple tips to transform your home into a green den this season. 

living room vs family roomFirst, get your greens right

You got everything, modish lighting, voguish furniture, and swanky art pieces to adorn your home. But does your décor still lack the real-life touch? If yes, it is time to get some houseplants and breathe life into your staid space. These plants will fill your home with serenity, beauty, and freshness.

However, it is crucial to pick the right plants for the right space. For instance, if you want to enhance the oomph factor of the living room, go for snake plants or Golden Pothos. They need moderate natural light and water. But if you are looking for some easy-to-care babies for your home office, spider plants, peace lilies, succulents, or bamboos will be the best picks.

The Wall of Fame

Doesn’t it sound astounding? People who have a space crunch on the floor can get a plant wall to create their heaven of greens. The best part is, you can get it done in any section of your home.

It looks breathtakingly beautiful in the living room, balcony, study room, or dining room. Just make sure you select the right combination of plants for it. Experts recommend going for easy-to-care plants that can survive on minimal water. It will keep the space clean and dry throughout the year.

Racking it Up for Home Office

Do you have a lot of open spaces in your home and sometimes feel like getting a room partition for some privacy? If yes, we have an excellent and affordable idea for you. Install a plant grill and create some really smart dividing points for your work from home space.

These stylish grills come with plant holders that look great in all kinds of open living spaces. But apart from aesthetics, this concept also boosts the oxygen level indoors. Make sure you water these home office plants appropriately to maintain their health and freshness.

Natural in the washroom

Do you know that you can spice up your regular restroom with some natural greens? Sounds interesting, right? Create a magazine-like jungle look by designing an entire wall filled with lavish greenery.

This will set in the perfect ambience for relaxation that will help you unwind in its fresh air. The best part is, it does not require much space—just one wall which you would anyhow leave plain. But we recommend you connect with a professional interior designer for the best results.

Admirable and productive kitchen garden

One of the excellent ways to introduce greenery indoors is by planning a kitchen garden. Interestingly, you can also do a bit of geometric landscaping, provided your space allows for it.

But, what should you do when you live in an apartment with an open terrace? It’s obvious you cannot go for a proper soiled kitchen garden. But you can use the space by placing broader earthen pots that can nurture multiple saplings at a time.

Open Up To the Flora

Do not have enough space to embrace greenery indoors? Why not capitalise on your outdoors? No, we do not want you to step outside amid this pandemic. All we are suggesting is to surround your home exteriors with plants and creepers. 

You see, the joy of waking up at the sight of the lush green plants and trees is unmatchable. This idea will not only fill your home with fresh oxygen and positivity but will also provide a cloak of security to it. However, make sure you pick the best plants to ace this medieval green-castle look.

how to setup terrace garden

Indoor greenery is much more than vases and fancy pots. It is easy, affordable, and adds warmth to space. The best part is, it can do some serious mind and body healing for you. So what are you waiting for? Get creative with your gorgeous greens this season and get your daily dose of rejuvenation right at the comfort of your home.

Trust the best in the industry when it comes to creating green sections indoors. HomeLane is a trusted and customer-centric home interior brand. Customers love the brand for its outright simplicity, elegance, affordability, and space-saving interior solutions. Connect with us today to create your version of greens in your home.

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