Home is the definition of comfort. But there’s one specific place in Indian homes that lets you relax the most. It also helps you connect to your spiritual self. As we enter most homes in India, Mandir design for home seems to be an integral part. Hence, the right design of the mandir according to the home interior is crucial.

Numerous factors need to be considered while you set your space of tranquillity. Those factors are orientation, size, material, lights, and storage. Most importantly, security. After all, the safety of a room with a burning lamp for hours is paramount. Looking for a Traditional Pooja Room Design, a Modern Pooja Room Design, or even Pooja Room Furniture?

There are various options when discussing trending Pooja mandir home designs. You can select the theme and puja room design depending on your home interior.

Natural Stone Beauty

This one is a royal and elegant mandir design for home. Marble is a stone that makes everything look beautiful, and a Pooja room made up of marble is no exception. Putting idols made of marble or gold furnishings makes them stand out more. It gives a soothing effect and makes it easier to meditate with fewer distractions in the room. If you are not okay with marble, you can use other natural stones to give your mandir a raw look. However, going minimalist in this setup is preferable. Yet, adding some intricate carvings on the marble walls make it more appealing. Marble mandir design for homes is truly special. Especially for mandir designs for small flatsmarble mandir design for homes

Let The Wood Speak

Wooden mandirs built on a platform of a room are beautiful and traditional. With the richness of wooden polish, the Pooja room looks like a design of heritage. The mandir design for home is completed with a bell hanging in front of it. Along with the light, you can put inside and outside the wooden mandir design for home. If you can’t go for the complete wood look, you can opt for plywood, which gives the desired wooden look. You can get the plywood cut in customised designs for the mandir and the door.

wooden mandir design for home

Closet of Holiness

Religion is important in most of our lives. Paying respect to god is a personal matter. Although some keep it secret, others make it a vital part of their daily lives. One of the most challenging areas to get the right design is the place of worship. Because it is personal. Thus, architects and interior designers allow homeowners to decide on the mandir design for home. The temple design is the greatest spot to begin the retrospection to know the home and the heart of its owner. From an altar to a full-fledged mandir. You receive valuable insights into a person’s mind and heart. In case you lack the space and still want a Pooja area that gives you the setting of a room. You can choose to make a closet for the mandir. In this particular mandir design for home, the cabinet’s depth defines the area you have for settling the shelves. This concept works for people who have limited space. As you can set it up in the living room, and not everyone in the living room can spot your meditative space.

puja room door design

Wall Mounted Mandir

This mandir design for home takes the minimum space. Nonetheless, helps you create a positive environment. Offices, homes, shops, etc., have these. That’s because of the restrictions they have when it comes to spacing. However, it fulfils the purpose of bringing a calm environment. With a burning oil lamp and a fragrance that lets you relax.wall mounted mandir

What Factors Affect The Mandir Design for Home

Some of us can dedicate a room to a Pooja room. However, some of us have restricted space and have to choose a corner to pray. The variety of materials available in the market gives us several options. You can make your mandir look as high-class and modest as you want. Let’s explore each factor and help you create a mandir design for home that suits your style of home décor.


According to Vastu, the pooja room worship should be anywhere between the north and east of the house. The orientation of the mandir design for home is important because the correct positioning brings abundance and happiness. Along with calmness in the home.


From a little wooden mandir fixed on the wall to a Pooja room dedicated to meditation. The mandir design for home can be customised. Even if it’s a boxed mandir in the living room, ensure it is not visible to each guest who enters the room.


From wood to marble, mandir design for home can be of different materials, depending on the rest of the home décor. As home, pooja room designs for indian homes have had major transitions in the last few years. You have a humongous list to choose your preferred material. Your home temple design should produce a setting that makes you feel peaceful and at ease. The interior design should include peaceful and relaxing aspects. To help you connect with your beliefs. The correct materials and décor finishes will reflect this style in the design of your pooja room. A calm area should always have simple white walls.


Talking about security with the mandir design for home. As household safety is in your hands, you must pay attention to this particular factor. A room or space with a burning lamp filled with oil or ghee should ideally be constructed of safe and fire-resistant materials.

You can start by choosing the doors that are joined using heat-resistant adhesives. Such as 1k PUR FR, and Pidilite HeatX. Pidilite HeatX is one particular thermal resistance adhesive that is effective and efficient. When it comes to fast bonding and keeping your wooden doors heat-resistant. The thermal-resistant adhesive such as HeatX offered by Pidilite is an important addition to the safety of your pooja mandir. All your bright lamps, agarbattis, and other materials, such as ply and laminates, are wisely chosen.

Talk about the squeaky doors of your pooja mandir, there is WD-40 as a one-stop solution!

These trending Pooja mandir design for home are currently being set up in homes. If you’re not the one who can figure out what works for you the best. Let HomeLane take on the project of your home décor, and we will make the process easier with the expertise of our team.


Which type of mandir design for home is the best?

Even as every mandir design for home is unique, there are some classic design choices for you to consider. You should try to make certain differences in your pooja room. A false ceiling on the temple is a good idea for this. Create a mandir in a cupboard or enclose a corner nook with doors for your design. It is an approach to creating a place while keeping the dust at bay. If you have an empty area in your living room, now is the time to use it. Install a small puja corner unit with intricate net-work and a traditional dome. Make sure you have a soft-focus light inside that lights the corner and amazed at the difference. A living room corner to create a mandir design for home. To embellish this room, get an elegant wood unit. If you want to put the mandir on the plain wall. Try using a veneer panel as the background.

Where can I make a mandir for home?

Outside the dining room: This little pooja area can be set up in an alcove off the dining room.

In the Passageway: A corridor can be utilized to construct an isolated pooja room.

Beneath the stairs: The area beneath the steps is often overlooked. In a cabinet If you don’t have much space, consider converting an empty cabinet into a pooja room.

Outside on the terrace: A pleasant space for prayer has been created at one end of this glass-enclosed patio. In the family room

This living room’s corner wall: Can house colored niches large enough to house deity sculptures.

What are the types of mandir designs?

Pooja mandir can be made from a variety of materials. Because the majority of the contemporary mandir design for homes are handcrafted. Especially for simple pooja mandir designs for walls. The style is determined by the materials utilised. Each has certain advantages over the other. Before choosing a type, it is critical to understand your puja requirements. The following are a few types of temples for you to consider:

  • Carved and embellished wooden mandir design.

  • Marble mandir design with engraved and etched embellishments.

  • Mandir design in oxidised metal with etching and embossing.

  • Design of a glass mandir with laser-cut artwork.

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