If there’s one place in your home that needs to explicitly reflect your personal tastes, likes, and personality, it is your bedroom. And one area in your room that typically catches the onlooker’s attention is your bedroom wall. If your bedroom walls are plain and bare, they can lend an incomplete look to your space. If you think painting the walls (be it beige, red, black, white, or even gold) will do the trick, the following bedroom wall design ideas will make you think again. Let’s get going.

room color design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 1: Experiment with the Room Colour Design and Artwork

The right artwork acts as the ‘makeup’ for your bedroom. You can lay the right foundation in terms of design aesthetics with strategically-chosen artwork. Take, for example, the image shown above. The first thing you notice in this calming bedroom is the bright-as-the-sun orange artwork. The use of burnt rust-coloured stools at the foot of the bed is a smart move (as are the orange pillow covers). If you don’t have the time or energy to go for an extensive makeover, gorgeous artwork does the trick.

room wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 2: A Luxe and Statement-Making Bedroom Wall Design

Here’s a bedroom wall design that gets many things right. The vertical velvet slabs add a layer of depth and character. The wooden blinds on either side give this room a warm and homely feel. If you don’t wish to go the paint route, play with your bedroom wall’s texture (as shown above). Your bedroom wall design does not need to be one-dimensional; it can take any texture, shape, or form you desire. So, don’t play it safe and go bold!

wall painting ideas for bedroom

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 3: A Thematic Bedroom Wall

This recommendation tops our list because we love the soft pista-coloured walls in this bedroom. When it comes to wall painting ideas for bedrooms, this one’s definitely an out-of-the-box idea. What elevates this design is the use of fresh green plants at different places within the bedroom. The plant-inspired paintings, as well as the artwork, are a stroke of genius and work well to complete the look. If you are unsure about how or where to begin, start by thinking of ideas in ‘themes’ and get going from there.

bedroom wall stencils design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 4: Raw, Real, and Riveting Bedroom Walls are a Class Apart

Want to add endless layers of texture and depth to your bedroom wall? Use limewash paint as shown above. This increasingly-popular type of paint finds takers who love all-things minimal. Plus, it offers variations in texture and tones, giving your bedroom wall a raw and real feel. Use plenty of natural elements, such as jute carpets, cane baskets, etc., to give your bedroom an earthy and nature-like feel.

simple bedroom wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 5: A Personalised Bed Back Wall Design that’s Out-and-Out Creative

Where do we even begin with this beautiful idea? First, the combined use of murals and artwork gives this wall an edge. Second, the haphazard and asymmetric placement of the wall decor pieces is a refreshing change. The owner rightfully plays with the blue, brown, and white colour tones all across the bedroom to give the place a synchronised vibe.

bed back wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 6: A Simple Bedroom Wall Design that’s Endearing

If you are someone who loves everything with no frills, here’s an idea that you’ll love. If you’ve got a simple white wall behind your bed, why not create a headboard that doubles up as space for keeping stuff on it? For instance, in the example shown above, this headboard houses a gorgeous, larger-than-life painting and gives the bed a regal look. The headboard has been customised to ensure that you also get side tables on both sides. The addition of neon lights below is a class apart.

simple bedroom wall decor

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 7: A Bedroom Wall with a 3D-like Design

If you are constantly finding yourself Googling “bedroom wall design ideas India,” stop right there and consider this idea above. This statement-making bedroom wall in a calming shade of moss/sea green is everything. To add layers of depth, the owner has added rectangular boxes that have been carved into the wall. The use of black jet lamps, a golden metal headboard, and a sleek and smart soft at the foot of the bed make this room look contemporary yet traditional.

bedroom wall 3d design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 8: A Modern Bedroom Wall Design with a Window-Twist

Here’s another idea that’s not commonly seen. If you love natural light streaming into your room (in more ways than one), why not create smaller window spaces, as shown above? This will not only ensure proper ventilation but will keep your room well-lit. The addition of a sleek chandelier on top of the bed gives the room an edgy vibe.

modern bedroom wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 9: A Gorgeous Master Bedroom Gallery Wall Design We Love!

If you have placed your bed against the window and have another wall freed up, here’s an idea for the ages. The owner has strategically placed watercolour paintings of nearly all sizes possible on the wall. This type of wall art creates an unusually beautiful visual interest within the room.  It also brings colour, texture, and character to the bedroom in an effortless manner. You can easily execute this idea without burning a hole in your pocket.

master bedroom gallery wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 10: Wall Murals are Always a Great Idea!

If you think a black bedroom wall will be too heavy-duty for the senses, consider the image shown above. The black wall stands out without feeling jarring or overwhelming. The magic lies in using jute adornments to give this room a comfortable and cosy feel. From the smart wooden bench to the wooden fan on the ceiling, every element feels rightfully placed. Sometimes, going with a bold colour is all the transformation your bedroom needs.

black bedroom wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 11: A Patterned Wallpaper Does the Trick–And Well!

If you want to add a fun, playful look to your bedroom, you can add striped or patterned wallpaper to the wall behind your bed. This wall literally makes the room come alive and adds a contemporary edge to the overall design. A black-and-white themed bedroom is extremely easy to decorate and universally flattering, to say the least.

pattern wallpaper wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 12: A Chic Hanging Lamp Can Amp Up Your Bedroom

If you don’t want to play with the bedroom wall colour, why not think of other elements in and around the bed area? For example, this ultra-gorgeous and sleek hanging lamp immediately lends a youthful look to the bedside area. An innovative piece of decor can be equally effective in creating an impact in the room (as is proven above).

bedroom wall design with hanging lamp

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 13: ‘Frame’ Your Bedroom with Strategic Elements

If you have the luxury of a long, running wall like the one shown above in your bedroom, it makes sense to revisit all the elements and understand how to place every item strategically. The bed’s metallic frame literally frames the area and makes it look like a painting. The two paintings on either side create a sense of design harmony and make the design look balanced without losing creativity in the process.

bedroom wall design ideas

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 14: Go Creative with the Painting/Picture Placement

Here’s another bedroom interior design that encapsulates the beauty of using your bedroom wall strategically. The bed has been placed in the right position. The three abstract paintings on either side form a lovely focal point. The glass chandelier lends a luxurious look.

bedroom interior wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 15: Use Textured Wallpaper and Make a Big Impression

Textured wallpapers hold a special place in our hearts as they are extremely easy to execute and cost-effective as well. Take a look at the example shown above. This wood-style wallpaper immediately creates a sense of cosiness and warmth in this small and compact bedroom. If you live in perpetually cold weather, opt for wooden elements within your bedroom, as they exude an unparalleled sense of warmth.

textured wallpaper wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 16: A Bedroom Wall Design that’s Literally Lit!

This idea is definitely effort-intensive but worth it in the end! The backlit wall backdrop (with translucent glass) complemented by fairy light gives this room a positive moody vibe. The addition of fresh green plants at the other end adds a beautiful shadowy effect. The glass basically doubles up as a cute, decorative wall. When it comes to bedroom walls, you don’t have to go for concrete walls all the time. The idea is to go creative and take the plunge!

bedroom wall design idea

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 17: Add Flair and Style with Minimalistic Pictures

We’ve seen multiple examples of artwork on the bedroom wall but what makes this suggestion a cut above the rest is the niche-like area between the headrest and the wall paintings. This dedicated cut-out area helps the owner to store important items of everyday use. This is why you’ll notice the absence of a side table as the niche becomes utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing. Remember that you don’t have to install a headboard. You can experiment with the wall in terms of layout as well (as shown above).

stylish pictures wall design

Bedroom Wall Design Idea 18: Add a Playful Spin with a Fun Wallpaper

No one can put a price on the efficiency and impact of a fun wallpaper. And if you coordinate the wallpaper design with your soft furnishings, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Consider the image shown above. The soft pastel floral wallpaper sits swimmingly well in this bedroom that’s largely designed keeping the beige and blue colours in mind. Go for a printed wallpaper and make sure that the room feels complete in design and style.

floral wallpaper wall designs

Truth be told, bedroom wall designs are one of the most underrated interior decor components of every home. Most people treat it as an afterthought–a big mistake. If you are looking for the latest bedroom wall design ideas or want expert advice from top bedroom interior designers, schedule an interior design consultation with HomeLane.

bedroom wall decor ideas


1. How Can I Design My Bedroom Wall?

If you are looking to transform your bedroom wall from boring to beautiful, try these expert-approved ideas:

  • Give it a fresh coat of paint and watch the wall come alive
  • Add a patterned or textured wallpaper to animate your walls
  • Use wall art of choice to build visual interest within the room
  • Create your own wall art mural and deck up your bedroom wall
  • Go for a themed wallpaper (for instance, black and white striped wallpaper) to lend your bedroom a playful look
  • Go for two-toned walls that can add depth and character to the space

There are literally thousands of ways to transform your bedroom wall design. Embrace the design idea that will suit your personal space the best!

2. What Is a Feature Wall for a Bedroom?

As the name suggests, a feature wall distinguishes itself from the other walls in the space it occupies. The “feature” element should, by definition, be eye-catching. It should have a unique design, which includes having a statement wallpaper, a heavily-accented wall colour, or any design idea that you fancy.

3. Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall in the Bedroom?

Typically speaking, the wall behind your headboard makes for a beautiful accent wall in any bedroom. You can decorate this wall with a gorgeous shade of rich paint or even think of a bedroom wall stencil design to create eye-catching designs. If you are looking to transform a simple bedroom design into an elegant, luxurious one, this hack will do you wonders.

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