Home decor is all fun and games until it’s the bathroom’s turn. Made of so many distinguished elements and corners, decorating a bathroom in 2022 might seem like an easy task. But it isn’t. 

If you look closely, you’ll realise how much the idea of a contemporary bathroom has evolved. From merely being a functional space where we’d brush and bathe, a modern-day bathroom has grown to become a private, little hideout. Bathrooms have become a space where we’d let out all our frustrations, anger, and stress through those relaxing hot showers and karaoke sessions. 

Shower Door Designs

While there’s no precise formula to achieve your desired ambience, enhancing or remodelling the interiors to make the area aesthetically pleasing goes a long way. And one way you can do this without having to do much is by installing a glass door. 

Thus, we have curated a list of the 10 most elegant shower door designs for your bathroom. If you’re looking for ideas to add a touch of “simple sophistication” to your bath area, trust us – this read would suffice. Let’s start! 

Types of Glass Used for Bathroom Doors

Nowadays, you can choose your preferred type of glass for your bathroom doors as you can find many kinds of glass slabs in terms of design and quality. For starters, here are some of the most popular types of glass used for bathroom doors;

Types of Bathroom Glass Doors

  • Clear glass: As the name suggests, clear glass doors allow for high transparency. They are low maintenance and the most commonly found bathroom glass door variety.  
  • Frosted glass: Frosted glass doors are semi-opaque, providing more privacy during showers. They are slowly gaining popularity because they are unique in appearance and easy to maintain.
  • Patterned glass: Patterned glass doors come in various fancy designs, like floral designs and motifs. They allow less transparency and are apt for art-deco-style bathrooms. 
  • Tinted glass: Tinted glass doors come in various fun colours like blue, pink, black, etc. These glass doors are transparent, but the transparency is restricted due to the presence of colour particles.
  • Rain glass: Rain glass doors are a kind of patterned glass – the only difference being the unique rain droplets’ design spread across the glass body.  

Also, hammered glass and low iron glass are trendy for shower doors. 

10 Inspiring Bathroom Glass Door Designs for Your Home

Take a look at these stunning glass bathroom door designs we have handpicked for your next bathroom renovation:

1. Classic Square-shaped Clear Glass Door Design 

Square-Shaped Glass Door DesignBathroom glass door designs are one thing where minimalism never fails. So even if the rest of your home is donned in extravagant decor, we’d suggest you keep your bathroom’s interior neat and subtle.

And going for this washroom glass door design is one way you can do so. With clear glass and no extra confetti, this design seamlessly blends with both dark and light aesthetics. On the other hand, the square shape goes well with all kinds of floor shapes, no matter how irregular or erratic, thereby lending an air of symmetry. 

2. Floor to Ceiling Clear Glass Door Design

Glass Door Design BathroomThe most significant benefit of this glass door design bathroom is its low maintenance. Being a singular sheet of glass, cleaning this glass door is only a matter of minutes. Installing it is also not the most tiring task.

The spectacularly vast size makes the bathroom look spacious and, most importantly, keeps the whole bathroom from flooding with shower area outpours.

So if you have a bathroom that’s airy and spacious, this is a glass door design we’d implore you not to miss out on. 

3. HD Hi-Shine Curved Glass Door Design

HD Hi-Shine Curved Glass DoorBathroom doors made from low iron glass are brilliant light refractors. So if you play around with the lighting of your washroom well, these shower doors will make the area look stunningly vibrant and bright.

Not just this, since HD glasses are very translucent and easy to clean, your shower stall will not look cloudy after every use. The curved design makes it ideal for small spaces, but this promising design works effortlessly fine even for larger bathrooms. 

4. Eclectic Wooden Braced Glass Door Design For Geometric Precision

Wooden Braced Glass DoorThis washroom glass door design is a fusion of sturdy and classy.

Although glass doors for bathrooms aren’t fragile, this design with a wooden framework goes the extra mile to add additional durability. Depending on the rest of your washroom’s interior, you can choose to paint the wooden frame in whatever colour you like.

This shower door design will work best if you have a big bathroom with a separate, elevated shower area. The block glass design will make the space appear more grand and spacious.

You can customise the upper part of this glass door design to function as a ventilation window.

5. Square Glass Door Design with Metal Frames For A Minimalistic Look

Metal Frames Square Glass Door DesignUrban modern interior design is all about simple decor and neutral shades. If this design description sounds similar to that of your bathroom, this glass door style is the one you should go for.

The dark metal frames on the edges accentuate the shower door, setting apart the shower area from the rest of your bathroom. This design is recommended for bathrooms with moderate to large spaces, given the rectangle cut.

To pep up its looks, consider going for tinted glass. Shades like blue or black can do the trick. 

6. Fully Frosted Minimal Glass Door Design

Fully Frosted Minimal Glass Door DesignIf you want a simple, elegant washroom glass door design that’s also versatile, check out the frosted glass variety.

Frosted glass has a lot of pros over basic clear glass. When used for shower doors, frosted glass ensures extra privacy. Not just this, this glass variety is also easy to upkeep and excellent in light refraction.

So again, if you have claustrophobia concerns, this glass door for the bathroom will give you the much-needed feel of openness. Coming to decor theme, frosted shower doors with design are sleek and minimal – so much so that they harmonise with all interior design bathrooms

So go for this if you do not want to spend a lot of buts and hows on selecting a glass bathroom door design

7. Half-Hexagon Cornered Glass Door Design

Half-Hexagon Glass Door DesignIf you liked the curved glass design for bathroom doors, we’re sure this semi-hexagonal style will lure you.

Made of clear glass, this shower door design is minimal and highly refined in looks. With thin stainless steel edges and bolts, this thoughtful design perfectly fits all sorts of interior bathroom schemes. However, if your bathroom follows a particular mid-century or Scandinavian design layout, we’d strongly suggest you install this glass door for your shower area. 

Don’t worry about the size of your bathroom. Thanks to the half-hexagonal shape, this design will look just as good in a small bathroom as in a large one.

8. Black Glass Half-partition Style Door Design

Black Glass Half-Partition Door DesignIf you have a cramped bathroom that doesn’t allow you much space to play with the aesthetics, this glass door style is what you need. It does not just stand as an elegant addition to the area but also works as a partition between the various little sections of an undersized bathroom.

However, if you opt for this design, go for coloured glass. Alternatively, you can choose patterned or hammered glass variety as they ensure more privacy. 

9. Illuminated Cubicle Tinted Glass Door Design for an Exotic Look

Cubicle Tinted Glass Door DesignA bathroom’s decor depends on a lot of factors. But the most important of them is space. This is where this glass door design idea works wonderfully, as it is specially planned for small bathrooms. The door is designed in an ingenious semi-cubicle shape made of tinted blue glass.

This allows maximum free area while making the shower stall look chic. But that’s not the best part. The light blue hue of the glass makes the cramped shower area feel calming and relaxing. So if you’re someone who tends to feel claustrophobic in small spaces, this glass door design is the right choice for you.

Ensure your bathroom is well-lit and clad in subtle tiles to make the best of it. 

10. Royal Almirah Style Glass Door Design

Washroom Glass Door DesignHere’s a shower door design to oomph up your washroom aesthetics.

Best recommended for elaborately planned bathrooms, this glass door design is for lovers of luxe. With doors opening from the centre, this shower door style offers privacy like none other. It also keeps the bathroom cleaner and spill-free as the doors are installed on an elevated platform.

If your bathroom is blessed with natural light and cloaked in light interiors, installing this glass door design will make it look more spacious. 

Concluding Remarks

Installing a glass door inside the bathroom is perhaps the best decision. After all, it isn’t just pleasing to the eyes but also makes the area much more functional and hygienic. 

Glass Door Bathroom Ideas

With as many as 10 bathroom glass door design ideas to choose from, we hope we have helped you land the perfect one for your lavatory. So why delay the good? Elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom with a glass door today!

To get your hands on more such exclusive interior design ideas for every space of your house, check out HomeLane or book a free session with our expert home decorator.


Q1. Is Glass Door Good for the Bathroom? 

Ans. Yes, glass doors are an excellent choice for bathrooms, especially for those looking for something elegant to add to their bathroom’s interior. Since transparent glass doors are also considered a safer choice than other materials, especially for the kid’s bathroom.

Q2. Which Glass Door Is Best for Bathrooms?

Ans. Clear glass doors are considered the best for bathrooms because they are straightforward to maintain. Besides that, since this variety is versatile and goes well with all kinds of decor, it is a top choice for all interior designers for bathroom doors. 

Q3. What Is The Most Popular Glass For A Shower Door?

Ans. Tempered glass is considered the most popular type of glass used for manufacturing shower doors due to its durability. 

Q4. What Do You Call the Glass Door for Bathrooms?

Ans. The bathroom glass door is known by many names depending on its design and quality. However, most commonly, glass doors for bathrooms are called shower doors.

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