Keeping the house organised and clean is everyone’s priority. But when it comes to storage, we often find ourselves struggling with the lack of space. Instead of using the living room for storage, one can utilise the empty space of the balcony.

There are various ways to decorate your balcony in a functional and creative style with the help of cabinets, chairs, tables and more. Here is a list of the best balcony storage ideas for all your needs.

best balcony storage ideas

5 Balcony Storage Ideas for Your Home

Take a look at these balcony storage ideas and choose one that best suits your style.

1. Get A Trunk and Create A Cozy Seating Area

You can choose to utilise old wooden boxes or a trunk as storage ideas in the balcony. If you’re a cycler or a biker, you can store all the necessary parts and tools in this trunk, so it’s easier to look for them.

Balcony storage ideas like these will keep things organised and add extra space around the house. Notice the pops of green, blue and brown that can be seen throughout the space in a repetitive pattern. The round table and the cushiony chairs have been placed to create a separate reading or dining area.

storage ideas in the balcony

2. Utilise The Open Space and Build a Mini Kitchen Area 

Cooking outdoors can be a very relaxing experience. Here’s an airy balcony kitchen where you can make your morning smoothies or your night-time barbeques. There’s enough storage space to keep all the tableware, so you won’t have to run around for plates.

Balcony closet ideas are also a great way to keep your precious elements on display. There’s also a comfortable resting area that adds a lot of charm to the balcony storage ideas. Leave your guest impressed with this smart and innovative small balcony storage idea.

small balcony storage idea

3. Add A Touch of History with Antique Furniture 

A vintage storage chest like this one will give your balcony a whimsical touch. Utility balcony storage ideas like this one morph into the walls with their earthy tones and add a lot of texture. It’s important to choose materials like wood and aluminium that can stand against harsh weather.

The top of the chest is used to display some collectables and plants. Balcony storage ideas like this create a very restrained storage space that draws all the attention towards it.

utility balcony storage ideas

4. Create an Outdoor Seating Area to Dine With a View 

Furniture that doubles up as storage is a great way to create a minimalistic style. The seating area is big enough to fit multiple people, and the storage space around the grill can be used to store some snacks, party games or glasses.

These kinds of balcony storage ideas will give your space a premium look. For those lazy coffee evenings or late-night stargazing, these balcony designs are perfect for all kinds of moments.

outdoor seating area

5. Use A Box Table and A Shelf For Your Plants

Leave the walls and use the floor for your balcony storage ideas. A box table that acts as a mini freezer would be great for storing your drinks for the party.

If you’re opting for balcony plant ideas, then a wooden shelf is the best way to store them. Wooden balcony shelf ideas are also a perfect way to ensure all the small things are in one place, so you don’t lose them. For more storage, you can also turn your seating area into storage space.

wooden balcony shelf

Final Thoughts

These are some of the balcony design ideas you can incorporate into your home for a more organised look. It will keep the extra things out of the room and provide you with a decluttered space.

In case of compact spaces, try to choose furniture like a pop-out table that can be folded up and tucked away to make extra room. For more tips and tricks like these, head over to HomeLane and grab some inspiration.

small balcony ideas


1. How do I add storage to my balcony? 

There are multiple ways to create a storage area on your balcony. You can start with chairs, a table to display your favourite books and flower vases, or a sofa with in-built storage.

Shelves and racks for plants are a great way to keep things organised and clean. If you prefer doing laundry at home, turn your balcony into a workspace. Add some waterproof boxes, a drying rack and a laundry basket.

2. How do you organise a small balcony? 

A small balcony can be organised using smart furniture options like sofas with in-built storage and foldable tables or chairs. These take up space when needed and keep the area clean.

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