Even though most of us are keen on the latest home décor trends when setting up our living room or bedroom, we tend to act a little conventional when it comes to the kitchen. Our choices rarely go beyond a rectangular modular kitchen with granite countertops and upper cabinets. According to kitchen interior design experts, many a popular kitchen design is likely to be replaced by newer trends and features in 2015. If you are planning to set up or upgrade your kitchen this year, before you decide on regular Indian modular kitchen designs, take a moment to read these tips on interior design for kitchen in India.

1. Goodbye, Granite!

You might find it hard to believe that granite countertops have had their day. For years and years, granite ruled the world of kitchen décor as the ultimate material for countertops. Since this material is difficult to maintain, more susceptible to damage, and more expensive, people prefer it less these days especially when you are taking into consideration the cost of kitchen countertops per square foot. In 2015, you can expect a pronounced shift from granite countertops to ones made of other materials such as quartz, soapstone, concrete, glass, and lava stone.

2. Kitchen Walls Are Coming Down :

For several decades, our concept of a perfect kitchen was that of a room separated and disconnected from other rooms of our house. This concept was redefined a few years ago with the advent of open floor kitchens – a style that pulled down the walls which separated kitchens from living spaces. Since homeowners are increasingly looking for areas in their homes where they can gather and relax with their friends and family, you can expect many more kitchen walls to come down in the coming months. Even modular kitchens manufacturers are paying attention to modular kitchen designs for small kitchens and advocating the open kitchen. Modular kitchen interiors are designed to make your experience in the kitchen better and wide-open space, as opposed to a closed space, in which you are cooking, works well for modular kitchen interior design. Taking inspiration from this trend, home appliance manufacturers are coming up with design innovations in appliances. Open kitchens, coupled with chic appliances that effortlessly blend into this scheme, will continue to rule the world of kitchen design and kitchen design in small space in 2014.

3. The Cabinet Revolution:

When it comes to the kitchen cabinet, design innovations in cabinetry are changing the face of kitchens radically. Bulky cabinets and upper cabinets have kissed the kitchens goodbye, to make way for more trendy and functional models. Built-in accent cabinets and open cabinets are two major cabinet designs trending in 2015.

But if it’s a small space you have, it is advisable to look at compact kitchen designs for the small kitchen before you make a decision. While built-in cabinets introduce more space into your kitchen, the open cabinets allow you to display your precious crockery as pieces of artwork. They both look great in kitchens designed in any style, be it traditional, cottage, modern or contemporary. Ready-made kitchen cabinets, as well as a modular kitchen trolley, are good ideas if you don’t have time or the ability to hand-pick your cabinets.

Say goodbye to those boring old wooden kitchen cabinets because kitchen cabinet designs have changed completely now. Glass-front kitchen cabinet designs, ranging from simple and decorative glass to coloured glass, are also increasing in popularity these days, as are designer kitchen cabinets; and what’s more, you can even choose and buy kitchen cabinets online!

It’s a good idea to opt for modular kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen accessories when you are revamping your kitchen because the advantages of modular kitchen are many. Firstly, they’ll save you space, second, the organisation will be easier and third, the cost of a modular kitchen is not prohibitive either.

4. Let There Be Light (and light fixtures)

The current trend of built-in cabinets opens up kitchens for a variety of lighting experiments. Decorative lightings such as sconces, and light fixtures with adjustable arms, are the latest trends in kitchen lighting. They make kitchens look brighter and trendier. Especially when it comes to small kitchen layout ideas, under-cabinet lighting is making an exit these days, because they make the space look dimly-lit and more cramped. LED lights that are integrated within cabinets have announced their entry, especially in the cases of small kitchen units. Decorative fixtures in aged-brass or iron finish and drum pendant light fixtures are the best picks for your kitchen in 2014.

Pendant lights in the kitchen

5. Breaking Away From The Work Triangle :

Our idea of a functional kitchen, for several years, was based on the concept of a ‘work triangle’. The three major functions in a kitchen, according to designers, are carried out between the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. If a kitchen has to run efficiently, they have to be in relatively close proximity to each other. These three points and the imaginary lines between them form a triangle in your kitchen, which is called the work triangle.  The design trends of 2014 are moving away from this imaginary triangle. Simple kitchen designs, where the refrigerators are placed quite far from the sinks or stoves, will not be considered careless mistakes anymore. On the other hand, this is a deliberate design innovation!

6. An Island In Your Kitchen :

While compact kitchens are still preferred by those who have limited space, open floor kitchens with islands are trending now. A well-planned kitchen island serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. The cabinets built into the island make for a “secret place” to hide your home appliances, and the countertop of the island can be used as a table during meals. Even a modular kitchen designs catalogue incorporates the idea of kitchen islands these days because, after all, the function of modular kitchen interior design is to keep your kitchen organised as well as make it aesthetically pleasing. Apart from the usual rectangular islands, oval and horseshoe-shaped islands are also becoming a trend in 2014.

The kitchen island

7. The kitchen sink rewrites its destiny :

In the past, an item we rarely paid any attention to while setting up the kitchen, was the sink. It was the most functional, the most indispensable and yet, the most neglected item in a kitchen. Not anymore! Sinks have a central role to play in the trending kitchen designs of 2014, interior design ideas for small homes in India, where additional space for washbasins is hard to come by. The standard stainless steel sinks have retained their popularity, but stone composite sinks and copper sinks are also finding their ways into our kitchens. Apron front sinks, popularly known as farmhouse sinks, are preferred by homeowners and designers alike these days. A few years ago, they were found only in country-style kitchens. But today they are made with different materials such as steel, copper, and granite; therefore, they are ideal for contemporary and modern styles as well.

Farmhouse sink



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    sulove rawat Reply

    Very beautifully explain ,kudos! Modular kitchen had change the way we use to have our traditional kitchen , keeping utensils is no more a problem if you have a modular kitchen .

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    Sanjay​ ​Kumar Reply

    Great suggestion for modular kitchen because when we build that type of kitchen then, it will increase more space in my home…Thank You

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