HomeLane‘s kitchen design expert reiterates 6 design mistakes that most homeowners make and which can be avoided, in order to create kitchens that combine practicality and elegance.

It is not for nothing that kitchens are considered the life of a home. Despite our different lifestyles, for the majority of us, kitchens are where we cook, eat, chat and have happy meals with family and friends. Socializing and scrumptious food is not the only purpose of this space since kitchens have to be beautiful and functional too. With the variety of kitchen designs and looks that are available, planning the layout and basic organizational structure is equally important.

1. Don’t Block Access To The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen triangle comprises of the space between the hob, sink and refrigerator. This is where most of the cooking activity centres around. This space needs to be planned carefully and must allow free access. Of the 3 components comprising the kitchen triangle, the sink will see the most activity and needs to be within easy access of the hob and fridge, as well as countertops.

Sinks should ideally be installed very close to the plumbing, not above it or in a poor location. Often kitchens come pre-designed without considering this aspect and that’s why it is better to keep this in mind before installing the rest of the decor. Regardless of kitchen size or layout, the sum of all parts of a work triangle should not be less than 10ft. nor greater than 25ft. Anything less will mean people bumping into each other, while a greater distance makes cooking a chore.

2. Don’t Ignore Proper Ventilation

Probably one of the least thought of aspects when designing kitchens, ventilation is the single most important attribute to be considered when designing kitchens. The best of kitchens tend to look dull and faded when they accumulate dust and grime over several years. Add to this a lingering stale odour which hasn’t been allowed to escape because of the lack of an outlet, and you have a kitchen that is both unpleasant and impossible to stand-in.

Good ventilation begins from having a good outlet, around which a hob can be placed.

Placing a quality ventilation system above the hob (and not just an inexpensive range hood) ensures that besides removing bad air, there is also improvement in the quality of it while keeping the kitchen clean. Having effective ventilation also prolongs the life of other kitchen appliances, keeps odours from spreading into other areas of the home and makes life better for every member of the family.  kitchen design

3. Don’t Ignore Good Lighting

While we all take great care in putting up proper lighting throughout the house, kitchens are often ignored or installed with basic lighting. In reality, this is the place where the lighting just can’t be compromised.

Besides design and atmosphere, what matters in kitchens is the safety aspect. Every spot where work is undertaken needs to be properly lit. These main work areas can either be directly lit from above using a single pendant light or a series of them, which also adds to the overall look. Single pendants look great above kitchen sinks while smaller series of them enhance the look of breakfast counters and islands.

Under-cabinet lighting ensures sufficient light to perform daily kitchen tasks at the counter, while also providing easy access for items and cookware in cabinets. Optimal lighting makes the kitchen look visually appealing and also elevates a plain kitchen to being classic and elegant.

4. Don’t Ignore Waste Disposal

As waste and its management are gaining more importance today, it is essential to keep this in mind while designing the kitchen. With segregation at source on the rise in most cities, designing cabinets and waste bins beneath the kitchen sink to accommodate different kinds of waste ensures that the entire process of waste disposal runs smoothly and hassle-free. Trash sorting bins help manage this efficiently.waste disposal

5. Don’t Go Over the Top on Trends

Bringing current trends into your cooking space isn’t a mistake at all, but doing it all at once and putting all your money into it can backfire, especially once the novelty wears off. When designing kitchens, it is important to try out neutral accents first rather than a bold or over-the-top look and keep the purchase of high-end equipment to a minimum. Seasonal trends and stylish colours don’t last very long, and it is alright to wait it out or try it if it matches your design sense at a later date. Large investments on the latest appliances and kitchenware may not bring in good returns if there’s a change of mind after purchase.modular kitchen design

6. Don’t Avoid Decor Experts

You might think that handling the entire decor of your kitchen is an easy task, but the reality is in fact very different. Although doing the project yourself might have been intended to save you some money, it may actually make you lose even more, along with your time and energy.

When it comes to designing kitchens, it is important to do it intelligently, keeping safety and quality in mind. Kitchen design experts such as HomeLane, possess an in-depth knowledge of structural details, latest design trends, innovative ideas and have access to top manufacturers and the latest materials. We understand and help you identify your specific requirements, translating those ideas into concrete plans, and make everything actually happen.

If you are still struggling to design your dream kitchen, Book a free online consultation with HomeLane design experts or visit our nearest service center which showcase 1000+ curated interior design ideas from our design experts. Sign up with HomeLane and get your home interior done in 45 days only.


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