Moving into a new home can be a rite of passage for many of us. It is liberating, emancipating but most definitely daunting. Even more daunting perhaps is decorating the home, getting the interiors done, buying the furniture and furnishing it the way you have always imagined. While most of us enjoy designing, getting it done quickly will make the entire thing a fun process, one that you will enjoy and wrap up feeling happy and accomplished. Below are 4 steps we have put together, to help you navigate the overwhelming process of furnishing your home within a month.

The market has plentiful options when it comes to décor and furnishings. What matters though is choosing the most appropriate materials, planning the design in advance, ensuring that the actual decorating does not go on forever or become burdensome in the long run.

1. Visualize Your Interior Before Planning

Many people have a clear idea of what they want to put together but have problems converting those designs into something concrete. When faced with such issues, it is best to look for easy references on design, decor and furnishings in interior designing magazines and books. Once you have ready reference material, sit down and put them all together. Choose common denominators, such as colours, furniture styles and patterns that can work together.

home decor within a month

Check the practicality of a particular design and its application in a setup. A Victorian-style for example will not fit into a contemporary boxed space. Prepare for this well in advance and you will have a major portion of the work covered.

2. Plan A Budget To Work With

Figure out at the outset how much you would want to spend, keeping in mind additional expenditure for any eventualities. If decorating the entire space in one go isn’t a possibility, start with the room you will be spending more time in. This way you will have at least one space to retreat to during the entire decorating upheaval and can focus on the remainder of the space as and when you have the money.

home decor within a month

3. Floor Plan Planning and Material

Prepare A Floor Plan For The Entire Home And Keep All The Material Ready. This might sound like a drag, to begin with, but doing this will give you an idea of what you may require and help you keep everything ready before the actual work begins.

interior design planning mood boards

Rather than designing one yourself, use online tools that are freely available or enlist the help of some design friends for floor plans. Materials, furniture and important furnishings can be bought and planned based on what kind of floor plan you decide to go with.

4. Choosing Interior Design Colours

Colours are often the main pain points when doing up the home. Not everyone’s sensibilities match and many times, arriving at a common decision delay the décor project even further.Before embarking on a décor project and especially if you want to complete it within a month, do the necessary research and narrow down your option on a colour palette.

interior design colours

Choose a central colour theme and work around it, warm or cold colours. You can either go by your personal preferences or what the entire family suggests. Buy and test out samples in different parts of the home. Once done, this takes away a major portion of planning your home interior design.

If you notice closely, the time spent on home decor extends indefinitely in planning, negating ideas, coming up with new ones and differing opinions on what needs to be done. Getting the above out of the way sorts out much of the hassle and helps you plan your home design and decor more intelligently.

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