Homeowners have many options at their fingertips with regards to kitchen decor, its design and layouts. What many don’t give much attention to, yet that which plays an important role in deciding a kitchen palette is the Kitchen Countertop. Among the many types of kitchen countertop materials available, below are the most popular.

While the countertop is often picked and installed based on the design of the other kitchen elements such as cabinets and accessories, working in reverse can also give you brilliant colour and design choices. When you prioritize the selection of the right countertop, based on your cooking practices, colour choices and specific materials, you can then decide on the rest of the space, ensuring the countertop becomes the focal point of your kitchen.

Considering that this surface area is the first element that attracts the eye, as well as the most mess, it is important to choose a countertop that;

  • Looks good and pleasant
  • Will withstand the cooking activity of your household
  • Is priced within your budget without a compromise on quality

At HomeLane, modular kitchen counters, are designed keeping in mind factors like design, use and durability.

How To Choose Kitchen Counter Top Material?

Below are 4 of the most popular countertop materials that we use, and which have been compiled, to help you make your choice.

1. Granite Kitchen Countertops

One of the most popular kitchen countertop material, granite is a natural stone that most homeowners do not think twice before installing. While black is the colour that is much in demand for its understated elegance, ability to hide spills and versatility, other types of granite are also used. The high points of this material are;

  • Granite lends a beautiful natural colour and character to the kitchen
  • Its unique grains can never be duplicated
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available in customisable finishes
  • Is resilient and gives prolonged durability for many years

While granite costs start from as low as Rs.400 per square feet including installation, prices can go up when choosing more refined varieties. The number of pieces and the complexity of installation also increase the pricing. Granite counter top

2. Marble Kitchen Countertops

A time-honoured choice for most Indian homes, marble countertops are elegant, classy and clean. Marble can elevate the look of even the most sombre kitchen palette. It is natural, comes in different colours and is hard-worn, perfect for bearing the brunt of Indian cooking. There are other reasons for choosing marble as a countertop;
  • Enhances the look of a kitchen with its clean lines and elegant finish
  • Lends a unique and beautiful colour and texture to the kitchen
  • Affordable, when compared to granite countertops
  • Is easily available and can blend with any kitchen colour palette

marble counter top

3. Corian Kitchen Countertops

One of the recent entrants to the countertop space, Corian countertops mimic the glamour of marble and granite but are actually a blend of acrylic (plastic) and stone-derivatives. These come in thick pre-made, uniform sheets in a variety of colours, of which white is the most commonly used. Corian countertops are installed in kitchens for a variety of reasons;

  • Pleasing patterns that mimic granite and marble but at half the price
  • Available in a multitude of colours, from white, to brown and even purple and coral
  • Their seamless quality (most granite & marble show visible seams) and ability to mould into any shape or curve.
  • Comes with integrated drainboards on countertops for added neatness and finish
  • Provides surface illumination with an option for light installation.

corian counter top

4. Wooden Kitchen Countertops

With its unique warmth and character, wood is slowly but surely become a go-to option for kitchen counters. Wooden countertops are derived from a variety of sources. While Plywood and MDF with laminate are the most popular options, recycled wood is also being used as a countertop option since it is readily available. Wooden countertops are long-lasting, sustainable and have grain and colour that stands unique. Besides this, wood is also a great option since,

  • It is warm to touch, can be cut, fabricated and installed easily as per the layout.
  • The procurement and installation costs are comparatively less when compared to other materials. While 25mm thick laminated plywood starts at Rs. 545 per sq. ft, laminated MDF costs begin from Rs.435 per sq. ft.
  • The colour and character of wood improve with age, and it requires relatively less maintenance.
  • Wood withstands acidic foods, is naturally heat resistant, and when sealed, also has anti-bacterial properties.

wooden counter top

For the different Counter-top options available in the market, there are specialized bonding materials for installation available. It is very important to use the right material for different reasons such as:

  1. Bonding strength, grab and long-lasting adhesion
  2. Durability between substrates
  3. To avoid reaction between substrates and bonding material
  4. Aesthetic advantages

For natural stones and engineered stones including Kadapa, granite, marble and quartz, there are speciality products like Roff Masterfix that not only provide best-in-class bonding but also offers other important benefits like flexibility, and shock resistance and performs well over different substrates. 

Also, for joint filling, grouting and also glueing of different stone substrates, Tenax Eliox A+B is the best-recommended solution from the house of Tenax range of products – The world leader in stone care adhesives & solutions.

For wooden countertops, one can hands down go with Fevicol – India’s most trusted brand of adhesives with a wide range of products based on your application requirement. Fevicol Marine, the flagship waterproof adhesive shall add a touch of functional superiority adding to the classy wooden counter-top selected.

These are just some of the main materials that we use in designing kitchen countertops. If you are looking for more options, do get in touch with our kitchen designers at HomeLane, and we can discuss more choices.


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