Our generation is one of the multi-taskers. We belong to a time where information is processed at the speed of light, home and work balanced seamlessly, and passions indulged without stopping at one. Isn’t it then possible to multi-task with our furniture?

Multi-tasking furniture isn’t unusual or new. Off late, many furniture and decor brands have come up with design ideas for the furniture that fulfils various purposes. Rather than buying several furniture pieces at additional costs, we give you three smart and simple ways to make a single piece of furniture perform more than one function for your home.

1.  Furniture that Stores and can be used as Utility

Devon Straight Wardrobe

Smart furniture is one that performs several functions at once. A coffee table that doubles as a storage trunk for furnishings, ottomans that can be used as coffee tables and all-in-one entertainment units that manage to store books and collectables work brilliantly for any kind of space. Furniture today is designed to incorporate different uses, and its selection must be made carefully and thoughtfully.

Multi-purpose furniture also showcases intelligent design, reduces clutter and is high on utility value, all of which reflects on the home and its homeowner.

2. Furniture that Defines and Divides spaces

multifunctional furniture

Furniture that demarcates areas in the home, especially in the absence of walls, showcase clever design. Bookshelves are great examples in the living room. Bedrooms have wardrobes that can divide the space. A stylish crockery and bookshelf unit can separate the kitchen area from dining, and the rest of the home.

Choose what combination works for you – tables, shelves, and cupboards are all space dividers that also combine a clever use of design.

3. Furniture that Multi-tasks and Multi-functions

multitask furniture

Furniture that can extend into other uses – kitchens that combine a cooking counter and a hobby station, bookshelves that have attached work tables, are smart multi-taskers.

Sofa beds were one of the first pieces of furniture that exemplified multi-purpose units, a seating spot in the day while a sleeping nest at night. Trends today show how multi-functioning furniture is quickly picking up with many urban homeowners. These can be used whenever required or even converted into another piece or used differently.

Multi-tasking furniture optimizes every square inch of space in your home to its maximum potential. This is important considering we do so much of it on our own; working, juggling, combining, dividing, compartmentalizing. Hybrid customized furniture work with our restless personalities perfectly.

HomeLane understands and designs customized kitchens and furniture. We develop bespoke options that include multi-faceted wardrobes, quirky furniture pieces that not just look great, but capture utility and style. Visit HomeLane for a quotation today!


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