Want to take the Hygge route with your bedroom?

For the uninitiated, Hygge is the Danish term for a feeling of contentment and relaxation. The feeling of well-being and cosiness that a happy home can bring. We are talking about Scandinavian style of decor.

The elements of a Scandinavian bedroom are in the little details that invoke this feeling of quiet joy. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, creating the ideal space for unwinding and relaxing. A Scandi home is not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and unproblematic. And the focus is on quality, comfort, and durability.

Textures Galore

The Scandinavian aesthetic demands plain, flat surfaces and simple geometric shapes. Hence, textures can be used to add interest to a room. Think polished wooden bed frame with crisp linen sheets and fluffy woollen throws. Plain cast iron frame furniture with rich leather upholstery. Thin, tissue-like curtains with velvet cushions. Juxtaposing the shiny and polished with the soft and comfortable.

Eclectic Elegance

A matchy-matchy room can look like you’re trying too hard to stick to a theme. Scandinavian theme bedrooms, above all, must look real and lived-in. Mix your influences. Add accents and handicraft pieces that match.

Bright and Happy

A dim, ill-lit room can invoke a feeling of gloom. And while it is best for the room to be dark when you are actually sleeping, bright and airy is the way to go. Choose light-coloured walls and open those windows! Invest in warm lighting fixtures that can adequately light up every corner of your bedroom. Try white lights for the day and yellow and orange lights for the evenings.

Art for the Heart

Pictures and sculptures are not just for the living room. If a piece of art speaks to you, place it in your room. Allow yourself to fall asleep surrounded by work that makes you happy. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, and you deserve joy!

Scandinavian Bedroom Colour Combinations

Some colour combinations scream Scandinavian design, such as eggshell cream with bright orange accents on the walls. A crisp white with navy blue looks summer-ready. Beige with accents of green and pink is a 2022 trend. Forest green and grey, or grey and pink also come up quite often.  From walls to furnishings, go for a neutral base such as cream, beige or grey, and add pops of colour.

Wood and Linen

Being eco-friendly is an innate part of Scandi design. Wood and linen are natural materials that have a low impact on production systems. They also have a long lifetime if well cared for. No wonder these materials appear in so many Scandinavian homes! They are breathable and work in every weather. And bamboo is now emerging as a low cost, low-impact alternative to wood. And it looks just as lovely.

Super-functional Wardrobes

Cleanliness and order is a recurring Scandinavian bedroom theme. A good wardrobe should have ample space to store away all your essentials neatly. Again, choose a wardrobe with straight lines and functional drawers over carved or complicated designs. You can see more such beautiful designs in natural wood finishes from HomeLane here.

Scents, Sounds, Ambience

The tangible materials get talked about often, but a large part of inviting hygge into your life is engaging your senses. Ensure no musty smells in the room and ventilate it often. Add a sweet-smelling plant or an essential oil diffuser. Change your alarm tone to the sound of birds chirping, or try a sunrise alarm. Keep a stress ball handy to squeeze in case of tense moments.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The term “mid-century” is thrown about with impunity these days, but this furniture style is quite distinctive. Think of the 50’s – solid wood furniture with no adornments, propped on hairpin legs. Big easy chairs with wide armrests that your grandfather was photographed in. The idea is to have furniture that never goes out of style because it is straightforward and high quality.

Personal Touches

Cosiness is a feeling that everyone invokes differently. What makes you feel calm? If it is a great quote by someone you admire, add that poster to your walls. Display the books that you love reading. If it is a certain blanket that you’ve held onto over the years, let it take up the prime spot on your bed. A Scandinavian bedroom is your sanctuary – and only you can create your safe space.

Scandinavian design is everywhere because the core philosophy resonates with so many people worldwide. The ideas of function before fashion, high quality and simple upkeep are universally appealing. The Scandinavian bedroom is synonymous with the feeling of hygge, or well-being.

The elements of Scandinavian bedrooms – white walls, the bright pops of colour, the natural materials, the candles, the soft throw blankets, the soft lighting, the sense of calm and quiet, the small touches of nature, the subtle patterns, the layers of texture—these are the elements that come together to create a happy space. The best part is that anyone can create a space that feels like a Scandinavian bedroom, regardless of the project’s budget or scale. Find ideas for such rooms that bring joy and relaxation at HomeLane.

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