Pivot doors are undoubtedly elegant statement pieces in luxury home design. Interiors or exteriors; these door designs bring an air of style and elegance that is unparalleled. This style is becoming increasingly popular among families owing to its sophisticated design and seamless movement. These are strong and convenient to use and add to the home’s aesthetics. Though relatively expensive, they are more widely used in exterior residential applications.

elegant wood pivot door

Are you planning to buy wood pivot doors for your home? Before you do so, here’s all you need to know about pivot doors. Read on to understand pivot doors’ mechanism, benefits, and more!

Pivot Doors and Their Operating Mechanism

A pivot door is a large-sized swinging door that functions on a central point. It has a specially-designed pivot box on its axis which helps it rotate 360 degrees. Unlike a traditional hinged door with visible hinges on the side, a pivot door has rotational hinges at the top and bottom to aid smooth and free operation.

Materials like steel, metal, aluminium, wood and glass can be used to manufacture pivot doors. Wood pivot doors are the most popular ones among them. Installing large decorative handles can further enhance their grandeur. With a multitude of designs and finishes available, it won’t be difficult for you to find the one that matches the architectural style of your home.

Let us now understand what’s so unique about pivot doors and why you should consider buying one.

Advantages Offered by a Pivot Door

A pivot door offers many benefits which a traditional hinged door cannot provide. If you want a unique design that will stand out from the crowd, pivot doors are the way to go. Here are some interesting benefits of pivot doors.:

1. Go Massive with a Modern Wood Pivot Door

One of the most magnificent parts about wood pivot doors is that they can be extremely large. They are way larger than traditional hinged doors and can be as huge as you want them to be. Yes, you read that right. This is possible as the weight of a pivot door is managed by a central pivot point situated at the top and bottom of the door, making a bigger door entrance viable. What’s even better? This also eliminates the need for a frame.

A front entrance with a massive modern wood pivot door would create a bold statement for your home. The best part is that pivot doors are available in several finishes that can match any design or style of home. If you’re looking for a heavier, larger, and more exquisite front door design, there can be nothing better than a pivot door.

2. Achieve Stability and Adaptability with a Pivot Door Design

Due to its heavy and large size, many people wonder if wood pivot doors can be perfectly balanced. Well, the answer is yes. Designers and architects put a lot of effort and time into ensuring it is well-balanced. Irrespective of where the hinge is placed, wood pivot doors are balanced so skilfully that you can open them with a simple pull or push.

Pivot doors are well-favoured for the traditional front door and other entry doors mainly due to their ability to host large quantities of people without making the place feel too overcrowded. Furthermore, it enables easy and seamless movement of large appliances and furniture into your home.

3. Embrace Ultra-Modern Designs with a Wood Pivot Door

Wood pivot doors have gained immense popularity in the interior design world. They possess a luxurious modern design with a dramatic flair that is sure to make them the talk of the town. If you love contemporary art, you will appreciate the avant-garde aesthetic these doors can add to your home. It would be an understatement to say that pivot doors are visually appealing. A wood pivot front door can be an excellent conversation starter for your visitors.

4. Save Some Space with a Pivot Door Design

All homeowners, architects and interior designers have one common goal- to build an area with as much functional space as possible. Even a beautifully constructed or designed space becomes meaningless if it doesn’t allow enough space for the necessary activities. In such cases, wood pivot doors are a clever choice. Unlike double doors, pivot doors don’t waste space and utilise most large front openings.

5. Become Tech-Savvy with a Modern Wood Pivot Door

Another interesting feature of a wood pivot door is that it can be fully automatic. Sounds incredible, right? A fully motorised pivot door can open automatically using biometrics, a keypad or keyless entry. Biometric screening includes retinal scan, facial recognition or fingerprint scan. Having a biometric panel on the front entrance of your luxury home will make it more luxurious and sleek. The good news is that this feature has many advantages that go beyond aesthetics.

You don’t have to carry a key, and the risk of losing them can be completely ruled out. Moreover, biometric screening is much more secure than conventional home entry methods such as keys. Nobody can enter your home if they aren’t who they claim to be.

6. Complete Security with a Fortified Pivot Door Design

Both aesthetics and safety are important for creating a dream home. Who doesn’t want a front door that is strong enough to withstand something as scary as a hurricane? Many fortified security pivot doors are available that not only shield your home against unauthorised access but also protect it from violent storms. A fortified pivot door offers much-needed protection to your house entrance during natural calamities such as storms and floods.

7. Customise Any Space with a Modern Wood Pivot Door

Want a huge pivot door design in a unique colour? Or want it to be made of glass? Don’t worry; when it comes to pivot door designs, you can customise them in any possible way you can imagine. There are endless combinations available that can help you get the desired look.

If you prefer a minimalist style and all other doors in your home have a simple wood veneer design, then opt for a wood pivot door for your main entrance. From luxury designs to the smallest details, you can experiment in several ways to make your front pivot door design one of a kind.

8. Availability of a Wide Variety of Materials

With several options of materials, a pivot door enables you to display your unique style and taste. Some widely used materials to manufacture a pivot door include heavy wood, metal, and stone. Such materials are too heavy to be utilised for conventional swing doors.

Even fragile materials like glass can be used to make a pivot door. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can opt for double-paned or frosted glass. Whether you prefer wood, glass, bronze, anodised aluminium, or leather or go completely extravagant with custom marble, the options are seemingly endless.

The Final Word

While there are myriad options available, choosing a high-quality and durable material for your wood pivot door is necessary. Make sure there is enough space to enable free-swinging movement and ensure a professional installation. Need some more modern interior design solutions for your home? Visit the official website of HomeLane for many interesting home décor ideas.

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1. What Is the Advantage of a Pivot Door?

Following are some of the major advantages of a pivot door:

  • Pivot doors are modern, big in size, strong and visually appealing.
  • They don’t take up as much space as a conventional door.
  • Due to the way pivot doors operate, they are very convenient to use (easy to open and close).
  • They are perfect for wide front entrances and facilitate moving heavy objects inside and outside.
  • They can be made of glass which provides an uninterrupted outdoor view.
  • They are more stable than traditional hinged doors.
  • They can be customised to match the architectural style of your home.
  • They don’t require door frames, so you don’t have to do any work on the walls and the floors.
  • They operate silently; these can be fully automatic and soundproof.

2. What Is the Difference between a Pivot and a Hinged Door?

Pivot Door

Hinged Door

A pivot door is different from a hinged door in that the door doesn’t feature any hinges on the side. Instead, it swings on a central pivot point or axis. A hinged door operates with the help of hinge hardware which allows some rotation on a fixed axis.
Pivots are situated at the top and bottom of the door, which allows the door to turn or swivel. Hinges are fixed to the side of the door. One panel is attached to the door’s frame, and the other to the door.
Pivot doors are the upcoming trend in home design. Known for their unique look, they are regarded as a statement piece. They are popularly used as front entry doors and patio doors. Hinged doors are traditional and standard ones commonly used for all spaces.

3. Is a Pivot Door Worth It?

Pivot doors can be costlier than hinged doors, but they are undoubtedly more stunning and modern in style. In addition to a seamless design that effortlessly merges the indoors with the outdoors, pivot doors are perfect for generous openings and are highly functional. They are available in sizes larger than conventional doors. They are not only easy to operate but also help in boosting your home’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for something striking and contemporary, buying a pivot door is worth every penny.

4. Are Wood Pivot Doors Better?

Yes, a wood pivot door is a timeless design that adds character and warmth to a space. From classic to modern interiors, a wood pivot door can be used with several interior decors. It is well-favoured for its durability and great insulation properties. It is a cost-effective choice and can be a good noise canceller. Wood pivot doors are available in many different colours and finishes making them a true eye-catcher. A wood pivot door is a perfect option if you wish to have a large entrance.

5. Are Pivot Doors More Secure?

Below are some of the most important reasons which make pivot doors a highly safe choice:

  1. The mechanism of pivot doors offers great resistance to forced entry as the hinges are not exposed.
  2. Heavier materials are used to manufacture pivot doors. This ensures that it will stay that way when the door is closed.
  3. Certain self-closing pivot hinges provide full control over the door’s movement, enabling secure and effortless closure with the lightest touch.
  4. Pivot doors with tamper-resistant hardware are very difficult to break in.
  5. You can use a multi-point locking system to enhance the pivot door’s security further.

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