The thing about wall tile design is that it is trickier than floor tiles. The wrong tile on your wall can make your space look cramped and lend it a ‘boxed in’ look. But the right tile design and shape can completely transform your space and make it look alive.

wall tiles design for outside houseA word of caution: When it comes to selecting the types of tiles for decorative wall tile designsyou may have to pick between accent tiles or elevation tiles. Additional factors you may need to consider include whether the wall tiles are weather-resistant, easy to install, and aesthetically great-looking. In this blog, we will look at the 16 best things about wall tiles that make them a must-have in every home. Let’s jump right in.

16 Best Things About Interior and Exterior Wall Tiles Design Ideas

1. You Can Lay Ceramic Tiles Brick-by-Brick 

ceramic tiles

An exposed brick-by-brick layout of wall tile designs is truly a thing of beauty. Consider the example shown above for some Greece-style inspiration. This bathroom area comes alive because of contrasting geometric patterned floor tiles and all-white and minimalistic wall tiles. Restricting colours and patterns to the floor works wonderfully for this bathroom space and does not make it look chaotic.

2. You Can Go for Limestone Wall Cladding Tiles to Add More Character to Your Home

limestone wall cladding tiles

An out-of-the-box choice but this kind of wall tile design using natural limestone tiles is one for the ages. It lends a rustic look and feel to the space. Plus, you can always play around with natural tones, variations, and shades depending on your surroundings.

With near-perfect execution, you can achieve an ancient architectural look while keeping your fittings and hardware in the bathroom modern. Remember that limestone tiles are relatively easier to cut. This will allow you to use them in varying shapes and patterns as needed.

3. You Can Play It Up With the Wall Tile Designs and Shapes

ceramic wall and floor tiles

You’d think that using single-style porcelain or ceramic wall and floor tiles can become too much for the onlooker. The example shown above is the exception to this rule. By using the same type of durable porcelain/ceramic tiles, this bathroom achieves an effortless sense of design symphony. The addition of natural greens and a wooden mirror cabinet completes the look.

4. You Can Experiment with Intricate Patterns and a Solid Tile for a Contrasting Effect

solid tile

Another example of a strategically-conceived wall tile design is the one shown above. If you notice, all the walls and the floor have a different tile pattern and style and yet none of them look jarring or out of place.

On the floor, you’ve got a soft-coloured travertine tile that lends this bathroom a natural look. On the walls in the shower area, you’ve got large slabs of earthy brown ceramic tiles that complement the travertine tiles perfectly. Near the mirror is where the magic is happening. The intricate floral pattern set against a baby pink mirror elevates the basin area and makes it a statement-making section of the bathroom.

5. You Can Go for an End-to-End Design Harmony

decorative wall tile

As mentioned earlier, if you are not someone who likes to experiment a lot, going for one solid type of bathroom tile is a great choice. Consider the example shown above for a second. You would think that all black tiles may become overwhelming. However, this bathroom induces an unparalleled sense of calm and peace. The matte finish of the tile and the subdued black-grey colour palette are ideas worth emulating.

6. You Can Mix and Match Marble Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

marble tiles and ceramic tiles

If you wish to elevate the look of your space (in this case the bathroom), consider going for marble tiles on one wall. Marble tiles can add layers of elegance and refine your space. The beauty of this design, however, lies in using patterned ceramic tiles on the other wall. They add texture and depth to the space while marble tiles help upgrade it.

7. You Can Go for Vertical Porcelain Tiles

vertical porcelain tiles

Another advantage of using wall tile designs is that you can play with it any way you want–you can turn it upside down (as shown above). You can lay it horizontally, vertically, asymmetrically, and so on. You can choose unique and fresh colours and exercise your creative muscle. The wall tile design shown above instantly elevates the space and provides the wall with a gorgeous accented look.

8. You Can Go for an All-Wooden Wall Tile Design

all-wooden wall tile design

Here’s another idea that’s a BIG winner in our books. For your TV area, you can consider going for wooden-finish natural-looking wall tiles. If you have a contemporary TV cabinet already in place and wooden floor tiles, you can select one area of the living room for achieving a harmonious design. As with other tiles, there’s a wide range of finishes, materials, textures, and colours for you to choose from.

9. You Can Stack Up Wall Tiles Any Way You Want

stack up wall tiles

When it comes to a unique kitchen tile design or a simple kitchen wall tile designhere’s an idea worth considering: Instead of using ceramic tiles and placing them horizontally, you can place them vertically and create a never-seen-before look as shown above. This kitchen backsplash idea works extremely well in any kind of kitchen interior design. All you need to do is pick the right colour and shape, and you are good to go.

10. You Can Use Metallic or Glass Tiles for a Richer Look

metallic tiles for richer look

For people who like things with a little bit of jazz and drama, here’s a wall tile idea you’ll love: You can go for a metallic tile as shown above. They’re durable, chic, and modern in every sense of the word. Use metal tiles in your kitchen, bar, or utility room. Contrary to popular opinion, these tiles can withstand the test of time. They do not lose their form or function and can soften the vibe of your space while making it look upscale.

11. You Can Use a Porcelain Tile for Your Kitchen Wall

porcelain tile for your kitchen wall

If you’ve ever found yourself Googling: “Kitchen wall tiles design India”, you are not alone. Using the right kind of kitchen tile is important. You need to consider the functionality, durability, material, and strength of the tile.

Your kitchen is one place that experiences constant wear and tear. This is why you need to go for a stronger material that doesn’t come undone easily. You can go for porcelain tiles for your kitchen. These types of tiles are perfect for emulating wood, natural stone, or brick. Plus, they are low-maintenance tiles in a diverse range of designs, colours, and patterns.

12. You Can Go for Marble Wall Tiles for a More Luxe Look

marble wall tiles

Nothing says luxury quite like a marble tile. Though expensive in nature, marble tiles, particularly the veined or patterned ones, can add beauty to your space. The biggest advantage of marble tiles is that no two tiles will ever be exactly the same. This means that your bathroom space will always be unique, perfectly reflecting your own sense of style and aesthetics. Take inspiration from the example shown above and transform your bathroom into a page straight out of Architectural Digest.

13. You Can Use Mosaic Tiles for More Colour

mosaic tiles

Let’s be honest. The moment you saw these Moroccan tiles, you were immediately transported to the by-lanes of Morocco, right? That’s the intrinsic beauty of using mosaic tiles. Easily available in a sea of colours, shapes, patterns, styles, materials, and textures, mosaic tiles leave the world open for you to flex your creative muscle.

If you want a wall tile design that’s heavily accentuated, mosaic tiles are the way to go. Use them sparingly and pair them with bold and bright colours for the best after-effect.

14. You Can Use a Honeycomb Wall Tile for a More Textured Look

honeycomb wall tileHoneycomb tiles are evergreen. These add depth to the space without compromising on the form or function. These hexagonal tiles take the design to the next level as they are placed horizontally (and not vertically). If you want to make a style statement in your bathroom, go for ceramic hexagonal tiles. They are easy to clean, affordable, and durable. Moreover, you can pick between the glazed and unglazed finishes, depending on the end result you want.

15. You Can Use Wall Tile Designs for Colour Blocking

wall tile designs for colour blocking

Another excellent expert-approved idea for wall tiles is using them to colour-block a particular section of your home. You can use a single colour as shown above or use multiple styles and patterns to create a gorgeous section that’s a conversation starter. If you want an artistic look, go for European colours that are subtle and soothing to the eyes.

16. You Can Go for Veined Marble Tiles for an Elegant Look

veined marble tiles for an elegant look

Veined marble tiles will forever be in fashion. They pair easily with any kind of fitting or soft furnishings. Take a look at the bathroom above. The use of light-coloured marble tiles ensures that the bathroom looks open, airy, and opulent, all at the same time. You can choose from different ingrained patterns and designs to add versatility to your bathroom. Don’t miss the strategic use of honeycomb floor tiles, which adds tons of character to the space.

light-coloured marble tiles

Wall tile designs are the very basic elements of home design. Whether you are looking for wall tile designs for the outside of your house or inside your home, having an expert eye helps. Take the help of our HomeLane design consultants who can guide you through the process, from start to finish. Whether you need assistance with conceptualisation or execution, our experts are masters of all trades.


Q. Which is the best tile for walls?

Generally speaking, ceramic tiles are the best type of decorative wall tiles you can choose for any part of your home–be it your living room, bathroom, bedroom, and so on. In terms of the finish, you can choose between glazed or polished ceramic tiles.

Q. What tiles are best for bathroom walls?

When it comes to selecting the best type of wall tile for your bathroom, you can choose between ceramic or porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most widely used type of wall tiles designed for bathrooms. Moreover, they come in a glazed or polished look and can add a sheen to your bathroom. However, remember not to use ceramic tiles for your bathroom floor as they can get slippery when wet.

Q. Which colour is best for wall tiles?

Selecting the right colour combination for your wall tiles design depends on the space for which you are designing. The most common colours that are widely used include cream, beige, white, lighter shades of grey as well as blue, etc. If you are looking for a wall tile design for your bathroom, make sure to select a colour that lends it an airy, open vibe. Neutral colours work best in this regard. Even when it comes to choosing tiles for kitchen walls, lighter colours such as off-white or cream work well, particularly if you have natural wooden cabinets within your kitchen.

Q. What are the different designs of tiles used in walls?

When it comes to wall tile designs, there are innumerous options such as herringbone, offset/staggered brick, 1/3 offset, grid style, pinwheel, vertical stacked, and so on. The design you select will depend on the size and shape of the wall. Make sure to account for the aesthetics of your surroundings before narrowing in on a specific colour palette and pattern.

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