Makeovers…don’t we all love them! Makeovers in kitchens are most often kept on the back burner or completely ignored. While a complete kitchen makeover may not exactly be on your mind now, these eight smart kitchen makeover tips below are very handy in pepping up space and giving it a new look.

Whether it is changing the way we look or the décor of our homes, we love what these makeovers can do. Besides the obvious newness of the entire exercise, the process of buying new things and getting rid of the old, these makeovers also help give a fresh perspective to everything, remove the jadedness that sets in and makes life interesting all over again.

No one ever thinks of changing the décor or look of the cooking space simply because we assume, that since the design is universal, and the space gets messy eventually (which simple maintenance can take care of), an overhaul or makeover is not that important at least for several years.

The reality, on the other hand, is quite different. Kitchens need a change as much as any other space in the home. Besides the more immediate concern of looks and décor, it keeps the space vibrant, up-to-date, take care of any maintenance related issues and repairs if needed and generally makes it a fun place to cook and feed the family.

1. Break The Monotony

Kitchens in solid colours can do with brighter elements and textural additions to add uniqueness to space. Adding different coloured cutlery to shelves or designing stools and chairs in quirky patterns can add that zing to space and break the uniformity of a single colour. Since a majority of kitchens are in white or black, adding neon pink glasses to shelves or a summery green cutting board to the kitchen will add a design element to it. Countertops can also be crafted in natural wood to lend textural Kitchen makeover tips

2. Show Off Your Collectibles

Cabinets are used to store cutlery, but most often become a space for collecting unnecessary and unused stuff. Change this now by emptying the cabinets, replacing their doors with glass and displaying all the pieces you’ve been collecting from across the world for years. Open cabinets to work very well for this. Doing this will lend a sense of warmth to the kitchen, and works as a great conversation starter with guests.

3. Play With Contrasts

The clichéd concept of kitchens being boring spaces that one cannot quite experiment with can be turned on its head by adopting playful and stark colour contrasts that lend a unique identity to the cooking space. Bold colours like yellow, red and turquoise when paired with white and steel grey respectively can become the focal point of the décor.

4. Mix And Match

Floor to ceiling cabinetry can provide ample storage options but can prove very claustrophobic in small kitchens. Placing open racks for plates and smaller cutlery in upper cabinets, with closed shelves for appliances and other larger items in the bottom ones, can make the room look more interesting.

5. Use Cutlery & Appliances As Decor Elements

A very unusual concept for kitchen décor but nevertheless one that can make space stand out is the use of pots, pans and cutlery as décor pieces. If the house has been in the family for decades and much of the utensils are family heirlooms, creating interesting wall art or hanging them in specific areas (above the island for example), makes the kitchen unique and definitely understated elegant.

6. Experiment With Wood Accents

Having had a standard kitchen for decades, it is difficult to re-imagine it in a different way. This is where wood accents, either as cabinetry, countertops or casually structured ceiling beams bring their own character.

7. Use Lighting To Change The Look

Whether the kitchen has an old design or is contemporary, adding unique lighting to space in the form of milk pendants, discreet chain lights or even a bright and beautiful frame of lit art will make the space cheery and unique.

8. Add Your Own Personal Touch

Every kitchen in almost every home sports a similar kind of elements. What sets them apart is the way homeowners decorate it to make it their own.

From unusual wall art to sea-inspired collectables that lend a nautical touch, from collections of moth-eaten cookery books that have been in the family for generations to quirky chalkboards announcing the day’s menu, these little inspirations can set your kitchen apart, and make it one that you will come to time and again. For more inputs on re-inventing the look of your kitchen, reach out to our team at HomeLane.


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