If you are looking to renovate your home or design a new abode, you need to check out the latest home design trends. There are some very simple, yet elegant design trends that you can incorporate into your space, but make sure that you don’t blindly follow trends. Pick and choose only tips that will look good in your home and also speaks to your sense of style. So let’s get started:

Less is more

The most pertinent interior designing theme, to start off with, is ‘less is more’. Interior designers and their clients these days agree that cluttering a space with too many items robs the aesthetic appeal of a room. So before you begin the designing project, you must remember to get only the basic things that are needed and keep it as minimalistic as possible.

Greenery in your home

A rising trend in 2019 is Biophilia. This is nothing but bringing nature into your home and having an actual relationship with nature in your home. You simply need to incorporate natural greenery in your home. Get potted plants, get some greenery embedded in the walls, in the kitchen and also look to set up a terrace or balcony garden. Greenery in your home

Blush Look

This is the colour of 2019! It is extremely trendy to paint the walls in a soft, blush shade. Complement the look with blush coloured furniture, decorative items, curtains and rugs. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some prints. Look for subtle wallpapers or textured carpets that help balance the simplicity of the blush look.

Black Colour is back in Home Interior

If going blush isn’t really your style, you could look to embrace the other big colour this season – black. Go for all-black furniture, incorporate the colour on the walls and other items in the house.

Bold art

This is the time to show just how bold you are with your home décor ideas. Look to get some bold designs in your wallpapers or the artwork you choose to display around the house. From dramatic wall paintings to large flower vases, there is a lot you can experiment with.

Exotic hardware

While you can stick to a minimalistic look in regards to the furniture, go large with the hardware fittings. Everything from your kitchen taps to the bath fittings must be over-the-top. Large, antique brass hooks, dramatic kitchen countertops and Victorian-style bath fittings are all trendy currently.

Open kitchen

We all agree that the kitchen is one of the most important places in a house. So you need to decorate your kitchen in a very stylish manner. Open kitchens are quite trendy nowadays. And by this, we don’t just mean a door-less kitchen. The kitchen itself should be open and inviting. Incorporate glass doors on the kitchen cabinets, and display everything inside. This will surely add a positive vibe to the place and make it inviting for everyone.Open kitchen

Mixed furniture

 As already stated, bold is the way to go in 2019. So don’t hold back from experimenting with your furniture. Get unique pieces and don’t be afraid to mix and match. It is very fashionable to have an antique centre table placed in front of a leather couch.

Mixed pattern 

Don’t just limit the creativity to your furniture – play around with other items too. Mixed patterns are equally trendy this year. You can get a floral printed curtain and pair it with a geometrically printed rug.Mixed furniture

Bar at home 

Now this a recent home design trend that is really catching up. Irrespective of how big or small your house is, look to install a bar at home. It will automatically make your pad more stylish.

Handmade designs

Crafts are big these days. So if you want to up the fashion quotient of your house, just add some handmade decorative items. From lamps to book stands to rugs – if it’s handmade, it’s super trendy!

Raw textures

Tactile sensation is very important in interior designing this season. Look for rugs, curtains, sofa covers that have a soft, earthy touch to it. Wool, raw cotton, basket weave and jute are some of the most on-trend textures.

Recycled items 

Being eco-friendly is not just the right thing to do but is also very fashionable now. Look for art items that have been made from waste products. For example, get a lamp made out of an old wine bottle, or a stool made from a discarded metal barrel, or just the up-cycle old piece of furniture.

Statement ceilings 

Statement ceilings are one of the most popular home décor trends of 2019. Rather than a plain white ceiling, get a textured paint or install a striking wallpaper to make it soothing and vibrant.Statement ceilings 

Cluster lights

 If you really want to make a fashion statement in your house, discard all your single lights and get cluster lights. These are nothing but a set of small bulbs joint together in a cluster. Trust us, this is one trend you don’t want to miss out on!

Large tiles 

Small floor tiles are passé – large, dramatic tiles are here to stay. So if you want to install tiles on the floor, go the large way.

Metallic touch 

Adding a metallic touch to just about anything is quite trendy in 2019. Add a gold, silver or bronze border to your furniture, lights, photo-frames, etc.Metallic touch 

Crittall style

Crittal style doors and windows are making a huge comeback in 2019. If you are in the process of installing some new doors and windows, you know which style to choose.

Curved sofas

A highly popular mid-century trend, the curves sofa style is back this season. These sofas don’t just look fashionable – they are among the most comfortable too.


 And finally, there’s velvet. It is one of the most preferred textures of 2019. You can use velvet just about anywhere in the house – cushion covers, upholstery, table covers, etc. Get the right amount of velvet in your house and make a great fashion statement. Velvet Sofa and cushion covers

Keep these handy home décor trends in mind and give your home a beautiful facelift this season.

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