Every nook and corner of this lovely Chennai home exudes serenity, which is exactly what Sailaja Anantharaman wanted! As you enter this charming 3-bedroom home in the suburbs of Chennai, you are enveloped by a palette of soothing pastels, artfully combined to create the most pleasing combinations.

“I was very particular that I wanted pastel colours only!” Sailaja laughs, as she gives us a tour through her elegant apartment. The HomeLane team translated her vision perfectly, crafting neutral and low-key spaces that are brought to life with warm pops of pastels. 

Thoughtful detailing, clever space planning, and minimal furniture contribute to the wonderfully serene ambience that runs through the Anantharaman’s home. A lovely mix of modern aesthetics and functional design, this home interior is a testament to harmonious living.

Let’s take a look at how the design choices in this modern Chennai home have unfolded! 

Embracing the ‘less is more’ ethos, the living room sets the tone right at the entrance with minimal furniture that blends elegance with practicality. Carefully chosen shades of cream wrap the spacious layout in luxe elegance, accentuated by the layered lighting that radiates warmth. A stunning modern chandelier takes centre stage, casting a soft golden glow on the gleaming marble floors. To one side, a console unit with glass ledges above showcases carefully curated artefacts. A graphic patterned rug on the floor in black, cream and brown ties the whole look together.

Sumptuous couches in dark brown leather invite you to sink in and relax. On the opposite wall, an exquisite jaali partition opens to the outdoors, adding pattern and texture to the otherwise subtle design narrative. Indoor plants in polished brass potholders add a touch of refreshing green. The wall-mounted entertainment centre is done up in textured white laminate and adds tactile interest to the palette of rich silken creams in the room. Closed cabinets provide ample space to store gadgets and electronics. Sailaja loves music, and an integrated surround sound system was a must-have!

A symphony of pastels, Sailaja’s U-shaped kitchen is thoughtfully planned down to the very last tiny detail. Cabinets in soft aqua below the counter offer lovely contrast to the upper row of cabinets in high-gloss ivory. The addition of a loft near the ceiling maximises every inch of available storage space. White marble countertops and a marble look-alike tile in the backsplash are easy to clean, and create a cohesive look.

All her exacting specifications were perfectly met by the HomeLane design team, and Sailaja tells us, “The overall look of the kitchen is very beautiful now, especially the colours. All of my guests have loved it!” 

The tall unit, encased in aqua high-gloss acrylic, houses the microwave and offers pull-out pantry space for weekly groceries and larger utensils. Tandem boxes with pot-and-pan organisers below the counter allow Sailaja to keep all her kitchen essentials beautifully organised. The appliance garage with a sleek aluminium rolling shutter is a thoughtful value-add, and allows her to neatly stow away smaller appliances when not in use.

Recessed aluminium handles create a sleek and seamless façade, adding to the minimalist narrative. Ease of maintenance was an important prerogative, and the materials have been chosen accordingly—all it takes is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep the kitchen sparkling clean!

The corner unit below the counter is fitted with a Magic Corner that swings right out, offering easy access to the items stored within. A cutlery organiser below the hob helps to keep cutlery and kitchen tools within easy reach while cooking. Strip lights below the upper run of cabinets keep the work counters well illuminated.

A 4-door floor-to-ceiling Armadio wardrobe in the master bedroom is done up in high-gloss powder pink and dull gold shutters. The sliding shutters are the perfect choice for a smaller bedroom, as they occupy the smallest footprint. A chest of drawers in bright red laminate offers delightful contrast to the hues in the room. The wall behind the bed is done up in ivory wallpaper with gold prints, adding a luxe touch that elevates the space.

The second bedroom embraces shades of powder blue, the perfect choice for a soothing space that’s conducive to relaxation. Here, too, floor-to ceiling wardrobes in pastel blue, with panels in grey and ivory, make the best use of available storage space. The interior of the wardrobe is thoughtfully designed with plenty of drawers, shelves and hanger space for long dresses.

Almost immediately after moving in, their daughter went abroad for her higher studies—which meant that her room would not be used much. This posed a problem for Sailaja, as a lot of dust would accumulate on the furniture and required regular cleaning.

“Her cot would stay open all the time which leads to a lot of unnecessary cleaning every day. We asked HomeLane for solutions, and they suggested this amazing foldable cot; this proved to be super useful,” she tells us. The Queen-sized cot folds up easily against the wall, freeing up the floor space when not in use.

The compact wardrobe neatly fits into a niche in the wall, and incorporates a full-length mirrored shutter on one side. The pretty drapes at the windows echo the colours in the wardrobe panels, staying true to the hues used throughout the room. The Anantharamans are all praise for their home interiors from HomeLane, raving about both the final product and the process. “We were very particular,” Sailaja says, “that it should be done within 45 days. They kept up their promise and helped bring our dream house to life! The entire experience, from design to execution, was smooth and hassle-free.”

Would you also like your interiors transformed with the HomeLane touch of magic? Give us a call and let’s discuss your dream home!

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