A fashionable couch is the most eye-catchy and functional element of a space. To accommodate all the informal or formal gatherings, it is important to have a sofa with a balance between comfort and visual appeal for the greatest possible impact in a room. Whether it’s for the decor of a living room or to fill up a new room, employing a sectional sofa is the best option.

What is a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is one of the popular seating options for living rooms or other spaces. Sectional sofas, unlike typical sofas, are made up of numerous separate sections that may be configured in a variety of ways. These compositional options allow the seaters to be more flexible and suit the comfort needs of an individual.

Sectional Sofa vs Modular Sofa

While a modular sofa is two or more chair-sized components assembled in L or U layouts, a sectional sofa is composed of many sofa pieces with a chaise. Sectional sofa designs are mostly arranged in an L layout.

Although modular sofas are classified as sectionals, not all sectionals are modular couches. It is important and equally fascinating to learn about the slight distinction between the two typologies. 

Features  Sectional Sofa Modular Sofa
Configurations  Typically L shaped L or U shape
Versatility  Sits as per layout Can be rearranged
Space Consumption Consumes more space. Consumes minimal space.
Practicality  A practical option for larger spaces. A Practical option for small or large spaces.
Rearrangement or Movement Sections cannot be rearranged Pieces can be moved around for rearrangement
Colour Options Wide variety of colours Different options can be mismatched

Both of these sofa types may appear similar at the first glance and offer a set of the same advantages, however, their assembly is distinct. Either one can prove to be a fantastic addition to the living area based on the requirements.

What are Sectional Sofa placement tips for a Room?

One of the most adaptable, versatile, and functional seating choices for a house is a sectional sofa. An appropriately placed sectional sofa design allows you to dive into your comfort zone for either rest or entertainment.

The main catch here is, ‘How should I arrange my Sectional Sofa?’

The main considerations for an efficient layout are:

  1. Usage: Daily or Occasional?
  2. Focal Points and Views
  3. Creation of an open-concept

Any space should be warm and welcoming for the family and visitors. Upon entering a room, facing the sectional sofa instead of entering to its back is the better choice. One of the simplest ways to arrange the sofa is in one corner with it facing the main focal points and views.

Positioned in a corner, these assist to optimise sitting possibilities in compact spaces.

Here is a list of the seven must-have sectional sofas in your home.

Vibrant Coloured Sectional Sofa

A boldly coloured sectional sofa splashes liveliness to a space. Sectional sofa design with bright colours can set a tone and mood for the whole room. Monochromatic or contrasting sectional sofas are artsy additions and wonderful choices for a room.

Bold Textures for Sectional Sofa Designs

Eye-catchy textures are the best way to sprinkle a sense of style in a bland space. A sectional sofa design with bold textures forms a point of visual interest with a variety of textures. These designs add depth to the space and enhance the aesthetics. 

Wild Geometric Design

A bold sectional sofa with a geometric pattern can tone up the whole space setting. With highly artistic to practical geometric sectional sofa designs, these are modern and sleek designs acting as a perfect addition to a contemporary setting.

Full-length Leather Sofa

For homeowners with big families, a full-length seater is a perfect option to provide space to all. These designs have well-balanced style, aesthetics, and functionality.

Sectional Sofa cum Bed

Sectional sofa cum beds allow you to maximize the seating options and offer plenty of room for sleeping. These designs with comfortable mattresses provide a great space for relaxing without hurting your back.

Low-height Sectional Sofa Design

A low-height sectional sofa is a unique design offering a perfect level of seater for utmost comfort. This style, when enhanced with tufted seats, imparts a sense of style to the living room and at the same time, serves as a great backrest.

While looking for a sofa with style, comfort, and practicality, a sectional sofa is an excellent choice. And because the sofa serves so many functions, choosing the perfect one can be a challenging task. You need something useful and attractive to meet your needs. To get advice from experts while choosing the perfect sectional sofa design, get in touch with a  HomeLane advisor to make the ideal choice for your abode. 

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