A peaceful haven that makes Zen statements in every nook and corner, Supriya and Mukesh’s lovely apartment in Bangalore’s Salarpuria Sattva Greenage is a symphony in white. “The clients were very clear about their colour choices,” says Ayushi Banerjee, HomeLane Design Program Manager. “Their earlier home in Gurgaon was a riot of colours, and as they wanted this one to be different, they chose a minimalistic palette of white!”

And as you enter this spacious home, a sense of calm envelops you. Restful and soothing, this home is all about understated luxury, with variants of white championing every space. The design narrative is unpretentious, yet quietly premium; with careful attention paid to the choice of every texture, pattern and finish. A melange of neutral shades that are all subtle re-interpretations of white underpin the interior; the only infusion of colour is in the children’s room, where bold blue is used to create contrast.

Join us on a walk through this stunning Bangalore home, as we find out how each and every design detail has unfolded!

Sophisticated and elegant, the living room features gleaming Italian marble tiles on the floor and walls, paired with rosewood accents to add luxe style. “The handle-less base units, combined with marble and wooden finishes, and accentuated by profile lights, enhance the elegance of this contemporary TV unit,” points out Ayushi. Strips of LED lights are inset into the wood, while gold strips in the marble add a metallic sheen.

Carefully curated layers of lighting throw up interesting patterns of light and shade in the living room, adding both balance and depth. The modern crystal chandelier, wrapped in gold, brings in a lovely art deco aesthetic.

A faux leather sectional sofa in soft ivory is a chic counterpart to the furniture in the room; the perfect companion to evenings spent binge-watching Netflix serials!

Sheer curtains in a delicate floral print run from floor to ceiling, accentuating the height of the room and allowing copious amounts of natural light in. In the evenings, raw silk drapes in beige can be drawn for privacy.

The focus on white helps the rooms to naturally flow into each other, and the dining space is a comfortable extension of the living room. The marble-topped dining table can comfortably seat six; comfortable chairs upholstered in white leather are the perfect match. A graceful white crockery unit with glass-encased overhead cabinets holds cutlery, glassware and dining items.

Here, too, the lighting is artfully put together to create dramatic effect!

Supriya loves everything about the master bedroom, which has been designed to her exacting requirements: “I feel like every corner is speaking to me, and I wake up every day with such a nice energy. This room exudes positive vibes!” she says.

“The focus of attention is the beautiful white bed with a quilted headboard, which is complemented by wallpaper with a pattern of white brick cladding on the wall behind,” says Ayushi, explaining the design thinking that has gone into this interior. “Just next to it, a grand floor-to-ceiling wardrobe provides ample storage, while a minimal TV unit caters to entertainment needs.”

In Ayushi’s words, “This lovely window seating area, complete with storage below, offers the perfect spot for evening coffee. It’s a great place to take in the stunning views!” A compact work desk is tucked away into the far corner for Supriya to catch up with her work emails before she sleeps.

Supriya and Mukesh have two boys; one who is 9 and the other 18, and their room caters to these two different age groups. “The 9-year-old wanted a bunk bed, while the 18-year-old preferred a more grown-up and sophisticated one,” Ayushi tells us. 

The family also uses this space to spend quality time together. The bunk bed is then used by the boys, while the bed is for the parents.

Supriya was particular about maximising the storage in the room, and wanted a mirror incorporated into the design as well. The 18-year-old wanted a space to store his collection of books, while his younger sibling wanted to showcase his toys. Ayushi has created a glass-enclosed display area for books and toys. The wall-to-wall wardrobe unit in white, fitted with a loft painted blue, cohesively incorporates all these different needs.

The navy blue bed paired with all the white accents in the room creates a stylish, crisp contrast, which is brought into sharp focus by the hand-picked cheerful yellow cushions. The graphic blue-and-white wallpaper and the matching curtains tie the whole look together beautifully. The design team has given a lot of consideration to the differing needs of the boys. “To meet their study needs, the older child has a desk with more storage, and the younger one has a kid-friendly table that’s right next to the bunk bed,” Ayushi says.

Mukesh’s home office is equipped with plenty of storage for all his files, books and other paraphernalia. Below the display unit, a low storage unit with drawers and custom cabinets doubles up as a bench for additional seating. “Work from home has become an integral part of all our lives, and Mr Mukesh wanted his own home office,” Ayushi tells us, adding, “We have created this beautiful display unit so that he can do all his Google calls without having to use a background filter!”

Across the room from the work desk, a sleek two-tone white and beige wardrobe offers extra storage for overnight guests; a pullout sofa on the other side easily converts to an extra bed when needed. Adjustable blinds at the window filter just the right amount of sunlight, keeping the room well-lit, yet cool.

Ergonomically sound and with a focus on easy-to-access spaces, Supriya’s kitchen is flooded with natural light, which bounces off the reflective cabinets and makes the space appear light and bright. The white-on-white glossy cabinets are designed without handles, ensuring a seamless look. 

A peninsular breakfast counter in light oakwood is perfect for quick meals, and perfectly aligns with the design narrative.

The high-gloss finish on the cabinetry makes maintenance very simple; all it takes is an easy wipe with a damp microfibre cloth to keep the surfaces looking as good as new! Contrast adds interest – corner shelves in matte black recede into the background, effortlessly solving the problem of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Throughout the interior, the deliberate use of warm yellow light adds warmth and imbues what could have otherwise been a clinically cold palette with a touch of gold.

An appliance garage tucks bulky appliances out of sight when not in use, helping to keep the pristine white counters clutter-free. Supriya has lined up neat rows of bottles with spices, pulses and grains in the open shelves to one side of the cooking hub, ensuring that these essentials are right at hand while she cooks. 

She succinctly sums up her experience with the HomeLane team, “There were no hidden costs or terms. They are very transparent people, and our designer Ayushi is such a lovely girl! They are what they are; HomeLane is completely original. What they show us, is what they do!” And truly, it is the rapport and trust that the couple shared with the designers that has laid the foundation for such a beautiful project!

Like Supriya and Mukesh, would you like to give your home interior the HomeLane edge, too? Get on a call with our expert designers right away!

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