Flooring plays a very important part in defining the aesthetics of a home. Flooring done in marble can add oodles of elegance and give your home a royal touch. There were times when only the rich and elite could afford this marvelous material, and they were often used in exquisite palaces and such. But now, they are more easily available for the common man. If you can care for it well, investing in marble flooring may be a great choice for your home.

Beautiful Marble Flooring Designs

Limestone, when subjected to high-pressure conditions, may result in the formation of marble. Because of this natural process, unique designs are formed. Marble can be used as floor tiles, on walls, as kitchen tiling and more. It is an ideal choice for living room interiors. They are available in multiple colours and can be cut into different shapes for different purposes.

aesthetics marble flooring designs

High Polished Layout and Maintenance

If you have a taste for glossy tiles and expensive-looking interiors, then marble flooring designs may be right up your alley. Marble is also surprisingly easy to maintain. A simple wipe down is enough to remove stains or spills. Marble being so smooth, it’s easy to capture dust with the brush of a vacuum cleaner as well. Indian marble flooring designs for entryways are simply perfect.

high polished marble floor

Marble Installation

Installing marble is simple and the simple process involves setting the tiles on the floor by using adhesive glue and the spaces between the tiles are filled by cementitious grout that establishes a close connection and uniformity between the tiles. This is the task that takes less time and depends on the area of your house.

marble installation

Light Reflection

When you are settling down to attend a meeting on your laptop, or planning to read a book in your room, the light becomes an important factor. A house without ventilation is too dull and undesirable. This won’t be the case when you invest in marble flooring designs. The home interior will light up because Marble tiles can efficiently reflect light. The light-coloured marbles are perfect for kitchens, living rooms, and working spaces.

light reflection on marble

Marbles are as Good as Double Glazed Windows

When you are looking for perfect home decor, you also need to consider some subtle but important parameters. Marble tiles act as perfect insulators that retain the warmth during the winter months so that it doesn’t feel like you are walking on icy cold slabs.

In summers, they are relatively cold so that you don’t feel uncomfortable while moving around. This is a very useful point because you can reduce the bucks you spend on heaters and air conditioning because you don’t need to run them for long when your friendly tiles are adapting to the situation quickly.

double glazed windows

No Shatter Fear

Most of the synthetic tiles tend to succumb to hard drops. When you drop that paperweight or the aluminium showpiece, your tiles don’t break when they are made of marble. Their high-resilient nature is very useful for those who want to rely on strong and long-lasting tiles for their house. The cracks and shattering is a big NO when Marbles are concerned.

no shatter fear for marble

Few Cons You Need to Consider When Using Marble Flooring Designs

Very Smooth

While this is an advantage most of the time, it can also be a con when you don’t pay attention. The smooth tiles can cause accidental slips if you don’t pay attention to any water spills or walk around bare and wet feet. This can be a possibility with any synthetic tiles, but the probability is higher with marble tiling. To prevent this, honed marble flooring designs are the best.

 honed marble flooring


The marble tiles are heavy, so, during the process of installation, it can be a challenge for the workers. This might not be a direct disadvantage for the owners, but you also need to consider the extra labour and price you need to pay for their services. But in the long run, the result you will be getting is marvelous, so it’s worth it.

heavy marble

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1. Which Type of Marble Is Best for Flooring?

When it comes to marble flooring designs, natural stone marble flooring is considered to be ideal for indoor areas within your home, such as your bedroom, foyer, and hall. When thinking of putting marble in your bathroom, do not go for polished marble surfaces as they can be slippery and can cause injuries if you are not careful.

2. What Is the Cost of Marble Flooring?

The cost of Indian marble flooring designs generally starts at Rs 250 per square foot, whereas Italian marble flooring designs start from 650 and can go up to Rs 1000 per square foot or more. In terms of the specifics, this cost is inclusive of inlaying the marble, labour costs, cutting the marble, and polishing it.

3. Which Colour of Marble Is the Best?

When it comes to selecting the right colour for your marble flooring designs, there are many options to choose from, such as:

  • White marble flooring designs: You can go for white katni marble flooring designs as it lends an elegant and luxurious look. This premium marble can be used for borders, flooring, and wall cladding. This marble is aesthetically pleasing and durable in nature. Plus, white marble flooring designs can also make your space look bigger and more open.
  • Pink marble flooring designs: If you want a marble flooring design that exudes royalty and allows you to experiment with different patterns and textures, go for pink marble flooring designs.
  • Green marble flooring designs: You can also opt for light green katni marble flooring designs to amplify your space’s natural energy. You can opt for calming green colours, such as Green Onyx, Rainforest Green, etc., to elevate the look of your home. Remember that green marble is great for house marble flooring designs and for bathrooms, wall cladding, and kitchen spaces.
  • Black and white marble flooring designs: If you want to go for a slightly more tried-and-tested route, choose black and white marble flooring designs. There are hundreds of textures and patterns you can go with. This evergreen combination will add layers of personality and luxury to your home.
  • Golden marble flooring design: To add class and opulence to your home setting, opting for a golden marble flooring design makes sense. The most commonly used colour in this shade is the Rainforest Gold marble flooring design which illuminates the space and adds radiance to the home.
  • Brown marble flooring design: Another colour that can seamlessly blend into any kind of home interior are brown marble flooring designs. This colour lends a subtle look. Plus, you can experiment with light and dark shades to create a wonderful contrast.

4. What Is the Highest Quality Marble?

The Calacatta marble is considered to be the most luxurious type of marble flooring as it is extremely rare. This marble is sourced from the quarries located in the Apuan Mountains in Carrara (Italy). Note that this stone is often mistaken for the Carrara marble as both are similar in terms of the colour as well as the veining.

The famous Italian marble comes a close second in terms of quality, finish, and durability. This natural stone marble is symbolic of unparalleled luxury and lends a unique look to your home, as no two marbles are alike.

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