Main gates are your home’s first impression. They are the first things someone lays eyes on, even before coming up to your home. In some cases, the attached pillars become more significant than the gates themselves. Pillars need just as much attention as the interiors of your living room because they complement the gateway in more ways than one.

So clearly, pillars cannot be something that is viewed just as a piece of architecture that is meant to support the gate. Their purpose goes beyond functionality and security. It is a structure that acts as a gateway to showcase your beautiful lawns, gardens, exteriors of the house, and much more.

So let’s get started on finding inspiration for your gate pillar, so you can enchant guests with the perfect entrance to your beautiful home.

main gate pillar

Introduction to the Front Gate Pillar

The design of the front gate creates an impression not only on your guests but also on those passing by. The pillar attached to that entrance is a crucial part of the structure. One might not always focus on the pillar when designing the home’s interiors and exterior decor. Therefore, care should be taken that the chosen design should contrast with your exteriors and gates along with being practical.

In the market, you can find all kinds of materials, shapes, sizes, and designs. All it takes is combining the necessary elements to create the look you always wished for. If you want something modern, you can go for some sleek minimalistic designs to complement your exteriors, or you can choose something that imparts a rustic touch.

front gate pillar

Modern Main Gate Pillar Design for a Classy Look

You can explore multiple options under this category-

1. Minimalist Main Gate Pillar Design for a Contemporary Look

If you long for a contemporary entrance arch design, then minimalist pillars might be the answer you are looking for. These designs are elegant, and sophisticated, and help you create a classy vibe for your home. You can easily use these pillars to blend as your boundary wall design for the perfect look.

minimalist main gate pillar design

2. Metal With Stone and Wood Pillar Design for a Designer Feel

Metal gates paired with stone and wooden pillars help to create a unique design that stands out. Usually, metal is used for the gate, and there is a wooden and a stone pillar on either side to create a sandwich look. It is customisable, and you can use your inspiration to create amazing designs.

metal with stone and wood pillar design

3. Main Gate Pillar Design that Adds Personality:

If the entrance arch designs for pillars that turn heads are on your list,  then include some unique, eye-catching, and aesthetic patterns that will elevate your gates while giving them a personal touch.

entrance arch designs for pillars

4. Budget-friendly Cemented Entrance Arch Designs for Pillars :

Most of us want an entrance that exudes charm and elegance, but cost plays a major role in deciding what we want. Cemented pillars are your perfect choice when you are looking for something budget-friendly, classic, low-maintenance, sturdy statement pieces that are easily customisable.

cemented entrance arch designs for pillars

5. Pillar Designs with Bricks for a Rustic Touch:

Who doesn’t want a rustic feel to their home with minimum effort? All it takes is a little creativity. One can easily achieve this look by adding an element to their entrance design. Bricks offer vintage entrance arch designs for pillars that are easily customisable to create different looks.

pillar designs with bricks for a rustic touch

6. Main gate pillar designs with Stones for a Textured Feel:

A rock-solid appearance that makes your home appear like a castle. What does it take to achieve this? A grand entrance that exudes a castle vibe.

Stones provide patterns, textures, and designs that can completely upgrade your pillars. It is a natural material that one can use to create great modern-looking pillars.

main gate pillar designs with stones

7. Entrance Arch Designs With Lights for a Tranquil Ambience:

You have an entrance that needs a little remodelling, but you are not sure where to look for inspiration. All you have to do is add different kinds of lights to your existing pillars. It will elevate the overall appearance of the entrance gate with minimum effort.

Adding lights to your pillars is a great way to enhance your entrance. It lights up the area well at night to create an ambience and provides security. It is a simple accessory that can be an absolute game-changer.

entrance arch designs with lights

8. Long-lasting Main Gate Iron Pillar Design :

Iron can easily change the aesthetic appeal of your entrance. One can customise them into chic designs when it comes to entrance arch designs. The advantage lies in easy maintenance and cleaning. Iron pillars are durable and long-lasting and are an effortless option to refine your exteriors.

Hence, if you are someone who wants the aesthetic appeal for your entrance but lacks the resources and time to maintain it, iron pillars are an excellent choice.

main gate iron pillar design

9. Main Gate Design with Plaster of Paris for an Ornamental Touch:

Every time we look at those well-carved monumental pillars, our heart goes, oh! if only we could get this designed for our homes. We have the perfect solution to help you achieve that look for your front gate design. You can instantly elevate your entrance arch designs with Plaster of Paris.

PoP can be used to carve out ornamental patterns on the pillars’ corners. Simple additions create the impression of laborious artwork and a fancy look. With this choice, you can play around a lot and make the pillars unique to your home’s requirements.

main gate design with plaster of paris

Main Gate Granite Pillar Design for an Aesthetic Finish

For a conventional look, you can consider going with pillars with a hint of granite. Granite is a classic sturdy material that allows you to customise and structure your pillars the way you want. The pillars look excellent on their own with their simple and clean design, but you may add your motifs to give them a personal touch.

Under this option, you can opt for tiles or marbles to match your entrance arch designs. Most homes look good with the traditional black one, though designs might vary depending on the owners. These traditional and rustic-looking granite pillars could be your next great investment if you seek elegance and endurance.

Another excellent technique to add the elegance of granite is by improving the standard cement entrance arch designs with granite framing. You may easily add granite towers without burning a hole in your pocket. Thanks to advances in technology and architecture. One can easily add external granite structures to the existing cement pillars to create a posh appearance that will undoubtedly get you compliments.

Solid granite comes in a variety of colours, so you may match it to your exteriors. These sturdy, well-polished, long-lasting, and attractive granite pillars may be customised to meet your demands and blend in with any style or setting. Granite is perfect for pillars because it can survive for long periods without compromising quality and is resistant to a significant external force.

main gate granite pillar design

Pillar Tiles Design for Main Gate for a Modern Twist

Tiles are a fantastic solution if you want a distinctive and fashionable pillar. When it comes to variety, tiles are unmatched and offer a wide range of options. Tiles provide several possibilities that meet your design needs, from contemporary to traditional. And the advantage is that there is enough room for customisation. If you combine high-quality cement with your tiles, you can expect them to survive for a very long period. They blend beautifully with any exterior and are simple to maintain and clean.

Adding tiles or ceramic accents to your pillars is undoubtedly the greatest way to transform them from basic to luxury. Professionals can offer great advice that fits within your budget. To reduce waste and create unique entrance arch designs, you can even add tiny tile fragments that were left over from other locations to cement pillars.

pillar tiles design for main gate

Main Gate Pillar Tiles Design in India

In India, tile entrance arch styles have recently gained popularity. If you are a decor enthusiast that loves a touch of glamour to modernise the look and feel of your property, then tiles are the perfect option. These are affordable, well-made, long-lasting, and customisable.

Tiles are the ideal artificial alternative for decorating pillars, gardens, and gates because they can change the entire appearance while enhancing aesthetics. These are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and colours to fit all your decor needs.


By now, you must be clear about why you need to design your pillars with the same focus as the rest of your home. Pillars are a great way to accentuate your entrances to create the perfect impression.

Make sure to assess every necessary aspect before you make up your mind to invest in a pillar. The space calculation, the shape, and the designs must be top-notch because Homelane wants you to have the best decor. With so many choices available, all it takes is your creativity to design that stunning entrance you always wanted

stunning entrance pillar design


1. How do you build a block gate pillar?

Ans: There are a few steps to building a concrete block gate pillar. First, you need to mark the area of the ground you want your pillars to cover. This is a crucial task to start with before we move any further. The next step would be to decide on the height and width of your pillars. Another important aspect being considered here is the distance between the two pillars.

Then, make sure to choose the right gate that’ll fit in between them, keeping the vehicle passage need in mind. After marking the area to be dug, you can determine the depth and set up the base for the concrete. Begin by layering blocks and keep them in line following your inspiration.

2. What is the difference between a pillar and a column?

Ans: Although the words pillar and column are used interchangeably, there can still be slight differences in some cases. A pillar is essentially more of a decorative and functional piece that holds your gates. It is a solid structure that can be moulded into a variety of shapes and sizes depending on one’s needs. Pillars are usually made to support another object, like a wall or a gate.

These are made out of bricks, stones, and concrete. On the other hand, a column is a specific kind of pillar with great load-bearing capability and is purely utility-based. They can be constructed out of stonework or stainless steel and can be made in various shapes. A column and a pillar are similar; they just boil down to their functionality.

3. Why are pillars important?

Ans: Pillars are the support system of a structural arrangement. Like legs are to the human body, pillars are to gates and buildings. It adds a special and personal touch to your gates along with providing security. They are a great way to add style to your exteriors because the modern-day pillars are sleek and can be used as a perfect accessory for your entrances. Depending upon the owner’s requirements, these sturdy objects can be used anywhere. So you are just one step away from fashionable security.

4. How much does it cost to build one pillar?

Ans: Again, the cost comes down to your requirements. It will vary for different shapes, sizes and materials used. The cost of pillars is also influenced by the quality of cement and concrete used. Hence, nominal-grade concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and sometimes stones. It is advisable to use good quality mediums as these pillars last a long time. The total cost includes cement, sand, steel( if used), labour, material, and shuttering costs.

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