One of the many joys of living in India is the variety of local fabrics and materials that surround us. For many people, interior décor is not complete until they use some of these to enhance their homes.

Every region has its own special handicrafts and weaves. For some, using these is a way of staying in touch with their roots. For others, choosing Indian home decor items from all over the country is a way of making their homes come alive with tradition and style.

Whatever the reason, there are several options that await those who are keen on an Indian aesthetic. It could be a distinctive weave, a unique pattern, a characteristic material or so much more. Here is a selection of home decor materials for Indian homes.

Floral Fabrics

Indian plants and flowers have been a part of fabrics for centuries. Whether embroidered, woodblock printed or painted, floral motifs can uplift any interior. The effect is fresh and colourful. Of course, it should not be overdone. For many, an ideal solution is to use floral prints on smaller items such as cushions, footstools or smaller chairs.

Floral fabrics

Red Oxide for Floors and Walls

For decades, red oxide floors were a preferred choice in many coastal areas of South India. It can add a dramatic flair to walls as well. It is an eco-friendly option, formulated from non-toxic iron oxide. You can choose deep hues, or a lighter shade. Red oxide is also useful for metals, as it prevents rust and corrosion due to moisture.

Red oxide for floor

Bamboo Blinds and Shades

Bamboo curtains are organic, cool and blend well with interiors to create a refreshing natural effect. There is a huge variety of types and styles. It is also easy to clean and maintain. They will let in some light and do a good job of blocking heat. Because there are so many designs, they will match any interior you have in mind.

Bamboo blinds

Rajasthani Furniture

Wooden furniture from Rajasthan is known for detailed carving, with curved legs and armrests. When matched with the right fabric, it can look opulent and majestic. Antique pieces will give your interiors a vintage appeal. Alternatively, you can have just a few pieces such as chests and cabinets to highlight corners or entryways. From four-poster beds to swings to cupboards, you’ll never be short of options.

Rajasthani furniture

Art from the Heart

There are so many distinctive varieties of Indian art that we can only choose a few here. Madhubani, Warli and Gond are among the most famous varieties. You can use these creations to brighten cushion covers, adorn your walls, for striking bedspreads and so much more. You’ll never run out of colours and styles to match the interior you have in mind.

Indian art

Handy Handicrafts

Handicrafts have rich ethnic designs that will add charm to any corner, table or shelf. Many interiors showcase brass and terracotta statuettes, hand-woven baskets and crochet wall hangings. That’s not all. You can light up any room with lamp holders, wooden chests or even silver bells.


Embroidered to Perfection

Traditional Indian embroidery isn’t only for garments, It will also give your upholstery and curtains a distinctive flair. Use brocades of Chanderi and Banarasi silk, for instance. More delicate weaves such as ikat and bandhej are perfect for decking up four-poster beds, lampshades, cushions and more. Zardosi can add accents to minimal interiors and can provide a finishing touch to more opulent rooms.

Traditional Indian Embroidery

Rugs for Luxurious Floors

Indian rugs are durable, of superior quality and can be customised to your space. There are a variety of materials used, from cotton to wool to jute. The famous Rajasthani rugs will add warmth, colour and luxury to any room. You can get them in styles from traditional to more contemporary. Ideally, opt for handmade rugs, as they are durable and can last a lifetime.

Indian rug

A Touch of Brass

Brass has also been used as a material in Indian handicrafts for centuries. Brass wall hangings, antique showpieces, bells and other artefacts will add rich accents to your interiors. They come in different finishes, from lustrous to bronzed. You can even think of using brass in other ways, such as for carved mirror borders or door knockers.

Brass Indian Handicrafts

Lighting, Indian Style

There are many ways in which Indian materials and patterns can light up your interiors. To begin with, you can use traditional lanterns and light holders for that traditional touch. If you have the space, hanging metallic diyas will allow you to celebrate special days and festivals in style. Lampshades, too, can get that special Indian aesthetic with designs and motifs such as kalamkari.

Indian lighting materials

The design team at HomeLane will be happy to suggest many other ways to bring home the magic of India. You’ll discover how to uplift your interiors, whether they’re minimal or luxurious. To find out more, ask for a free design session today.

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