The most common trend for modern kitchens is to go for a bright, cheerful colour scheme. This is particularly the case with a current ‘decluttering’ trend that has seen kitchens take on their colours and textures in a new way. And there are so many different types of paints that you can choose from when it comes to your kitchen wall colour.

For instance, oil-rubbed bronze is one option that offers a friendly, warm sparkle, but it’s incredibly early bold or distinguished. Porcelain veneer offers a similar warmth but without being clunky and heavy. White is very popular because of its versatility and ability to match a wide range of colours. Darker colours will be better suited to create a particular motif, such as stainless steel or granite.

So, keep reading the listicle of offbeat kitchen colour combinations to get some brilliant notions about similar aspects and make your kitchen and home interiors look more stylish and artistic.

 Blue and Grey with Brown Wooden Furnishings

The blue and grey combination is a harmonious match made by nature. If your cabinets are painted the usual shade of beige and brown, you should consider repainting them a little lighter to give a refreshing look. If you want a slightly richer look, use the same blue colour and use brownish to greenish greys and gold strokes. If the hardware is an antique brown colour, but it has been varnished, use it as a contrasting edge.

You may just add a grouping of blue and grey wooden furnishings for kitchen walls. It will look very natural, soft, and relaxing and would be a great addition to any pale blue and grey and serene brown wooden furnishings for kitchen walls.

 Pros –

  • The colour palette is exceptionally versatile and creates contrast. You can choose a more contemporary palette such as green or purple or stick to the more traditional brown and black.
  • You immediately feel a sense of space, cosiness and feeling of warmth.

Cons –

  • Choosing this style makes kitchen cabinets and other items more functional rather than merely beautiful.
  • If you have light blue walls and your appliances are all in the pale shade of blue, you may have to consider painting.

off beat kitchen colour combination

Black, White and Gold Kitchen Colour

A black, white and gold kitchen is a dream for any woman who loves to cook, spends time in the kitchen and appreciates simple elegance. The combination of a stunning black stovetop and white and gold fixtures creates the look and feel you are searching for in a kitchen. It’s no wonder that this style has become so popular. With minimal maintenance and durability that lasts for decades, this type of kitchen can help you live a more colourful and relaxed lifestyle.

Black gives off a sense of sophistication, while white provides understated elegance.

Pros –

  • Kitchen accessories such as kitchen faucets and plates also match with these striking hues perfectly.
  • Black, white and gold kitchen fits very nicely with other home decor styles such as traditional or contemporary.
  • Black is sleek and slim and gives off the impression that it is space-saving and convenient.

Cons –

  • It was hard to keep this design style going for very long. After switching it around for a few months, it might look overdone!
  • Black, white and gold kitchen style can be costly if you do not go with an up-to-date kitchen renovation.

unusual kitchen combination

Emerald and Brass Kitchen Colours

Add some serious style to your kitchen with just a few new, tasteful emerald and brass kitchen colours!

It may be a more subtle effect that you want to achieve, but it is a brilliant way to use emerald green to highlight a tasteful feature in your kitchen. Try balancing it with brass to create a hot and inviting feel to the cooking area.

The idea here is to use an ashen shade of the same colour so that your walls help pull in the different elements in the home interiors. It will also help to give the appearance of a much larger space than what you have.

Pros –

  • Emerald green and brass kitchen colours for the walls are relatively neutral tones that work well together and complement each other very well.
  • These two shades are relatively easy to clean.

Cons –

  • Both colours appear slightly washed out on an unpainted kitchen.
  • Emerald green’s appearance can be somewhat brassy and out of control, whereas brass is more understated and elegant!

Pearl White and Wood Kitchen Colour

Pearl white and wood kitchen colour is the perfect match for those who want a warm relaxing setting. This is the ultimate in contemporary colour schemes as it brings the outdoors closer while bringing with it a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Combining these two colours brings out a rustic feel that lends to a very relaxing and natural atmosphere. They work beautifully together, creating the perfect backdrop!

Pros –

  • Pearl white and wood look the best owing to the natural shade of the wood.
  • For a darker kitchen, a white surface can make things look more visually appealing.
  • These two colours blend in so well with a lot of other modern kitchen accessories and fixtures.
  • Both colours look great and offer you plenty of options when considering what colour and how you want to finish your kitchen.

Cons –

  • If you choose to use a cheaper quality paint that does not last as long, or perhaps one that has been substandard when it comes to its finish, then the colour could end up looking worse than it looked when it was new.
  • White has a high lustre which is excellent if you want to stand out from the crowd, but if you are like most people who cook a lot, this colour can start to look dated after a while.
  • This particular colour combination does not suit all kitchens. It is best to stick to neutral tones, as this allows you to be more flexible in terms of the colour choices you make.

white and wood kitchen

Yellow with Grey Kitchen Paint

Yellow is one of the brightest, most exciting colours available and can add a lot of zest and fun to any kitchen if used carefully. Yellow works exceptionally well because it is so vibrant; it is unique from the other colours you will find.

It will also stand out against the grey tiles that are a popular choice for a kitchen. Grey tiles look great when surrounded by a brighter colour like yellow.

 Pros –

  • The colour scheme of yellow with grey is a beautiful colour and also very sleek and modern.
  • It is very bright and bold and is unique while combining colours from high contrast to low contrast.
  • You can use all of the colours together in one area to make inviting and unique home décor and to give your kitchen that particular character and personality.

Cons –

  • If you have a modern kitchen, then this kitchen colour combination is a winner.
  • It can be quite unfriendly on the other hand. If you have a more traditional or a country kitchen that leans more towards rustic colours, this colour combination is very loud and bold,

yellow and Grey kitchen

Cherry-pick your favourite ‘offbeat’ kitchen colour combinations suiting your persona and home décor theme. Set the mood and get down to the cooking-spree with the ideal backdrop of ‘sumptuous’ hues around you!

HomeLane is always ready to cater to your desires and transform your kitchen into an ‘ultimate’ one with the aid of an unusual and aesthetic wall-colour combination, appealing to the eyes!

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