A kitchen sink design can seem like a no-brainer, but plenty can go wrong if it’s not executed right. Though it is largely a basic necessity in every kitchen, it serves a great functional purpose.

In this blog, we will look at 20 types of kitchen sink design that you can get inspired from and transform your wash area into a modern and high-functioning space.

modern kitchen sink design

1. An ‘Old’ Yet Modern Kitchen Sink Design

Wish to completely transform your sink for the kitchen? Here’s an idea that’s Pinterest-worthy. From the soft pink backdrop to the gorgeous ceramic sink with a natural stone finish, this kitchen has plenty to love. You can place floating shelves on top and on the sides for extra storage. The addition of fresh plants around the kitchen sink completes the look.

sink for the kitchen

2. Hanging Wooden Shelves for the Win!

If you’ve got enough space above your kitchen sink area, why not place thick and good-quality hanging wooden shelves as shown here? The cutlery can be easily accessible, and the area does not look ‘bare.’

What’s more, you can also stock cleaning and washing essentials, having everything ready at arm’s length.

hanging wooden shelves

3. Add Character to Your Kitchen Sink Area, One Brick at a Time

If you are not a fan of blank walls, why not add some character to it with a trendy backsplash, as shown here? You can simply put a wallpaper design of your choice or go for a floral pattern. The idea is to make your kitchen sink area sing literally, and a patterned or textured backsplash is the way to go.

kitchen sink area

4. Nothing Says Luxe More than a Marble Countertop

If you’ve got a double sink kitchen area (as shown above), it makes sense to transform it with a marble tile or a ceramic tile that gives it a marblish look. The white veined marble tiles uplift the space. Plus, you have enough space to do any kind of prepping or cutting.

When selecting the right kitchen sink material, remember that it should be durable, functional, and visually appealing.

double sink kitchen

5. The Uptown New York Style Kitchen Sink Area

Here’s a kitchen washbasin design that’s worth trying out, particularly if you have a large island area with proper seating. From the wooden stools to the vintage-style pendant hanging lamps, there’s so much to get your creative juices flowing. The gold rustic faucet gives it a ‘period’ feel without making it look outdated.

kitchen washbasin design

6. The Kitchen Sink with an Eye-Catching, Unique Faucet

If you love a little bit of drama around different corners of your home, you can experiment with the type of kitchen faucet shown here. This ultra-grunge faucet is sure to double up as an excellent conversation starter and can instantly give your kitchen a 360-degree makeover. The stylish rug below adds depth and texture to an otherwise subtle and classy design.

kitchen sink with faucet

7. The Smart and Sleek Kitchen Sink Design

If you are looking for a smart and contemporary kitchen sink design, consider the image shown above. It acts as a great starting point for creating a killer mood board for your kitchen sink area. The gorgeous backsplash, the semi-open wooden cabinets, the bar stool-like chairs, and the jet panther-black faucet and sink make this kitchen sink area an enviable setup.

sleek kitchen sink design

8. Play with the Colour Combination

Another tried-and-tested way of experimenting with your kitchen sink area is to play with the colour combination. For starters, you can think of the combination of gold, white, and black, as shown here. Notice how strategically the light, the knobs, and the faucet have been conceptualized. Together, they create an unparalleled sense of harmony and propel this kitchen’s design into a league of its own.

modular kitchen sink

9. The Minimal Kitchen Sink Makeover

When it comes to modular kitchen design, every kitchen differs from others. If you don’t have the time, effort, or bandwidth to indulge in a full-fledged makeover, consider the example shown above. A stylish and modish faucet is the way to go. You can play around with the colour of the faucet as well as the shape.

minimal kitchen sink makeover

10. The Faucet of Dreams…

Ever thought a water faucet could give you a 1980s disco vibe? Take a look at the ‘cool’ water tap here. The final finish represents a variety of colours–from purple to blue and transforms your kitchen sink area into a MasterChef-style kitchen sink setup.

minimal kitchen faucet design

11. The All-White Kitchen Sink Design

If you are looking for the best sink for kitchens in India, there are numerous options to consider. One such option is the example shown above. This rectangular-style kitchen sink offers plenty of space for you to wash heavy-duty items–from wide pans to pots.

If you ever think of changing the shape of your sink, remember that oval, circular, or even square-shaped sinks will not be able to store as many utensils as the evergreen rectangular-shaped kitchen sinks.

all-white kitchen sink design

12. The Circular Kitchen Sink

Though circular kitchen sinks may not store too many dishes at once, they are perfect as a second decorative kitchen sink or useful for kitchens with smaller families. The design shown above is understandably a refreshing change from the rectangular designs we’ve seen so far.

So, if you want an option that’s out of the box, consider the example shown above to get inspired.

circular kitchen sink

13. The Classic Kitchen Sink Design

If you don’t have a centre island table in your kitchen, don’t fret. You can include a sink on one of your side table cabinets, as shown above. The powder blue colour of the kitchen cabinets, along with a light chocolate brown wooden countertop, makes this a winning combination.

All you need to do is set up a porcelain or ceramic wash basin with a smart tap, and you are golden.

classic kitchen sink design

14. The Kitchen Sink that’s Right Next to the Window

This style of kitchen sink is reminiscent of 1940s America, where the kitchen sink would always be situated right next to the window. The placement of the sink, bang in the centre of the room, makes the design flow seamlessly.

With this type of kitchen sink design, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your soft furnishings, the cabinet decor, and the surrounding space as the eyes immediately wander off to the centre of the kitchen. Don’t miss out on the larger-than-life hanging light on top, which brightens up this kitchen both literally and figuratively.

kitchen sink next to the windows

15. The Kitchen Sink that’s ‘In Between’ Cabinets

This type of kitchen sink design is the ideal reflection of the kitchen of ‘today.’ The built-in cabinet around the sink allows the kitchen sink to comfort the eye. It is gently nestled in and has enough space on all sides for prepping, cutting, cooking, and storing food items as well as dishes.

Truth be told, this is among our top recommendations for a world-class kitchen sink design from this list.

kitchen sink 'in between' cabinets

16. The Low Maintenance Kitchen Sink Design

Here’s another kitchen sink design that is super convenient to execute. You don’t need to do a lot of grunt work for this recommendation. The long rectangular shape of the sink makes this a convenient and easy-to-use option. You don’t need any partitions or compartments in between. One longish sink does the job well.

low maintenance kitchen sink design

17. The Kitchen Sink Area that’s All Class

For people who love all-things monotone, this recommendation is right up their alley. The square backsplash perfectly complements the stainless steel kitchen sink area. The textured black cabinets add layers of character to the overall vibe.

The addition of a smaller tap right next to the big one allows you to save on water while tackling big or small tasks with great ease.

kitchen sink models

18. The Farmhouse Type Kitchen Sink Area

Want to impart a barnyard-type feel to your kitchen? Consider the image shown above. What’s not to love? The ‘edgy’ and coily steel faucet is undoubtedly the star of the show. Set against an all-wooden backdrop, this kitchen sink design has us feeling happy and cheerful. It’s hip, trendy, and unique, all at the same time.

farmhouse type kitchen sink area

19. The Kitchen Sink Design that’s LIT

Here’s another idea that gets a huge thumbs up from us: Install neon or warm yellow lights right behind your kitchen sink area. This type of design comes in handy when you’re throwing a party or get-together for your friends and family. The marigold yellow gloss-like finish of the backsplash also helps give the space plenty of warmth and makes the kitchen super inviting.

One final tip – add a water drainboard as shown above on the left side of the sink. The tray allows you to place your washed utensils and lets the extra water flow away easily so that you don’t have to spend extra time drying your dishes. You are welcome.

lit kitchen sink design

20. The ‘Basic’ Kitchen Sink Design that Shines…

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are everyone’s go-to choice for preferred kitchen sink materials. But many people don’t know that you can play with varied types of finishes for your kitchen sink, such as matte, polished, mirror, etc.

One simple and thick water tap (as shown above) right behind the sink is good enough to lay the foundation for a useful, zero chaos, and aesthetically-pleasing sink.

basic kitchen sink design

Your modular kitchen sink does not need to be boring or outdated. You can spruce it up by adding the right kind of design elements and using the right material. Just make sure to enquire about the kitchen sink design with price from your favourite matter.

Additionally, note that no matter the type of faucet you use, your kitchen sink design should be user-friendly above everything else. It should allow for easy cleaning and washing of utensils. By extension, the washing area should be large. For more useful tips on kitchen sink designs, come on over to HomeLane.

black metal faucet


1. Which type of sink is best for the kitchen?

Generally speaking, the stainless steel sink is everyone’s go-to option for kitchen sinks. This type of sink is durable and practically indestructible. However, remember that you might see water stains forming if you have hard water streaming out from your tap. That said, note that this does not affect the functional use of the sink.

2. What is the standard sink size for the kitchen?

Typically, the standard kitchen sink size can be anywhere between 24″ and 36″ in length. In terms of common sizes, you might see kitchen sinks that are either 30″ or 33″ in length. If you have a 30″ sink, you will likely have one large single bowl (as opposed to two smaller ones).

3. What is the current trend in kitchen sinks?

When it comes to understanding the latest trends in kitchen sink models, homeowners are choosing large, single-basin sinks instead of the traditionally popular double sinks for the simple reason that you can easily wash bulky pots and pans. If you have the space, you can add a smaller prep sink right next to the primary sink for greater convenience.

4. What are the three sinks in a kitchen?

For most homeowners, a generic kitchen basin design will comprise three kitchen sink compartments:

  • First sink: Here, you scrub the dishes in warm soapy water
  • Second sink: Here, you rinse the dishes in clean water
  • Third sink: Here, you soak the dishes in a high-quality chemical sanitizing solution

5. What is the correct order for a 3-compartment sink?

The correct order for a 3-compartment sink includes having three separate sink compartments for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing.

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