Decorating your home depends on things like the colour scheme and overall aesthetic. Each space may have different vibes depending on its purpose and the decor items placed in it. Your bedroom can exude a calm and relaxing vibe, while your living room can have decorative pieces with a vibrant aesthetic.

The type of flooring, the colour of the walls and other surface coverings you choose have a significant impact on the visual appeal of that room and its aura. There are umpteen options for surface finishes, paint colours and door knobs. Laminates are a popular choice for home interiors.

Laminates are rigid sheets of material used to cover different surfaces in your house, such as cabinets, doors, floors, furniture, bathrooms or kitchen walls. They have three layers:

  • A hard, non-decorative base with high gripping power on top of which the adhesive is applied.

  • The second layer is decorative and has patterns, textures and prints. It is pasted on the hard base.

  • The third layer acts as a coating, protecting the decorative sheet against wear and scratches.

Sunmica designs refer to various stylish and patterned laminates. You can select any sunmica design that elevates your decor.

What is Sunmica?

Sticky notes have become synonymous with the brand Post-it. Photocopies are referred to as Xeroxes after the brand, and lip balm as ChapStick. Similarly, Sunmica is a popular brand of laminates.

In the 1960s, Formica International started a joint venture with the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation and created Formica India Limited for the distribution of laminates. This company began selling Sunmica designs in the year 1998, popularising it as a brand of laminates.

Choose sunmica colour designs for your walls, doors, cabinets and other surfaces to add a pop of colour.

what is sunmica

What are the Different Types of Laminates?

Laminates are categorised based on the way they are manufactured, where they are used, their thickness and other physical properties.

High and Low-Pressure Laminates: High-pressure laminates (HPL) are made by applying high pressure to paper or plastic sheets while they are glued together. They are excellent for bearing heavy loads and high impact. Low-pressure laminates (LPL) are made when the pressure is low, and the layers are glued directly to the base layer board and secured with resin. This type of laminate is less efficient in withstanding heavy loads.

Regular and Compact Laminates: Regular laminates are glued to a wood surface or plywood and feature a thickness of 1.5mm to 8mm. Compact laminates are self-supporting and can be used without a wooden surface or plywood.

Decorative and Industrial Laminates: Decorative laminates add flair and character to a space or surface. You can choose from numerous sunmica designs showcasing different textures, prints and finishes for a modern living room interior design. Industrial laminates are used on circuit boards and other furniture for industrial purposes. They are resistant to wear and tear and capable of holding heavy weights.

You can also get laminates in different sizes, shapes and forms such as panels, boards and sheets to design your master bedroom interiors or spruce up your kitchen wardrobe designs.

different types of laminates

Features and Benefits of Sunmica Sheets

The following are the features and uses of opting for sunmica designs:

  • Sunmica sheets are manufactured using phenolic materials, i.e. an amalgamation of phenol and aldehyde, creating a composite resin material.

  • Sunmica sheets are resistant to extreme temperatures, scratches and wear.

  • Sunmica sheets do not get stained easily, making them mess-free.

  • Sunmica sheets are used on furniture, ceilings, doors, kitchen cabinets, tabletops, floors and other household surfaces.

Sunmica sheets are preferred because:

  • they are the ideal finishing material because they last for many years and are affordable.

  • they are scratch- and stain-resistant.

  • they can tolerate high and low temperatures so kitchen cabinets have sunmica designs as finishing material.

  • Sunmica sheets can be taken care of and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Hence, opting for sunmica sheet designs for almirahs or modern sunmica designs for kitchens is perfect as they are easy to maintain, affordable, durable, and visually appealing.

features and benefits of sunmica sheets

Types of Sunmica Designs

Here are some sunmica colour designs that lend an eye-catching aesthetic to amp up your master bedroom interiors:

  1. High Gloss: This is a great flush door sunmica design or a main door sunmica design. It adds a mirror-like reflective finish to your doors and wardrobes. You can opt for sunmica design doors to lend a regal vibe to your rooms.

  2. Matte Finish: You can pick matte finish sunmica sheet designs for almirahs to achieve a modern bedroom design or a pleasing modern living room interior design. This sunmica design has a non-reflective finish and adds a subtle touch to your kitchen wardrobe designs.

    matte finish sunmica

  3. Textured Finish: You can select this sunmica colour design to bring a quirky, creative and stunning vibe to your home decor. This would be an excellent main door sunmica design or a front door sunmica door design. These laminate sheets will have different textures and patterns, like grainy, striped, embossed, dotted or a leather-like feel.

    texture finish sunmica

  4. Metallic Finish: This type of laminate is an ideal bedroom sunmica design to decorate your wardrobes and cabinets. They feature a gorgeous glossy surface and are available in gold, copper, steel and silver. You can use this sunmica design to complement your existing furniture.

    metallic finish sunmica

  5. Solid Colours: This kind of laminate is popular for its simplicity and beauty. It is an excellent modern sunmica design for kitchen doors or a classy sunmica sheet design for almirahs. They are perfect for subtly enhancing your kitchen wardrobe designs.

  6. Wood Finish: If you want a natural wood-like appearance with the features of laminate, then sunmica colour designs are a great choice. It is an excellent main door sunmica design for a modern living room interior design.

    wood finish sunmica

  7. Suede Finish: It showcases a suede, leather-like finish to add richness and a refined vibe to your master bedroom interiors. We think it would be a gorgeous sunmica sheet design for almirahs.

  8. Digital Laminates: This is a perfect way to stay trendy and in step with the latest technology. You can choose this type of laminate for a modern bedroom design.

  9. Acrylic Finish: This type of sunmica design adds style and sophistication to your contemporary home decor. It instantly brightens the room and can also be used in commercial spaces.

    acrylic finish sunmica

  10. PVC Finish: It has a plastic-like finish. You can use this sunmica design in your bathrooms and kitchens with high moisture content.

    pvc-sunmica designs

In Summary

Home decor plays a vital role in exhibiting your overall aesthetic. Your wall paint colour, choice of furniture, style of drape and surface finish contribute to the visual appeal and vibe of the house. Sunmica designs are excellent owing to their durability and affordability. You can visit the official HomeLane website to learn more about home decor.

Right from sketching a plan to putting up the last wall decor, building a house and decorating its interiors can be challenging. We, at HomeLane, help you take your interiors up a notch with a variety of furnishing options, modular designs and 3D visualisation technology.


1. Is Sunmica sheet waterproof?

Sunmica designs last for a long period and efficiently resist scratches, stains, wear and extreme temperatures. Some sunmica colour designs are fire-resistant and waterproof. However, it is important to keep track of how long the sunmica laminate sheets have been exposed to water and moisture. If sunmica sheets are kept in close contact with water for a long time, they may warp.

2. What is the rate of Sunmica sheet?

Decorative laminates are less expensive when compared to veneers and other options. The price of sunmica sheets can vary depending upon the type, finish, quality and design of these laminates. If you wish to use sunmica colour design as surface-finishing material for your furniture, then it might cost around ₹600 to ₹1,200 per sq. ft. On the other hand, if it is for adding a different finish to your floors, then sunmica sheets can cost you ₹150 to ₹2,000 per sq. ft.

3. Which sunmica is expensive?

When compared to veneers and other finishing materials, laminates are durable and affordable and help elevate your modern living room interior design. Real wood will cost more. Instead, you can choose a sunmica design with a wooden finish. Sunmica colour designs, such as gold or red laminates, can be less expensive. Laminates with high-quality prints, patterns and finishes can cost more depending on their quality and finish. Acrylic-finish laminates are more expensive.

 4. Which mica is best for the bedroom?

Depending upon your desired aesthetic, existing decorative items and furnishing, you can choose different types of sunmica designs. Choose sunmica designs with a glossy or acrylic finish for your bedroom doors and wardrobes.

5. How can I check my sunmica quality?

We advise you to go for sunmica sheets that have been certified. In India, laminates have to be certified under IS 2046 for high-pressure decorative laminates or HPDL. Choosing laminates with proper certification will ensure that they are sturdy and effectively resist dust, wear, tear, scratches and extreme weather.

6. How can I maintain sunmica laminates?

You can remove dirt, dust, water, and other liquids by wiping them with a dry mop or a wet cloth. We advise you not to expose sunmica design sheets to water for a prolonged period. Avoid using steel scrubbers to retain the quality.

7. What are the uses of sunmica design sheets?

You can use sunmica colour design sheets as a surface-finishing material for your floorings, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, front doors, and tabletops. Sunmica design sheets are a long-lasting and affordable way to customise and display your desired aesthetic vibe.

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