In the words of Manhattan-based interior designer Ariel Okin, “I think a ‘grand millennial’ is a ‘New Traditionalist’—someone who has an appreciation for the past.”

Derived from the nostalgia of ‘grandmother’ and the power of the ‘millennial’, this style could be called old fashioned yet modern. Home is where the heart is, and our heart lies in the ruffles and pleats of our grandmother’s house.

If you are a new body with an old soul, with a heart for traditions and old victorian styles, the Grand Millennium style amalgamates the traditional pieces with modern updates. A style of décor that comfortably blends the Renaissance age with GenX, the Grand millennium slowly returns to fashion with the florals, laces, and puffs.

Why it is Trending in 2021?

There is no defined reason for the return of old trends and traditions. But life takes a full circle, and things stored away in attics find a new appreciation with the new-age youth.

Tired of the straight lines, neutral colours, geometric designs, and stark cuts of your home décor, minimalistic is probably getting too simple and boring. The 21st century has seen a rise in the urge to throw in florals, laces, wicker furniture, and chintz fabric.

Classic Look

The old china vase and crochet table covers, the floral wallpapers, and traditional silverware, these elements add a touch of classic to the stark modern look of a room. The contemporary style and sleek lines can be sprinkled with old furniture, art, small styling objects to give the room a whole new look.

Moving Back in Time

Most millennials are without grandparents or moved out of their traditional parents’ homes. It’s time they decorate their place. But the heart tugs at familiarity and nostalgia. The modern youth wants a contemporary house with the feel of their ‘old home.’

Durability and Sustainability

There was barely any use of MDF wood or sawdust in the olden days. The furniture was made of the purest forms of wood or cane and lasted generations. With a little maintenance and care, these pieces need no changing and wouldn’t witness downfall anytime soon.

Cottagecore Fashion

From puffed sleeves to embroidery, the cottage-come-fashion seems to be making a slow and steady move back into the choices of GenZ. The in-home decor is about refurbishing the old to match the contemporary, repurposing the family heirlooms into refreshed classic decor statements.


The new generation wants to avoid clutter, but they no longer fancy a bare look. Most modern styles of decor are either too cluttered and mismatched or too stark and blinder-like. Go for a  classic look with a perfect balance of old and new. Look for straight sofas with traditional upholstery or traditional furniture with neutral sheets and modern layouts with old antique pieces. The GenZ is combining modern and simple artefacts with flouncy and detailed patterns to find the perfect balance.

Elements of Grand Millennial Style

Popular grand millennial accessories and accents include:

  • Botanical prints
  • Classic wallpaper
  • Pleated lampshades
  • Antiques
  • Monogrammed linens
  • Chandeliers

Design elements include:

  • Tufting
  • Skirting
  • Frills
  • Crochet
  • Embroidery

Colours and Trending Designs

Colours like blues, browns, and neutrals, classic wood and textured finish, greys, and pinks, everything blended with the purity of white — these are definitive grand millennial colours that can balance or brighten up a room.

Wallpapers and Lighting

Wallpapers in floral prints, paisleys, and classical monochromatic colours can add a touch of old-school to your modern decor.


Heirloom collectables like chinaware, figurines, glasses, decorative cutlery, crystals, vintage items, old clocks, needlepoint pillows, cushions, tablecloths, and covers can add a glimpse of the tradition of your family. It adds character and family values to the decor of your otherwise modern home.


If you have a big living room, grand old chandeliers can give it a royal touch. Crystal light fittings add an antique feel to the room. Old cane or jute lampshades in a reading corner, embroidered cotton or crochet frills bordering the lamps, and focussed light on old photographs, light up the family wall.


The grand millennial designer does not shy away from patterns. Be it wallpapers of upholstery or even old carpets, mixing various patterns tastefully adds sophistication and elegance to a room. It is important to pick patterns of the same colour or design element as the rest of the room. A clash of patterns could be stressful to the eyes. Florals, maximalist style, neo-victorian designs, patterns from the royal houses, lace, and frills can all be used to milennialize the room.


One might feel that the grand millennial look is too cluttered. But it is all about layering your personality into the decor.  The placement of objects can draw a fine line between chaos and art. A record collection or an old radio on the mantel with chinaware and coffee books adorning the coffee table, a group of antique vases in the middle of plants, add class and not clutter.

Layering in beloved traditional pieces highlights your personality. If your room is modern and minimalistic, a large gramophone or grandfather’s clock will stick out like a sore thumb. Still, in a grand millennial room, the meaningful items from your previous generations highlight the family’s bond and tradition.

The idea behind a great millennial décor is to see a part of you in everything. It brings in the sense of who you are and what your family has been like. The design offers comfort, ease, and timeless elegance to your home. We at HomeLane bring you the perfect options and designs of how to blend the old with the new, giving you not only a house with style but a home imbibed with your traditions. As they say, pretty never goes out of style.

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