One thing common about all adults is how they are very fond of ‘chai’. Be it young or old, a cup of tea is necessary to refresh the mind. Plus, one can have chai at any given moment of a day, sometimes, even multiple times. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like chai. After all, there are so many different varieties of chai that one would definitely like at least one of them.

What’s there to not love about tea anyway? In fact, having tea at home is one of the best ways to soothe and calm your soul. Therefore, it would be extremely crucial to have a chai point at home, where one can sit and relax and have a calming cup of chai.

Having a Chai Point at home is your own personal luxury space. You can have it at the dining table or in the living room, whatever suits you best. In fact, you can even have a reading nook of your own with a tea corner. What’s the best thing about having a cup of chai? You can read a good book with it. Rain, pakodas, and a book are a perfect combination for a chai date with your loved ones or yourself.  

Reasons to Have a Chai Point at Home

If you are a chai lover and planning to change your home interiors, you should check out ideas for creating a chai point at home. HomeLane offers a thousand different ideas for such cosy nooks as per your needs. However, it all comes to a single question: why exactly should one have a chai point at home? The following reasons might help clarify any doubts that you are having while planning for a chai point at home:

  1. You have a personal space of your own to have tea. 
  2. You can relax and sit there for hours without disturbing others. There is a wide range of seating ideas available at HomeLane.
  3. You can sit there with your family or friends and have a nice cup of tea while talking about what’s going on in your lives and other such topics.
  4. You can decorate it as per your choice and use the furniture that you like.
  5. You can keep books there.
  6. You can have your own outdoor patio.
  7. You can accommodate a chai point depending upon the space in your home. 

What Should One Do to Create a Chai Point at Home?

Creating a chai point at home is an easy task. One should only know where to begin. If you’ve decided to create a special space in your home for tea, you should probably fulfil that wish. Keep reading the following points to know the procedure:

  1. Make a list of all the things you think you’ll require while having tea and start collecting or buying them. 
  2. Decide whether the place should be indoor or outdoor, and if it’s outdoor, should there be a shed, or whether you’d like to have window seating.
  3. Do your research on ideas for creating personal tea-time areas at home and choose what works best for you. 
  4. Contact professionals to set up the area in a perfect manner and get good recommendations.
  5. Decorate the area by keeping preferable items there.
  6. Keep ingredients and utensils for tea. Don’t forget to keep decorative cups!
  7. Relax and enjoy your tea. 

Ideas to Create a Chai Point at Home

If you wish to create a chai point at home, you should be aware of the various options that you have. Below we have enlisted some of the tea room options that you can choose from:

  • Traditional Tea House

Cover one side of the wall with exotic woods. Paint the rest of the walls with lucky gold, celadon, or dove grey.


  • Fancy Victorian Tea Room

It is an eating parlour created in an alcove, giving a touch of theatre. It has lace curtains, floral wallpaper, and a small set of antique tables and chairs.

  • Serene Sipping Space

A serene sipping space should use all light colours for a calming and relaxing tea experience. You can go for a wooden or bamboo floor.

Tea is extremely healthy for us, both physically and mentally. It energises us in any weather and boosts up our immune system. That is why it is important to have a Chai Point at home where you can sit, relax or have a conversation with your friends or family. So don’t wait to enjoy tea in the perfect manner and contact HomeLane experts who can easily help you set a chai point at your home.

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