Your kitchen is probably the one room in your house that you do not switch up as often as you would like. Transforming your kitchen is not as easy as transforming the rest of your home interiors. You cannot just go buy a new countertop or kitchen island and call it a day. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or someone looking for kitchen renovation ideas, here are some tips on picking the best kitchen colours and some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when bringing your kitchen alive with colours.

Colour Theory for your Kitchen 

Colours play a huge role in not just the overall design of the space, but different colours also elicit different moods and emotions. Here are some tips on choosing the right colour scheme for your kitchen –

  • Before you invest in new paints or laminates, decide the undertone of your kitchen. Pick a dominant feature (either the walls or the cabinets) and pick a palette. Warm undertones include colours like yellow, red, orange, cream, etc. whereas cool undertones include shades of blue, white, silver, grey, black, purple, and more. Stick to one undertone when designing your kitchen. Choosing yellow and orange cabinets with pale blue walls will make your home interiors look confusing.
  • You can pick your kitchen colours depending on the type of ambience you wish to create around the kitchen space – 
  • Yellow – Warm and inviting, yellow is a happy colour that will not only brighten up any space but is also believed to make people hungry. Yellow is also known to inspire creativity, so put on your chef’s hat and experiment with your recipes in a yellow kitchen.
    • Orange – This colour encourages people to feel more sociable, so if you have a large kitchen with an attached dining area, orange is a great way to make space feel more welcoming.
    • Red – Red is another colour that stimulates the appetite and is an excellent option for the kitchen (Have you noticed how almost all international fast-food chains have the colour red in their logos? Now you know why!). But if used too much, red is also associated with anger and hostility, so use the colour sparingly.
    • Blue – This cool-toned colour creates a calming and soothing vibe and gives your kitchen a crisp and clean look. But shades of blue are also known to evoke feelings of sadness, and darker hues can overpower the room. So accent the kitchen with other colourful home decor pieces to balance the look.
    • White – A white kitchen will instantly energize you and make you feel fresh and ready to take on the cooking chores. On the downside, this colour is easily stained and can make cleaning a hassle.

Now for some Dos and Don’ts to help you play with kitchen colours.

DO – Mix and Match Different Colours

Even if you have specific kitchen colours in mind, play around with different shades and hues within the colour family to see how they work. Just visualizing various colour schemes and combinations is probably not going to do you much good. Use colour samples or kitchen designing tools and software to see how your kitchen will look with your chosen colours.

DON’T – Use Too Many Colours

While playing with colours in your kitchen is a fun way to brighten up any home interior space, adding too many colours in your kitchen is a recipe for disaster. Kitchens are usually small and cosy with appliances and other necessities on the countertop or in plain view. Adding too many colours will make the space look cluttered and messy.

DO – Think About Walls and Fixtures As Well

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are not the only things you can change when you want to add more colour to your kitchen. Walls, countertops, home decor items, cabinet fixtures, pots and pans hung as a display, cute storage jars and boxes are all great ways to add pops of colour in the kitchen space. If your walls and cabinets are all painted in soft and neutral shades, use the rest of your kitchen items to make the area look vibrant and fun.

DON’T – Ignore the Style of the Rest of your Home

If the rest of your house has sleek and modern home interiors, having a vintage style kitchen with antique wooden cabinets will spoil the aesthetic of the living space. Keep the rest of your house in consideration when picking your kitchen colours and style. Use home decor ideas and colours from your house’s other rooms as inspiration to design the kitchen and make everything come together seamlessly.

DO – Trust your Gut

At the end of the day, nobody knows your house better than you. So when choosing kitchen colours and decor, pick the ones that reflect your personal style, taste, and aesthetics. If your gut tells you to go with a colour palette or combination, go with, even if it is not trending at the moment. You will be the one using the kitchen every day, so don’t pay heed to what others say. If you love it, go right and ahead and design it your way.

DON’T – Hesitate to Ask for Advice

While relying on your gut is a great way to decide what direction you want to go with your kitchen’s design, seeking professional advice is what will set your plan into motion and make your dream kitchen a reality. 

Whether you just want help picking the best kitchen colours for your layout or need to design a modular kitchen from scratch, the experts at HomeLane will help you bring your kitchen to life. Speak to HomeLane designers who specialise in home interior designs and home decor to create a personalized kitchen that suits your style and fulfils all your needs. Superior quality, experienced designers, and unwavering post-installation support – get it all at HomeLane.

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