Do you feel like your cluttered basin in your bathroom is stopping you from having the chic bathroom of your dreams? You can easily bridge the gap between your messy cabinets and a functional, luxurious-looking, and organised bathroom with bathroom organisers. With these smart storage solutions and the right mix of space-saving bathroom furniture, you’ll never have to worry about how to arrange your bathroom space.

Your bathroom needs to have space for your bath and body products, hair products, makeup, etc., but it might seem like you never have enough storage space. That’s where our nifty storage hacks come in, which can make your journey towards a decluttered bathroom a breeze! Check out how to arrange your bathroom to multiply your storage space for your bathroom essentials while maintaining a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Make Use of the Wall Space

You can start by creating a cabinet space below the sink. If you have unused wall space above your sink, you can mount a vanity unit and pair it with a mirror and overhead storage. You can decide on the size and design based on the available space. These units provide excellent storage for your cosmetics and other products. You can check out a few cabinet options to get an idea.

Shelve up Your Bathroom

In the absence of storage units, you will find your products all over the place. Invest in storage drawers of various kinds or bathroom shelves to organise your products. You can also consider adding sophisticated bathroom accessories like a toothbrush stand, towel hooks, and soap dispenser to add great aesthetics. You can also have some planters in the bathroom if you have an open shelf.

Mirrors Are a Game-Changer

Large-sized mirrors always open up a cramped space. If you have the option, consider adding a chic mirror to add that glamour. You can also go for an illuminated mirror for better lighting and an enhanced look to spruce things up. If not, you can always go for mirrors with cabinets.

Invest in Bathroom Furniture

If you want to revamp your cluttered bathroom space, invest in space-saving bathroom furniture. This is a great idea whether you have a compact or a spacious bathroom. Having furniture like stools, cabinets, shelves, etc., custom-made for your bathroom is an uber-functional idea.

Plus, it gives you the freedom to add your unique charm to your bathroom’s visual aesthetics. Fitted bathroom furniture also helps conceal pipes or patchy walls. A full-length wall unit can be used to store mops, buckets, and other products, while the under-sink and toilet cabinets can act as storage units.

Add a Steady Laundry Bin

A laundry bin is a must-have in your bathroom, especially if you do not have a separate laundry room. It ensures that your bathroom is clutter-free and organised. The bins made of wood or metal frame last longer and look good. If you decide to get a full-length custom-fitted cupboard for your bathroom, you can have a laundry basket built inside it.

Use a Ladder Shelf

A ladder shelf can be used as a storage option as well as a statement piece inside your bathroom. This unique storage hack can add a distinctively charming yet modern vibe to your bathroom space. You can use it to display products with pretty packaging, plants, showpieces, etc.

Wall-To-Wall Vanity

Many bathroom vanity units have unused spaces on the sides. If you redo your bathroom design, you can opt for a wall-to-wall vanity. Besides looking much neater than a regular vanity unit, it also gives you the most storage space.

Shower Stall

A shower stall can help demarcate areas within the bathroom. Having thin glass walls around the stall is an even better option for keeping the shower area separate. This requires lesser maintenance and helps keep the bathroom decluttered. If you have a smaller bathroom, a compact 4.5×4.5 shower stall is enough to do the job.

Shelves above the Toilet

In the case of smaller bathrooms, using the space above the toilet for storage is a brilliant idea. You can opt for open shelves and arrange accessories and planters. This saves space and makes the area look much neater, even in a tight space.

Opting for a Sliding Door

The swing of traditional doors takes a lot of space inside the bathroom area. If you are dealing with a small bathroom and want to free up space, a sliding door can be your best bet. Most of all, this uber-functional option also gives a smart, sleek look to your bathroom.

Looking to redo your bathroom space and need more info about bathroom organisers and storage hacks? Our design experts at HomeLane can help you choose the right bathroom furniture and figure out how best to redecorate your space. This is a one-stop solution for decluttering and revamping your bathroom, from multipurpose storage units to cabinets and accessories. Book a call with us, and we will guide you throughout your journey.

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