While driving through the streets in Goa, you cannot miss the beautiful ornate Italian-inspired Indo-Portuguese cottage-inspired homes. And if the opportunity arises, do step into the spacious and beautifully decorated traditional houses, and you will be mesmerised by the colonial-style decor.

The bright and lively outdoor kitchens in the backyard are just right to spend lazy evenings with friends and family while basking in the wonder of Goan cuisine mixed with the cool sea breeze.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you decided to bring Goa’s vintage look with the intricate wooden panelled ceiling, carved furniture, and walls with quirky colours back home.

Can’t wait to make it happen? Read this article with tips to help you get Goa vibes in your city home interiors.

Incorporate the Goan Beachy Vibes for a Colonial-Style Decor

When you think of Goa, quirky colours, such as blue, green and yellow, spring up in your mind, and you can’t help but remember the cane and wooden furniture at the beachside shacks.

Bringing the Goa vibes into your home is not hard. If you live in a villa, you can convert the porch of your house to resemble the Goan balcao, an open area with arcs and pillars and a long veranda with a tiled roof.

Colonial-Style Decor

Add splashes of blue and green to enhance the beachy vibes of Goa. Place antique rectangular wooden tables with a few cane chairs arranged around them will complete the colonial-style decor replete with beachy vibes. Don’t forget to use a few porcelain vases and pots to fill up the space.

Invite the Goan Culture into Your Home with Boho Decoration

Breathe life into your home with a mix-and-match Boho decoration by adding interesting little knickknacks in earthy shades. Fill the room with furniture picked from antique or second-hand shops to give it a vintage look; not one piece of furniture should be shiny or look new.

Add metallic vases and pots to add a rustic touch to your Goa-inspired home interior. Add a few nautical elements like a miniature periscope or a model ship.

Boho Decoration

You can also go for a luxurious effect by adding some plush couches, chairs, divans, or butterfly chairs in quirky colours with a saturation effect. Deck up the floors with durries or carpets with bright, colourful designs and use upholstery to give a cosy feel. Use understated lighting with an antique metal chandelier, candle stands, and various table lamps or lanterns.

Goan Culture into Your Home

Alternatively, use patterned floor tiles in bright colours or azulejos tiles in blue and white, commonly used in Goa during the Portuguese rule, to complete your city home’s traditional Goa interiors theme.

Sloping Clay Tiled Roof and Wooden Panelled Ceiling for the Ultimate Goa Vibes

The notable characteristics of a Goan home are its sloping roof framework of rafters and joists made of durable wood. You may have seen them in the courtyards of old Goan homes. Home interiors in Goa have a spectacular inlay of wooden panelled ceilings.

Wood works as an insulator to help control the fluctuations in temperature and is a must in the kitchen for the Goa ambience. The Goan people use a lot of wood in their kitchens and bedrooms because of its sound-absorbing properties.

Sloping Clay Tiled Roof

Imagine your bedroom with a four-poster wooden bed with matching wooden furniture, a few bell-shaped lamp shades, and a wood-panelled ceiling; you will have to remind yourself that you are at home and not on holiday in Goa!

Cottage-Inspired Homes Replete with an Outdoor Kitchen

It may be challenging to replicate the beautiful gardens from Goa in your city home. However, you can convert the balcony or a patio at the entrance to an outdoor kitchen in reminiscence of the Goan barbeque nights with easy-to-maintain plants in pots with Cerulean art in blues, whites, and yellows.

Alternatively, use terracotta pots that can be easily mounted on the walls to enhance the Goa vibes. Use an indigo blue or mustard yellow on the walls, or remind yourself of the beach by using wallpaper in aquatic blue with designs you associate with Goa.

Build a small kitchen cabinet with beautiful colourful knobs you got from the flea markets in Goa. Use wood rafters for the sloping roof effect and for sliding doors.

Use shades with mother of pearl inlay for lighting and get yourself weatherproof replicas of carved furniture.

Cottage-Inspired Homes

The luxurious Villas in Goa with sprawling lawns and beautifully manicured gardens on the outside and the colonial-style decor with craved furniture, wooden panelled ceiling, and colourful patterned floor tiles are definitely a feast for the eyes. Moreover, its calming effect could be just what you need after a hectic day working in the city.

Pack your bags and dash to Goa may not always be possible. But you can follow the tips in the article to come home to Goa by decking up your home interiors with Goa vibes.

If you are planning to re-model your home or design the interiors of your new home on the theme Goa and don’t know how to start, the designers at HomeLane can help you by suggesting numerous virtual designs.

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