A kitchen is not just a place where you cook meals for yourself and your family; it is the heart of your home. And as the focal point of your house, the kitchen deserves to look as chic and stylish as the other rooms. Don’t limit your creativity just to the other areas of your house. With the right home décor tips and design ideas, you can boost your kitchen’s style and showcase your unique personality. Whether you are remodelling your old kitchen or need ideas for your new home, here are some easy ways to give your kitchen a well-deserved upgrade and transform this room with stylish yet functional décor.

Create an Accent Wall

There is no rule that says that all the four walls of your kitchen have to be the same colour! And they most definitely do not need to be a boring and dull colour either. An easy way to spice up your kitchen is by creating an accent wall to add a splash of colour and texture to your kitchen. Warm, bright colours like yellow and orange are perfect for making the space look welcoming and spacious. Use dark colours like maroon and purple to create a cosy cooking nook. Experiment with different colour swatches and combinations till you find a shade that complements your kitchen cabinets.

Play with Bright Colours

Another way to add colour to your kitchen is by installing a bright-coloured base and wall unit. A unique, bold, and unexpected colour makes the kitchen pop and becomes a statement piece. Keep the colour of your walls, countertops, and other accessories in the kitchen subtle and neutral to avoid a riot of colours that clash with each other.

Add Kitchen Lights

Lights are not just to brighten up the room; the right kind of lighting can enhance the beauty of even the tiniest of kitchens. Switch the traditional recessed kitchen lighting for something more fun like pendant lights or focus lights. Hang an ornate chandelier or traditional light bulbs from the ceiling for a unique spin on kitchen lighting. Overhead lightings not only illuminate the space but also add a touch of decor to your kitchen – practical and fashionable! Under-the-counter lights are another great way to improve illumination without adding a bulky fixture to the room.

Decorate with Art

Have a personal collection of artwork but can’t find the right place to hang them up? Kitchens are no longer a room that is disconnected from the rest of the house. It is a part where a lot of conversations take place, especially when you have guests over. So why not display your favourite artworks on the kitchen walls for everyone to see! From paintings and photographs to DIY art projects, decorate your kitchen with art and bring your kitchen to life with a personalised touch.

Show Kitchen Collectables

When left unorganized, even the prettiest kitchen collectables can look messy and cluttered. Whether you have a large collection of rare and antique silver spoons or like picking up a coffee mug from every state you visit, show your kitchen collectables in a way that doubles up as display and storage. Add hooks on walls to hang large items like pots and pans, use open shelving to showcase vintage kitchenware, glass doors for valuables, and display your treasures for extra style.

Create a Breakfast Nook

Even if you have a separate dining area, there is something very cosy about adding a small breakfast nook to your kitchen. If you do not have the space to add a table and two chairs in your kitchen, simply add bar stools to the kitchen island to turn it into your little breakfast corner. The extra seating is perfect for a quick breakfast while catching up with your partner cooking in the kitchen or when you want to grab a cup of coffee to beat the midday slump.

Have Fun with Kitchen Flooring

While most people tend to gravitate towards white or off-white tiles or hardwood floorings for their kitchen, the kitchen floor is another often overlooked opportunity to add elements of fun and colour to the space. Look for unconventional colours like slate grey or blue for your flooring to make the kitchen truly unique.

If this is your first time designing or redoing your kitchen, speak to a home interior and home decor expert at HomeLane to add more of your personality and style to the kitchen. Whether you want a modern and minimalist kitchen or need a space that has some old-school charm, our team at HomeLane will help you find the best interiors and decor to match your needs and style.

With up to a 10-year warranty, you can be assured that your kitchen will be designed with superior quality materials and utmost care. And that’s not all – your modular kitchen journey does not end at installation. Our dedicated care team provides robust support and maintenance whenever you need it. With hundreds of modular kitchen options to choose from, there is something for everybody at HomeLane.

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