When it comes to home decor, we pay most of our attention to designing the interiors. Be it the various rooms or the living room – we always tend to gravitate towards making these spaces look top-notch, such that they radiate with positive, happy vibrations. 

However, according to the ancient treatise on home design, Vastu Shashtra, a home’s doorway, serves as a pathway for energy to flow inside. Hence, If you’re concerned about the energy streaming inside your house, you should focus more on getting your home’s entryway designed right

glass name plate designs for homeEven though Indian entryways are never big on decor, the nameplate is one element that’s compulsorily found in every doorway. And why not. After all, it declares us as our abode’s proud owner(s). But little do we realize how it also says a lot about us,  from our disposition to our choice of decor.

The type of nameplate varies for different homes, that is:

  • Wooden nameplates
  • Metallic nameplates
  • Glass nameplates
  • Plastic nameplates etc.-

Thus, if you desire to make the right impression on your guests, you should pick the one that’s right for you. And if you’re hunting for inspiration, check out this blog where Homelane brings to you 10 of the very best glass name plate designs for home. Let’s start.

10 Glass Name Plate Designs to Add a Sophisticated Touch to Your Entryway

Check out these stunning glass name plate designs for home if you want your entryway to leave a lasting impression on your guests:

1. Basic Glass Name Plate with Round Stainless Steel Bolts

basic glass name plate

Trends come and go. But does basic ever go out of style? The answer is – no!

Glass name plate designs are available in various shapes, patterns, and finishes. But if you’re hesitant to go overboard and want a simple one, this unsophisticated transparent glass nameplate with stainless steel bolts is the right choice.

Given its minimalistic aesthetic look, this nameplate design spares a lot of room for experimentation with the writing. You can choose to go for quirky colours, fun fonts, or even add a few design elements; the canvas is all yours to decorate. 

Just place it on the wall of your entryway, and there you have – an effortless touch of elegance! 

2. Elegant Jet Black Glass Name Plate with Bolts

elegant jet black glass name plate

The colour black makes anything appear 10x classier. And glass name plate designs are no exception.

If you want your glass nameplate to display your name in all grandeur, go for one that comes in a jet black hue, especially if your house’s exterior is painted in light shades or donned in a stonewall finish.   Print your villa’s name in bright silver and choose simplistic fonts to go with the intense, glossy finish of the nameplate. 

This will accentuate the overall look of your entryway and make it appear premium. 

3. Blue & Gray Concrete Glass Name Plate 

blue & gray concrete glass name plate

If you’re a person who doesn’t mind experimenting with their home decor, we have found the perfect glass nameplate design for you.

This ocean blue glass nameplate comes with a unique concrete back that gives the entrance of a house just the right amount of colour to stand apart from the crowd. Thanks to its subtle design, this name plate is neither too sophisticated nor too simple.

This same feature makes this design a perfect suit for apartments and houses with a stylish, modern interior theme. 

So if you want to cut off from the monotony of basic, clear glass name plate designs and wish to add a little tint of colour to your doorway, go for this chic glass nameplate.

4. Minimal Glass Name Plate with Metallic Border

minimal glass name plate with metallic border

Another one of those classic, favourite glass name plate designs!

Made of tinted blue clear glass, the actual showstopping element of this nameplate design lies in its metallic edge piping. Whether you have a lot of furnishing done in your bungalow’s entryway or just plainly decorated it – the classy metal piping ensures your nameplate catches the eye of every passerby.

Not just this, the simple, clear glass body allows you to design your nameplate just how you want it to. So it’s excellent, not only for residential but also for official purposes. 

In fact, with this glass nameplate, it’s possible to bring a lot of living room ideas to life! Make DIY photo frames and personalized mood boards – the endless possibilities! 

5. Frosted Glass Name Plate with Stainless Steel Bolts

frosted glass name plate

Talking of versatile nameplates and not mentioning frosted glass? Downright criminal.

Frosted glass nameplates are sublime; they go perfectly well with all interior and decor layouts. Want something minimal for your apartment? Go for frosted glass.

Need heavy personalizing done on your nameplate? The frosted glass variety works best. Its semi-transparent finish does not just ensure your nameplate looks elegant but also makes it stick out from the rest of your doorway decor elements. 

However, frosted glass is prone to fingerprints and dew accumulation. So this glass plate design will require much more maintenance than the rest.  

6. Transparent Glass Name Plate with Ceramic Designing

transparent glass name plate with ceramic design

Want something offbeat? How about a glass nameplate with ceramic work?

Believe it when we say this – there’s something for everyone when it comes to glass nameplates. So let’s say you find simple glass name plate designs “too bland” and the designer ones “too fancy”.

In that case, this one with ceramic detailing is what you need. Just the perfect mix of minimal and baroque, this see-through glass name board design comes with an intricate ceramic bordering.

So well, you do not need any extra detailing or decoration – choose a font, print your name, and you’re good to go. To highlight its sophisticated looks, fix it under a spotlight, and that’s it!

7. Premium Round-shaped Clear Glass Name Plate

round-shaped clear glass name plate

Enough of playing with colours and finishes. Now, let’s play with shapes, shall we?

Round glass name plate designs are slowly gaining popularity – and, dare we say, for all the right reasons. This nameplate design looks subtle and sleek, all while allowing you a lot of space for creativity.

Whether you want to experiment with the font style or the writing pattern – thanks to the round shape, you can. And not just that. This design is also very ergonomic and suits all kinds of entryways – whether large or not. 

Thus, if you want unparalleled sophistication fixed on your doorway, you know which glass name plate style to go for! 

8. Glass Name Plate with Polished Wooden Back

glass name plate with polished wooden back

If you’re in two minds about the durability of glass name plates, don’t worry – the solution is equally beautiful. 

Glass name plates look suave, and there’s no second guessing it. Yet, they are notorious for being fragile. So if you want a glass name plate for its modish looks minus the fragility, the wooden back house name plate glass design is your ultimate fix. This glass name plate design blends with all kinds of interiors and wall colours, perfect for all seasons and low maintenance. 

Just make sure you do not hamper it with a lot of texts. Keep the information on the nameplate simple and minimum – let the looks do the talking!

9. Glowing White LED Glass Name Plate

glowing white led glass name plate

Think we can end this list without suggesting LED glass name plate designs for home? You’re wrong.

Glass name plate designs for home with lights are perfect for those wanting a voguish decor element on their doorway. Super classy and chic, this nameplate design is more than what meets the eye.

While the LED adds to the look, the light makes the nameplate much more readable. Not just this. These nameplates might look expensive, but they come at a very budget-friendly price and are also easy to maintain. A complete win-win.

So if you’re all about contemporary and trendy decor, this glass nameplate design should be your pick. 

10. Cute Heart-shaped Pink Glass Name Plate

cute heart-shaped pink glass name plate

We cannot stop gushing over this beautiful glass nameplate design!

Especially recommended for newlywed couples, this glass nameplate design raves about love and how. This heart-shaped glass is made of translucent glass with a faint pinkish tint and is perfect for simple house interiors.

If your doorway lacks the correct interior elements, this glass nameplate design is perfect for you. Thanks to the semi-translucent glass finish, you can choose to either print the information or get it embossed on the nameplate. 

It will add a warm, welcoming touch to your entryway.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Name Plate for Your House

Before finally settling for a nameplate design for your house, here are a few vital aspects you must consider:

  • Size of the nameplate: The nameplate should be proportional to the size of your house’s entryway. If your home has a spacious entrance, go for mid to large-size nameplates. Otherwise, choose nameplates that are more compact and ergonomic.
  • Colour combination: The colour of your nameplate should be in contrast to the colour of the wall. So, choose light-coloured name plates if your wall is dark in colour. Likewise, opt for dark-coloured name plates for muted wall colours. 
  • Font choice: Choosing the font style is quite a task but let’s simplify it for you. For commercial spaces, choose formal font designs only. However, you can experiment with your font designs for residential areas and pick quirky, fun ones.
  • Quality: When it comes to nameplates, glass is the preferred quality type for being chic and elegant in looks. However, if your concern is sturdiness, go for options like wood or metal.
  • Area of placement: Name plates are generally fixed either on the wall or on the door of the house. However, fixing them on the wall is a safer option.  

Wrapping Up

A nameplate is more than just a piece of a board displaying your family’s name. It’s an essential element of a house that people notice before entering your home and getting familiar with its energy.

glass nameplate design ideas

Hence, this blog was dedicated to helping you pick the right one for your abode. And with our top 10 glass nameplate design suggestions, we hope we have helped you make the decision. 

For more tips and ideas on home decor and interior designing, check out HomeLane and book a free session with our professional interior designer today!


Which is the best name plate for home?

According to Vastu Shashtra, if the door of your house is in the west or north direction, you should go for a metal nameplate. Contrastingly, if your door is in the east or south direction, you should opt for a wooden nameplate. 

Which side is good for the nameplate?

As per Vastu Shastra, name plates should be fixed on the wall on the left side of the main door. This brings positivity and good fortune and obstructs negative energy from entering the house. 

How do you make a beautiful nameplate?

To make a beautiful nameplate, focus on aspects like font and colour combination first. If you want a minimally aesthetic nameplate, choose a simple font in black or silver colour. If you wish the nameplate looks extravagant, play around with the font style and colour. Next, move on to the graphic elements.

If you want to keep the nameplate basic, you can opt-out of adding graphics. However, if you’re going to make the nameplate look fancy, adding floral prints or geometrical prints is an option.

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