Looking to lend your home a mid-century, antique look, without putting in too much effort? We suggest investing in a high-quality wooden sofa set design. In this blog, we will look at the top-10 wooden sofa set designs you can leverage to uplift your home’s interiors and give it a fuss-free revamp! Let’s get the ball rolling.

Top-10 Simple Wooden Sofa-Set Designs to Consider

Idea 1: The ‘Boho’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

If you want a mix of a modern boho interior style that meets an old-world charm, consider this wooden sofa set shown above. The style is simple yet lends a quaint charm of a bygone era. This sofa set effortlessly creates a cosy vibe within the living room. Paired with honey yellow pillows, plaid, abstract paintings, a rattan basket, and personal accessories, this modern-antique design style is a keeper.

Idea 2: The ‘Classical’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

Here’s a wooden sofa set that will transport you straight to the New York of 1960s or perhaps, the traditional homes of the 1950s. This classical retro wooden sofa set with a vintage light stand sets the perfect setting for a classical antique look within your living room.

Idea 3: The ‘Royal’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

One of the boldest suggestions on the list, this royal and rich wooden sofa set is for you if you want an opulent touch in your home. From the beige soft furnishings to the gorgeous carvings on the wooden frame, this sofa set is  without a doubt all-things luxury. If you have a big living room with plenty of space and gorgeous larger than life paintings to sport, this style is a must for you!

Idea 4: The ‘Carved’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

Here’s another option for a carved wooden sofa set that’s a little less heavy-duty than the previous option. The refreshing floral pattern adds a beautiful touch to the sofa’s sleek and smart carved wooden frame. You can always experiment with the sofa fabric in terms of colors, patterns, shades, and textures.

Idea 5: The ‘Stylish’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

Most Indian homeowners will relate with this stylish sofa set that sets an antique vibe within the living room. Other antique-styled furniture accents–from the wooden cabinets and side tables to the vases and wooden stands complete the ‘period’ look. If you are not too keen on experimenting too much, this classic sofa set in midnight blue hues can be a wonderful addition to your living room.

Idea 6: The ‘Rich’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

A more in-your-face twist to the ‘period’ sofas, this wooden sofa set doubles up as a collector’s item. The Persian style rug, the deep purple walls, the vintage painting, and the wooden flooring–all contribute to creating a mesmerising mid-century modern living room look. This sofa is iconic in the design world and deserves a space in your home, if you’ve got the interiors to go with it.

Idea 7: The ‘Luxurious’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

Here’s another statement-making wooden sofa set that can be placed in any living room. It’s got an understated bohemian vibe and at the same time, it exudes an imperial look. The shape and form deserves a special mention as it is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. Instead of going for rectangular sofas, you can also build a customised piece like the one shown above and give your guests an experience to remember.

Idea 8: The ‘Egyptian’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

If Egyptian style is more up your alley, here’s an example of a wooden sofa set worth emulating. Clearly, the carvings on the sofa set here are the star of this piece. The sofa furnishing is just the background with the carved wooden backrest and legs demanding most of your attention. You can always place Egyptian style decor accents and wall accessories to complete the look.

Idea 9: The ‘Vintage’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

If you wish to add a vintage look to your living room without venturing into the 1950s or 60s, we suggest going with a white wooden sofa as shown above. Set against a beige exposed brick wall, this sofa set lends a mid-century vibe with a modern look and feel. It’s understated, easy to implement, and timeless.

Idea 10: The ‘Regal’ Antique Look Wooden Sofa Set Design

The final suggestion on this list is to go with a velvety sofa fabric and heavily carved wooden sofa legs. This style of baroque furniture is reminiscent of  Europe from the early 17th century. If you want a highly-decorative option with a touch of drama, this type of a wooden sofa set is the best way to go.

If you want to incorporate an antique vibe into your home, you need to consult a professional designer. Or else, you risk placing a sofa set that feels out of place. The trick lies in ensuring that the wooden sofa set blends in and stands out, all at the same time. For more useful tips on how to curate the best antique-themed interiors in your home, browse through the HomeLane blog.

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