Flooring is an essential decor element in interior design, and adding carpets to a room can evoke a sense of warmth and softness. They don’t just enrich a room’s appearance but also provide a nice cushioning for walking or sitting. They are ideal for cold weather since they keep a room naturally warm.

carpet tiles

To add the luxury of carpeting to your home, you could either go for the traditional wall-to-wall or fitted carpets or the increasingly popular alternative option of carpet tiles or modular carpets. They add a little more edge to your bedroom designs as compared to stone design tiles.

We’re here to help you understand everything about carpet tile designs and give you some decor suggestions for your home.

What are Carpet Tiles?

what are carpet tiles

Let’s start with the basics. Carpet tiles are fabric swatches carved out of broadloom or wall-to-wall carpets. They can be square or carved in other shapes like triangles, rectangles, and hexagons. In a tiled floor carpet, these swatches are arranged in different patterns and styles to cover the floor area. After installation, it gives the illusion of a single carpet covering the room when it’s a combination of multiple carpet fabrics making up the floor.

What makes carpet tile designs so unique is their availability in various materials, colours, and sizes. They can be put together artistically to create stunning floor designs. Needless to say, laying carpet tiles demands creativity, precision, and vision. Each tile has to be installed independently using the backing that comes with it. Some varieties of carpet tiles also need glue to attach to the floor. Whereas some types are self-adhesive, for which glue isn’t required, these tiles can simply be peeled and placed on the floor.

12 Carpet Tile Designs for Beautiful Homes

carpet tile designs for beautiful homes

Although carpet tiles have been popular in commercial spaces like offices, restaurants and hotels, they can also be used in homes instead of mosaic tile designs. Whether it’s a busy area like a living room or a more intimate setting like a bedroom, carpet tile designs can be used pretty much anywhere in the home. Carpet tile patterns can make even the most mundane of living room designs come to life effortlessly. Let’s take a look at a few options:

1. Bright Solid Colours

bright solid colours carpet

Carpet tiles can be combined to give the effect of a wall-to-wall carpet. If the furniture has a bold, traditional textile pattern and the walls are lined with classical, statement pieces- using a bold, solid colour will bring homogeneity to the design of your room. As shown in the picture, such carpet tile designs would sit perfectly in your den, home office or living room. The decor of a room should look balanced and bring warmth. This combination of floral or paisley textile patterns, along with vintage wall art, goes seamlessly well with the rich, solid colour of the carpet.

2. Solid Nude Colour

solid nude colour carpet

Using nude colours in muted tones gives homeowners a lot more options for furniture and wall decor. It provides the room with a clean, minimalist look, especially with a wall colour from the same palette. This picture is a great example, as the grey walls complement the beige carpet tile designs by creating a break between the floor and the wall. These colours can also be reversed, with light grey carpet tiles and an off-white wall. This style goes well in the living room or bedroom with plush furniture in soothing colours and minimal chic decor.

3. Striking Stripes for Style

edgy carpet tile designs

Moving on from plain solid colours, the next best option for edgy carpet tile designs would be dual-toned stripes. This design works particularly well for staircases or hallways. Since the surface area is limited and the wallpaper is usually plain, it’s a great way to lift these parts of your house to meet the decor standards of your living room and bedroom. It is eye-catching, unique and yet not dizzying.

4. Horizontal-Vertical Boxes

horizontal vertical boxes carpet

Although this pattern is mostly used in offices in muted colours, it is increasingly becoming the pattern of choice for homes as well. This combination of vertical and horizontal striped boxes makes the space look larger and more appealing. Modern technology has made it possible to have these carpet tile designs in any colour ranging from monochrome to pastels or nudes. It goes well with simple wood-finish furniture or plush couches in pastel colours in your living room or kitchen. Feel free to choose a statement piece of furniture or wall decor to add a pop of colour to an otherwise grey, minimalist room.

5. Abstract Stripes

striped carpet tile designs

Break the mould of standard geometric designs with striped carpet tile designs that are also abstract. The brown background combined with lines in various nude shades instantly lends warmth and softness to the room with this carpet tile design. The furniture can be matched with the colours shown here to give it a holistic feeling. Break away from the plain furniture design and include another pattern for an edgy look. Make a bold statement with vintage metal decor against the distinctly modern carpet that draws the attention of anyone who enters the room. This works best for the drawing room, the family room, or a study.

6. Hexagonal Pattern with a Pop of Red

hexagonal pattern carpet

Sharp, edgy patterns have taken the interior decor industry by storm. Since tiled carpet designs are easily customisable, interior designers can choose to make a unique pattern in a variety of colours. As a homeowner, your interior designer can turn it into reality if you can envision it, as with these sharp hexagons linked together by straight lines and a pop of colour in the middle, reminiscent of a honeycomb. Pair this carpet tile design with plain furniture in nude shades and curtains to match the red, and you have a Pinterest-worthy bedroom, living room or even corridor.

7. Chic Chevron for your Chalet

chevron pattern carpet tile designs

If stripes or squares aren’t your things, it might be a good idea to experiment with a small repetitive pattern like Chevron. It might not be in vogue on jackets or pants anymore, but it exudes opulence in home decor. For a bedroom that displays warmth and comfort, pair such chevron pattern carpet tile designs with monochrome decor. It evokes a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It is perfect for a room that has large-sized furniture where the floor has minimal exposure. Think cosy nights with your family, watching movies in bed or completing a puzzle on the floor with such bedroom designs.

8. Wide Stripes for Space

broader stripes carpet tile designs

To make the room look wider than it is, it’s a good idea to use broader stripes for your carpet tile designs. Moreover, stripes don’t always have to be dual tones. Multicoloured stripes with the right combination of colours can elevate the look of your living room to give it a comfortable and cosy feeling. You can also draw inspiration from the stripes to choose the colour of the furniture for a more holistic look. Add light metal furniture and a few plush couches to make your space Instagram-worthy.

9. Fun Geometric Print

geometric pattern carpet

Geometry might have been a nightmare to study, but it works like a charm in carpet tile designs. Besides the regular stripes and squares, one carpet tile design taking real estate by storm is this geometric pattern in soft pastel or nude shades. You can create a striking play of colours by using cushions or plushy chairs to add a pop of colour to your living room decor. This design is soft on the eyes and doesn’t immediately grab your attention but subtly adds to the overall look.

10. Evoke Nostalgia with Tetris

colour palette for carpet tile designs

When it comes to real estate and interior decoration, there are no rules anymore. While prints on prints were a big no-no a few decades ago, they are slowly becoming the norm. When done tastefully, a juxtaposition of prints doesn’t hurt the eye but seamlessly fits together. If you’re planning to experiment with print on print, why not try a bold Tetris-like pattern for your carpet? Following the same colour palette for your carpet tile designs and the furniture makes the room look cohesive instead of jarring.

11. Prints on Prints

3D print carpet

While we’re on the subject of prints on prints, why not take it one step further and add three different styles to your carpet tile designs? Three-dimensional designs like the one in the picture are also popular since they create an optical illusion and lift the look of the floor instead of flattening it. Combine this 3D print with some checks or swirls, and you’ve got yourself and a winning combination. What’s the best way to pull this off? One, keep the furniture in a solid colour, and second, stick to a colour palette.

12. Boxy but Not Bulky Prints

aesthetic carpet tile design

This pattern is a winner for those who love basic prints and nude shades. While it can be combined with other prints on the curtains or furniture to make a statement, there is something to be said about simple, clear lines and a relaxed aesthetic. These carpet tile designs will not overstimulate the mind by constantly calling attention to it. On the other hand, the repetitive pattern brings serenity and luxury simultaneously.


myriad carpet tile patterns

Beautiful floors can significantly add to the charm of any space. Carpet tiles offer a great way to capture striking effects and enhance a room’s ambience. The myriad carpet tile patterns ensure that you can find the best look for any space in your home, from the living room to the bedrooms.

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1. How Much Does It Cost to Lay Carpet Tiles?

A. The total cost of carpet tiles installation is based on factors like the material, design, and installation effort. For an accurate cost estimate per square foot, discussing your requirements with a trusted supplier is best.

2. What Sizes Are the Carpet Tiles Available In?

A. If you’re opting for the square tiles, the usual sizes available are 12X12, 18X18, 24X24, and 39X39 inches. If you want something unconventional, you can talk to your supplier about the sizes available in other shapes like rectangles, triangles, hexagons, etc to match your carpet tile designs.

3. Are Carpet Tiles Durable?

A. Carpet tiles are highly durable and can last for 10-20 years if taken care of properly. The durability will depend on usage, fibre, maintenance, etc. Make sure you’re opting for a material that’s robust enough for the area you want to use it in.

4. What Are the Most Notable Benefits of Using Carpet Tiles?

A. Carpet tiles offer many remarkable advantages, including reliable sustainability, wide variety, creative flexibility, effortless maintenance, greater affordability, quick installation, reusability, and more.

5. How Do I Choose the Material?

  • Nylon: If you’re using floor carpet tiles designed for an indoor area, nylon might be your best bet. Nylon stands the test of time, retaining its beauty over the years and resisting wear and tear. Regular cleaning and maintenance are much easier with nylon. So, it’s perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Polypropylene: This material is best known for its environmental friendliness and strong resistance to colour fading. Like nylon, polypropylene is also long-lasting. It is waterproof and highly resistant to stains and abrasions. Affordable pricing is another attractive feature of this fibre.
  • Polyester: Polyester is another great option for use in carpet tile design. The intensity and diversity of colours available in this fibre are one of its biggest strengths. It almost equals nylon in durability but costs less. Because polyester is usually made using recycled products, it’s good for the environment too.
  • Wool: This material can also be used in carpet tiles for a warm and luxurious feel. While it may not be as resistant to stains as synthetic fibres, it has longevity. Given the fibre’s resilience, you can enjoy the plush feeling of wool carpet tiles for many years.

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