The balcony swing has entered the hall of (interior decor) fame, especially post the pandemic. The literal need for a breath of fresh air has driven homeowners to actively incorporate a balcony swing within their home–be it on their balconies, on the patio, or on the deck. And why not? According to research, the ‘urban’ balcony promotes mental well-being.Jhula for BalconyPeople who spend time outdoors and are more connected to nature can reap mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Data further claims that being active outdoors can act as a tonic for your body and soul. And a surefire way to spend more time out in the open is to create a safe haven within your balcony.

This blog will look at some practical and creative balcony swing designs to give your balcony a fun makeover.

1. The Sofa-cum-Balcony Swing

Sofa-cum-Balcony SwingHere’s a simple and minimal design for a jhula for balconyIf you have extra cushion pads lying around, you can use them for your balcony swing, as shown above. However, you will need to select the right kind of swing stand. This type of jhula can be placed on your patio, deck, or balcony, depending on available space.

Instead of going for dull colours, we suggest opting for brighter and bolder coral colours to elevate your balcony’s beauty quotient. You can also place bolster cushions on either side to add more comfort.

2. The Hammock Style Balcony Swing

Hammock Style Balcony SwingThe hammock style balcony design is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a jhula for home balcony. All you need to do is select a hammock of choice. Generally speaking, you get white-coloured hammock designs, as shown above. This type of a jhula design will transport the onlooker to Greece–from within your balcony itself. Make sure to test the hammock to see if it is able to take sufficient weight or not.

3. The Modern Balcony Swing

Modern Balcony SwingPerhaps one of the most popular balcony swings is this stationary-style swing. If you have artificial grass installed on your balcony and have limited space to experiment with, go for a standing swing (as opposed to a jhula-style balcony swing). The beauty of this design stems from the strategic placement of the cushions–you’ve got one as a headrest and have other cushions for your arms, back, and bottom.

The best part about this design is that you can experiment with a wide range of colours, shapes, and textures to give your balcony an aesthetic boost.

4. The Cane Style Balcony Swing

Cane Style Balcony SwingHere’s a hanging jhula for balcony that’s worth emulating. The design of the cane swing is a cut above the rest. It is intricately woven. This ‘open’ design allows the breeze to pass through easily. By adding a thick jute rug below and a Japanese-style table on the side, you can create a Scandinavian-style balcony that looks and feels comfortable and cosy.

5. The Comfy and Cozy Balcony Swing

Cozy Balcony SwingA major hit style among most homeowners, this type of hanging jhula for balconyis hard to miss. The workmanship on the swing alone makes it extremely pleasing to the eyes. The design is unique and strong. Plus, the addition of soft beige cushions allows you to snuggle in comfort and enjoy an evening of peace and quiet with a cup of coffee (or chai) and a book. The good life!

6. The Retro Style Balcony Swing

Retro Style Balcony SwingLooking for an art deco-style swing for balcony? How about the design shown above? The magic lies in the styling of the jhula chains. Instead of having grey-coloured metallic iron chains, colour it a gorgeous shade of brown.

Make sure to add textured or patterned soft cushions that draw inspiration from retro-style colours such as sage green, teal, rustic orange, peach, pale pink, etc.

7. The Colourful and Traditional Balcony Swing

Traditional Balcony SwingThough this suggestion is that of a patio swing, you can adapt this style to make your own balcony jhula design. If your home is primarily traditionally decorated with colourful adornments, this type of balcony swing can blend in well. Remember to harness the swing in a place that does not disrupt the footfall of the balcony and install iron chains on either side for robust support.

8. The Bohemian-Themed Balcony Swing

Bohemian-Themed Balcony SwingIf you have a smaller terrace space and are looking for an idea that includes a swing for terrace, this is the design for you. Go for a narrower swing that tapers at the top. The beauty lies in adding the right kind of cushioning and supplementing the surroundings with a cane table and a Persian-style rug (as shown above). Add green plants to this setup and you’re sorted.

9. The Rustic Wooden Balcony Swing

Rustic Wooden Balcony SwingThis balcony swing works for many reasons. It’s got an earthy and rustic feel, owing to the beige and green cushions and the wooden swing framework. The quality and material of wood used to play a pivotal role. The addition of wooden architecture behind the swing brings in the sense of design harmony. So, don’t stop at installing a jhula; add a complementary interior section to complete the look. You can hang hanging plant pots and transform your balcony or patio for good.

10. The Artwork-Inspired Balcony Swing

Artwork-Inspired Balcony SwingAnother killer balcony swing design, the jhula design shown above is worth emulating. The intricate cane/jute framework of the swing as well as the jute ropes, give it a warm and homely feel. The icy blue cushion complements the artwork on top and infuses an air of calm and joy within this balcony. Plus, by placing jute planters all around, the balcony transforms into a cool cafe straight from the streets of Bali.

11. The Plain and Simple Wooden Balcony Swing

simple wooden balcony swing

If you have a patio or balcony with wooden flooring, here’s a balcony swing design that will please your aesthetics. Get a swing carved out of similarly-styled wood and place iron metal chains on either side. This design is extremely easy to execute and works well for all kinds of balcony interiors. Don’t forget to add cushions or bedding of choice.

12. The Out-of-the-Box Balcony Swing Design

Out-of-the-Box Balcony Swing DesignEver seen a balcony jhula design that’s chic, contemporary, and modern? Consider the image shown above. This hammock-style jhula tops our favourite addition on this list. From the style to the hammock material, everything is unique. Don’t miss the design on the wooden framework that is supporting the jhula. It ensures that the hammock is not flimsy and can take your weight easily without worrying about falling down.

13. The Stationary Resort-Style Balcony Jhula Design

Balcony Jhula DesignIf you want to add little life and colour to your balcony, a stationary balcony jhula as shown here, is an ideal option. You don’t need to use a drill to hang the swing. Simply measure the available space you have and select the jhula design of your choice. The padded cushion on the jhula is super comfortable to sit at and makes for an aesthetic addition to your home.

14. The Easy-to-Execute Balcony Swing Design

Easy-to-Execute Balcony Swing DesignIf you are short on space and want a simple swing design for your balcony, consider the image shown here. You can leverage this design on your balcony or within your living room space. Reconceptualize your modern living room design by picking a cutesy corner to place the swing. Ideally, place the swing right next to the window and add plenty of soft furnishings such as a throw pillow and a blanket. The addition of a plant on the far right completes the look.

15. The Ultra-Comfy and Warm Balcony Swing

Warm Balcony SwingThis idea for a balcony jhula will work if you have a huge and open balcony space. Despite being slightly bulky in design, this cushion-driven balcony swing style is perfect, particularly if you live in an area which is perpetually cold. The swing doubles up as a comfortable bed, especially if you are looking for a quick afternoon nap sesh. Make sure that the swing wooden frame is sturdy, and you are good to go.

Ultra-Comfy Balcony SwingThere you go. These 15 balcony swing designs are enough to spruce up your home. More importantly, they will give you a reinvigorating jolt you need to kickstart your day on a positive and peaceful note. Make your balcony a perfect space for relaxing with these expert-approved ideas and ensure that your balcony reflects your personal tastes. Add aromatherapy candles and soft furnishings as needed. For more trendy and creative ideas on balcony swings, head over to HomeLane.

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